Saturday, April 30, 2011

Punggol East SMC- A Test of GRC

The candidates for Punggol East SMC (Single Member Constituency) are:
  • Mr Michael Palmer of PAP
  • Lee Li Lian of Workers' Party
  • Desmond Lim, Secretary General Singapore Democratic Alliance
So why did PAP throw Michael Palmer to contest in a SMC?

Is Michael Palmer used as a sacrificial lamb to prove PAP's claim that GRC (Group Representative Constituency) was created by PAP to protect minority rights and representation?

If PAP's claim that Singaporeans vote only those of their own race is true, Palmer would definitely lose in Punggol East due to the distribution of races there.

Of course, Singaporeans know better. History shows that David Marshall, J B Jeyaratnam, Othman Wok, S Rajaratnam and E W Barker were voted in without the help of GRCs.

Whatever the outcome on 7 May, the result will show either:
  • If Palmer Wins: Reason for GRC to protect the minority races or fear of racist voting by citizens is nothing but a scam to protect PAP's interests [Link]
  • If Palmer Loses: Hallelujah! PAP loses one seat but proves that Singaporeans do vote on racial line.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Millionaire Mentor (Pt 2)

Dear Millionaire Mentor,

You have walked over Tanjong Pagar GRC's residents without a fight (especially for your toto winner Dr Chia Shi Lu who 'tio behpio' without even putting up an ante) and now you are helping your 'bo beh chow' National Development Millionaire Mah and his team in Tampines GRC. [Link].

I guess you are fearful that the demise of NSP's David, Goh Meng Seng's brother, who died of heart attack while helping the NSP's team in Tampines may win sympathy votes for NSP. Your presence at Tampines do not come as a surprise and we expect you to be Aljunied GRC soon to provide support fire to the Millionaire of Foreign Affairs.

Dear George has the "gloss and panache" to look good on TV but I'm sure you'll do your best to add on his credibility and scare the shit out of Aljunied GRC's voters by saying, "Oh, look at the awesome track records of George Yeo. He is our Foreign Minister. How can we lose him? He even understood and had good words for the deplorable behaviour of his actor friend Jack Neo when Jack was messing with his female employee. You want to lose a guy like that?"

Well, for the future of my children and my grandchildren, George and his team must be voted out for they are getting soft and did not deliver what they promised in 2006. To date, they just cannot match the sincerity and the fortitude shown by Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao, Pritam Singh and Muhamad Faizal bin Abdul Manap. It's time for the hubris and overlording of the PAP millionaires to be humbled!

It's a crying shame that you have to defend and explain the weaknesses of your candidates who can't speak like a lady or gentleman in public. Hey, I thought you so often said that PAP has only the best of the best! Isn't that the reason why they are paid the best in millions of dollars? So that my 'daft' mother, my 'complacent' wife, my 'spurs got stuck on their backs' daughters and granddaughters do not have to work as maids in other countries? Now you tell us that it's alright if your crony mintsters and MPs lack the 'gloss and panache' when appearing on TV? Hey, we are not complaining, we just switch off the TV when our skin crawls with the sight of your ex-Chief of Army and MP Wannabe Chan Chun Sing. He really hurts his audience with his oratory skills and 'howlian' body language. What happens to guys with "gloss and panache" like Winston Choo?

Sir (in respect of your age, not your deeds), you are sinking into a quaqmire when you keep harping of the track records of political candidates. For heaven's sake, there's just no political track record of newbies, PAP's or opposition's. Apart from Chiam See Tong , Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim of the opposition, what freaking track record of politicians are you talking about? Sir, are Singaporeans daft or are you?

