Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Break Time

It been awhile. It been quite a long while since I last wrote.

Since my last blog, a book has been published. The condescensions in "Hard Truths" has hurt many. With the latest naked admission of being out of time and out touch, the truth must have hurt and the ego bruised! Some quit when they are ahead while others just refuse to let go.

Through this revelation of hard, half or what-you-may-call-it truths, we get to know the true essence of a man. If Tang Liang Hong was accused of being an anti-Christian Chinese chauvinist, would not another be accused of being a racist and an anti-Muslim chauvinistic pig trying to crack Singapore up?

It amazes me that a clever MP used the word "humility" to satirically describe stupid, contemptible, chauvinistic arrogance! Or was it plain sucking up to the Boss? In the words of another worse-case-scenario MP Mintster, "Hard Truths" is nothing but a "hiccup". Can you beat that? Maybe Lord Aston was right, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

They'll say what they say but they'll do what they do. And never will the twain meet. "Staying Together Moving Ahead" and "Do more for lower income Singaporean" were promises made in the last election. So they up the GST from 5% to 7% (to help the poor?) and up mintsters pay to millions!

It sucks to be poor but it is criminally despicable to be so rich and powerful that one can kill the Estate Duty Act to make the rich richer! Yes, they "do more for lower income Singapore". Or do they?

In this coming election, let's vote for honesty and integrity. Let's vote against arrogance, bribery, tyranny and contempt.

This is my last writing on this blog. I've gotten enough off my chest and I now need the rest.

Thank you for visiting.