I know you are hurting bad with the progress of PAP so far due to:
  • MCYS Millionaire's hurtful insinuation of paedophile and gayness of SDP's member
  • Millionaire of National Development running out of excuses for the unaffordable HDB flats for Singaporeans
  • Transport Millionaire's inability to explain the high transportation costs and the over-crowded roads, trains and buses.
  • Tan Jee Say's revelation of Cabinet meetings of Millionaires (ministers) drinking coffee while listening to the dialogue of the Father and the Son or monologue of One. (Oh please, don't do a Tang Liang Hong on him like charging him with Official Secrets Act or whatever that's convenient to shut him up.) [Link]
Just look at this painful [Link] and howlian face [Link] Compared with this enlightening [Link], you'd realised that Time, they are a'changing. For the better. Not for PAP but for SINGAPORE. With your tea invitation and your many rounds of fine-tooth comb scrutiny, how did this dude and Steve Tan make it?

I light the candle above for the sad demise of Mr David Goh. "He led the entire machinery of our campaign in Tampines GRC”, says Mr Goh Meng Seng. “The stress of the campaign trail killed him. But I don’t want the demise of my brother to side-track NSP from our mission in this GE. My brother’s last wish was also that the fight should go on”, he adds. [Link]

I also like this candle below for the demise of FEAR of Singaporeans of you and your PAP!
In the words of Nicole Seah, "We are not scared anymore and we will not be afraid! [Link]

To everything, turn, turn, turn
There is a season, turn, turn, turn
A time to live, a time to die
And a time to every purpose under heaven.

Majulah Singapura!


The True Singapore Girl

For complete speech. please visit here [Link]

Dear Miss Nicole Seah,

I am proud of you! So are thousands and thousands of other Singaporeans!

You are a Singaporean girl who did no NS but you have the balls that most NS males and reservists wish they had including I must shamefully admit, myself.

For the courage you possess and the fortitude you've shown at your rally speech, you have indeed put the Prime Millionaire and his stooges to silence! This is what you said,

"PM Lee, whose money are you using for the upgrading?"
"PM Lee, who is paying your salary?"
"PM Lee, who is funding the Grow and Share Package?"

You have shown that there is nothing to fear to stand up for our rights, to stand up against PAP. You have started a wave that will break the heart and spirit of a senile Millionaire Mentor who wants people not to love him, but to fear him. You have shown us "Fear No More, Singaporeans!" Vote NSP, vote any party. Just don't vote the PAP bullies!

It is a shame that Singaporeans have been so brainwashed by the MSM especially Straits Times and Channel News Asia that most have been confused and do not know the difference between the government and PAP. It is worse so when PAP thinks of itself as the "forever government" of Singapore! The audacity of the Prime Millionaire and his "stooges" who so often talk of "freak election result" and their "succession plans of next prime minister and leaders" takes for granted that they will win at every election. It is time to show them that it's time for them to be humbled by true leaders who are in politics not for money but for the love of their country and fellow citizens! Definitely not a Kate Spade or Sarah Peilin!

Thank you for reminding the PAP bullies that Singapore's reserves is not theirs to play with but rightly belong to Singaporeans. Thank you too for telling them that their promises of 2006 were nothing more than tricks to buy the votes!

As an elderly Singaporean who has daughters around your age, I'm sure your loving parents will be most proud of you for telling it like it is, as it should be! I can also understand their concern for your safety and your future. With the perpetual tricks up the sleeves of PAP, I pray (I'm sure many others do too) that the filthily powerful do not do a Tang Liang Hong on you.

The campaign trail is a tiring and taxing journey and with the weather as it is, please take care of your health, especially your throat. We need your voice of truth to tell everybody of
  • the contempt the PAP Millionaires have for us
  • the way they ride roughshod over us
  • the way they bully and cheated us of our CPF by changing the withdrawal age as and when they like
  • the way they treat us as if we are "daft" as described by the Millionaire Mentor
You have thrilled thousands and thousands of Singaporeans for causing PAPies especially the Senior Millionaire to lose sleep over you! Please stay cool and keep up the good work! I thank you from the bottom of my damaged heart for speaking out for me and my fellow Singaporeans.

We are so proud of you as the True Singapore Girl.

We pray for your safety and well being and hope those tricky dicks will not do anything to hurt or harm you in any way.

God bless.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Prime Millionaire

Dear Prime Millionaire,

In running down your opponents, with your million dollar smile, you ridiculed them by "making the point that opposition candidates are often announced at the last minute." Now isn't it orgasmic that your "Dr Chia Shi-Lu went from not being on PAP's General Election slate to an overnight MP in Tanjong Pagar GRC." He wasn't announced at the last minute. Hell, he wasn't even announced at all! The picture of the derogatory smile on your face and that of WKS while making the statement is . . . priceless!

Chua Lee Hoong reported on Page A7 of ST on 28 April 2011, "Mr Lee made it clear that voters in wards won by opposition could not expect to constituency improvement plans promised by PAP candidates."

Just when will you stop fixing and buying? In your last husting in 2006, you openly declared that any more than 2 opposition members in parliament would lead you to fixing the opposition and buying votes [Link]. If my memory doesn't fail me, the next day, your press secretary immediately controlled the damage by announcing that you retract that stupid statement.

Boo to you PrimeMillionaire, a leopard can never change its spots! In your insidious way, you are still at it. Your Health Millionaire announced recently [Link] that $500 million will be spent to upgrade Sembawang GRC. So what you are saying is residents in Sembawang GRC are entitled to this upgrade only if Millionaire Khaw and his team retain their seats in parliament If this is not vote buying in the worst pork barrel sense, I don't know what is! You are using taxpayers' money to hold us ransom to vote for you. Deplorable! Don't you tricky dicks have any sense of fair play? Shame on you!

I totally agree with you that Singaporeans had better vote wisely. Vote to secure a safe future for our children and grandchildren. Vote responsible leaders. Do not vote for useless riff raffs. Vote for representatives that serve us and not lord over us!

I thank you for your reminder. With the performance of your A Team thus far, we are taking your advice. Vote anyone but PAP!

Btw, opposition members are not freaks! If they win more than 2 seats, it not a freak election result. Do not be so arrogant as to think that only the freaking pappies know how to govern. It is such a shame that even professors and well educated idiots think that if PAP loses, the result is freak! Freaking English, do they need a dictionary or is it another brain washing trick?

Some say that good political fortune cannot last more three generations. Not even with the son, the father and the holey Goh. The truth may come to pass in this General Election.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear MM, we are not in the same boat!

More than amazed, I'm amused by what I read in "Don't rock S'pore's foundations: MM [Link].

Dear Millionaire Mentor,

As in every GE, you do your best to scare the shit out of us to vote for PAP. Since 1959, we have seen the reprehensible tactics you used to ensure that you and PAP come out tops. As expected the disciples you have are using the same tricks.
  • Lim Biow Chuan [Link] for creative advertising.
  • Vivian Balakrishnan [Link] & [Link] for insinuating his political opponent is a paedophile.
  • Ng Eng Hen trying your old trick of Freak Election Results [Link].
  • K Shanmugum and Indranee making a song and dance of Workers' Party's 1st World Parliament. [Link]
We are not rocking the boat or the foundation. Being in your ivory tower for so long, nobody can blame you for not being aware that we are not in the same boat. You may be one of us from the 60's till the 80's but not today. Definitely not since 2006. We have not been in the same boat since you approved and defended the obscene pay rise of your ministers! There is no boat to rock! In fact, you and yours (in your own luxury liners, yachts and speedboats) are creating waves that rocks the rickety sampans of the average Singaporeans. It's such a shame that the 2006 PAP manifesto of 'Staying Together Moving Ahead'. is nothing but a joke! The only ones moving ahead in Singapore are you and yours. The poor and the marginalized are left to fend for themselves or helped by the VWO. MCYS headed by your 'paedophile catcher' did not bat an eyelid when he overshot the YOG budget by about $300 million . Neither did he have a tinge of sympathy for the have-nots when he insulted Dr Lily Neo and the poor when he finally agreed to raise the measly monthly public assistance by $30 per month.

It is a shame that your cronies and testicles carriers are too afraid to tell you the hard truths. That scare tactics like 'freak election' results and 'if you don't vote for PAP, your mother, your wife and daughters will end up as maids in foreign countries" don't work no more!

Please stop telling us that without you or PAP, Singapore would not be what it is today. Your silly arrogance has been a pain to many but Singaporeans especially your balls carriers are just to polite to tell you, "Dude, has it crossed your mind that without you or your PAP, Singapore could have been a better, healthier, happier place to live in?" Without your impatience while we were part of Malaysia, we may have become better and more harmonious than what we are today. Think about it.

Your ivory tower mentality has caused much suffering to the average Joe, Ali, Krishnan and Ah Beng. The lack of breathing space everywhere especially in trains, buses and on the roads! The young aren't able to afford a roof over their heads. The old have to sell or downgrade their flat so that they can afford to retire. (Yes, that's the advice from you Millionaire of National Development!) When they are sick, they are advised to rot and die in JB! CPF has become a mirage. This is the Singapore that you are so proud of!

You have forgotten that the position you are in today is due to the peaceful, hardworking, self-respecting nature of Singaporeans who worked and co-operated with you. So please don't tell me that that Singapore is a safe place to live because of PAP and you. Singapore is a safe place to be because of its people. Not you or PAP. Don't be so full of yourself!

You are lucky that you do not have to work to win your Tanjong Pagar seat today. (Due to the late submission of the opposition party?) If not, at your age, the campaigning may just cause you more frailty. Call me sour grapes, but if I were the Prime Millionaire, I would not have let my frail and cranky dad continue to hurt himself and my country. With the authority vested in me as Prime Millionaire, I would have graciously retire you and let you enjoy the sunset instead of letting you accidentally throw spanners at my work as PM like saying something stupid: "Malays in Singapore do not know how to integrate"!

By the way, we Singaporeans are hardworking, peaceful, loving and law abiding citizens. But we are not your punching bag. When push comes to shove, we'd fight back! So, stop your hubristic and ungrateful habit of denigrating us! We are neither "daft" nor "complacent" as you so often like belittle us. Please save such adjectives for your Millionare of Home Affairs who lost Mas Selamat and other deadwoods who work for you. We are not as stupid or malleable as you want us to be and the only spurs needed to pricked on anybody's back are those of your self-serving servants who lord over us!

As much as you may have done some good for Singapore so have many, who unlike you, did it without fanfare and self serving memoirs!

You will die. I will die. Ultimately we all die.
At any age, there's still time for redemption.
A little humility may help.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Gratitude and Not Servitude. Slave No More!

PAP has 'lost their moral compass' and they have 'commercialized politics', but I hope they would not stoop so low as to demonize Mr Tan Jee Say and Dr Ang Yong Guan like they did Dr Chee Soon Juan and others. It is cool to watch this video . You'll learn some if you did. [Link]

I know some would love to call Mr Tan and Dr Ang turncoats or renegades. However, I respect them for the fortitude they have to take on their ex-bosses. The "gratitude and not servitude" mentioned by Mr Tan is cool by me. It must have felt like a tight slap by some Millionaires. I 'hormat' Mr Tan and Dr Ang for the balls they have. Theirs may be more worthy to carry than those carried by the PAPpeople.

The main stream media and PAPPeople have done so much to demonize Chee Soon Juan. I, for one, am grateful to Dr Chee for preventing the increase of GST for the next 5 years! Due to Dr Chee's Hokkien speech on youtube [Link], Finance Millionaire Tharman has announced that there will be no GST increase for the next 5 years. [Link] Call him a "near psychopath" like Millionaire Mentor did. Call him crazy for shouting at Senior Millionaire about the money loaned to Indonesia but this 'crazy near psychopath' has prevented the increase of GST for the next 5 years! Even if indirectly so, I thank him for letting the 'chek ark cheng hu' know that many already 'tak boleh tahan' the GST at 7%.

Don't be happy though. Having experienced the way PAP works, you know they can get your money in other ways. There are other orifices they have yet to poke into! Eg, more expensive public housing? More tricks in delaying CPF withdrawal? Or even a new tax known as "Why-didn't-you-vote-PAP" Tax? It sounds amusing but don't laugh. If they were vicious enough to not upgrade or delay the upgrade of opposition wards, they are capable of anything! Remember they declared that 7% GST was to help the poor? What happened? They gave a measly $30 (3 meals in hawker centre, food court or restaurant?) increase to the poorest of the poor in public assistance. They then increase their own salary, filling their own pockets with millions without batting an eyelid.

Maybe that's why we do not have ministers anymore. No, not because the parliament is closed for general election but because what we have in Singapore are: Prime Millionaire, Senior Millionaire, Millionaire Mentor, Millionaires in The PM's Office, Millionaire for Finance, Millionaire for Defense, Millionaire for Law and Home Affairs, Millionaire for National Development and the list goes on and on. First World Parliament is rubbished by Millionaires but First World Singapore is First World Singapore because it's the only country that every minister a Millionaire!

Sometimes I feel that the hubris and ego of the MIW are so entrenched in them that they expect us to prostrate ourselves and scream, "PAP Saves!" "PAP Saves!" "PAP Saves!" each time we see them. Don't they know that we don't owe them crap. They are paid obscenely to do a job and it is expected of them to get the job done. It's the basic duty of every decent government to ensure peace, prosperity and progress for its citizens. So don't go harping about Singapore being a safe country with good infrastructures. . . blah , blah, blah. As Ministers, I mean, Millionaires, it's their bloody job! So please, don't keep asking for credit! In fact for the salary that Millionaires are paid, we do not deserve the following:
  • Sophisticated gambling dens with prostitution and money laundry thrown in.
  • Unaffordable public housing.
  • Millionaire Ministers who behaves like they are God' gifts to Singapore.
  • Untouchable CPF.
  • Unbreathable crowdedness.
  • Single party democracy?
So please, we have a sense of gratitude but don't make me beholden to you and your party and scare the shit of me every five years to vote for you forever! Servitude? We are not your slaves and we fear you not! (Thanks Mr Tan Jee Say, you have reminded me of a word that I have not used for ages.)

Oh, the nauseating scare tactic of "FREAK ELECTION" [Link] is used at every GE and Bargain Hen is at it this time! That's not all. The Millionaire Mentor was at it too. See [Link]. For the life of me, I just can't understand why PAPPeople are such braggarts! Only PAPPeople can be parliamentarians? Only Kiasi and Kiasu MIW are fit to form the government? Hello, if the Japanese can overcome the earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear leakage, Singaporeans will not die if PAP loses a two-third majority in the House. We'll be better for it. In fact, Singaporeans will at last be respected internationally for having the balls to show the whole world that we are not a bunch of spineless 'Kiasu', 'Kiasi', 'Kia Bo Lui', 'Kia Cheng Hu' work like 'Char Tow' deadwoods with spurs kicked in by the Millionaires !

You think it's time to sack some of them on 7 May 2011?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grow and Share or Buy and Fix?

I'm touched. In the cyber world, I do not know who I'm connecting with but from the comments in my last post, I'm happy and humbled by the well wishes from my readers. It's nice to know people do care. I'm physically fine and I'm back at "get it off my chest". Apart from thanking my caring readers, I'd also like to thank all the ladies and gentlemen who have the fortitude and gumption to stand up against the PAPP. [Link] during this general election.

Having seen what they have done to their political opponents (real and perceived) like
  • Lim Chin Siong
  • Lim Hock Siew
  • Chia Thye Poh
  • Said Zahari
  • JB Jeyaratnam
  • Chee Soon Juan
  • Francis Seow
  • Tang Liang Hong
  • James Gomes
  • Vincent Cheng
  • Teo Soh Lung and many many others,
I respect all the opposition candidates for overcoming the fear and taking on the mighty arsenal of the PAPP. I respect them for putting their money and life ( look what happened to Tang Liang Hong [Link]) where their mouth is in"building a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation". Win or lose, they are changing the political scene and contributing towards a better future for my children and my children's children. Yes, for that, we should vote for them and not let them lose their $16,000 election deposit!

As much as attack is the best form of defense, I can't help but wonder if the PAPPeople are barking up the wrong tree again. Remember the James Gomez saga of '06. Now the silly question on the meaning of WP's "First World Parliament" by The Hen, The Sham and Ranee is making them stupid as stupid can. As a citizen I understand "First World Parliament" to mean a parliament where mercenary ministers cannot simply change the laws to increase GST from 5% to 7% under the guise of helping the poor. Or raise their salaries to millions at their own whims and fancies. It also means they cannot unconscionably take away the Estate Duty Act to enrich themselves and make the rich richer. If "First World Parliament" is present, Millionaire Ministers may be less arrogant and work for the people instead of lording over and insulting people, telling them it is cheaper to rot and die in JB than in Singapore!

Meanwhile the Ministers, I mean the Millionaires, are confusing us with the big "F" word again. Yes. it's the word FEAR! The PM (Prime Millionaire), SM (Senior Millionaire) and the MM (Millionaire Mentor) and the rest of the Millionaire Ministers are all at it! Yes, believe you me, if you vote in anyone other than the PAPP, you are screwed! Your HDB flat will not be worth the air it sits on, investors will pack up and go, you'll all be jobless, terrorists will have a party in Sentosa, Marina Bay and Orchard Road and Mas Selamat Kasturi will be the President of Singapore! And yes, according to another Millionaire, the latest WP manifesto of making HDB flats more affordable is nothing more than cunning plan of WP to raid the country's reserve![Link] Oh, please grow up! We have enough of this crap! It's damn tiring to listen to the same old scare tactics all the time! Oh, now they are the servants of the people! [Link]. Yes, they may behave like your maids, knocking on your doors, visit your homes, kiss your babies, shake your hands and of course, buying your votes . . . until the GE is over. Then the arrogance, the lording over, the screwing of the "daft and complacent" Singaporeans starts all over again!

With credentials that candidates like Teo Soh Lung, Hazel Poa, Tony Tan, Vincent Wejeysingha, Tan Jee Say, Ang Yong Guan, Chen Show Mao and Benjamin Pwee have, it's hard for the PAPP to look for bicycle thieves! Silly as it is, they still try their luck in questioning the integrity of their opponents. The persistent questions by Hen and even George on the "intriguing" background of Chen Show Mao shows the character of Hen and George. The fact that Chen served NS even though he was not a citizen compared to the PAP's Janil who was too busy to do NS because he was saving kids' live at KK speaks volume of the quality of each candidate.

Unlike Kate Spade Sarah PeiLin and Janil who was too busy doing NS because he was saving kids' lives in KK [Link], this group of opposition candidates have the balls, the courage to take the road less traveled. Having run out of bicycle thieves to catch, I wonder what ammunition the PAPPeople will use against them. From the bottom of my damaged heart, I pray that none of them will be preyed like Tang Liang Hong. [Link] or forced to exile themselves like Francis Seow.

I read`recently that Prime Millionaire is not at all impressed with the performance of Sylvia Lim in parliament. Well, I beg to differ and I think this may be the best speech in Parliament yet!

I feel that Sylvia speaks for me and my fellow Singaporeans. To see the faces of the Millionaire Ministers and the rest of the PAPpeople while Sylvia spoke the truth of how they ride roughshod over the taxpayers is simply PRICELESS!

We need to tame the beasts that are out of control. We need them to be responsible, to be transparent. They must be open and held accountable for money in Temasek, in GIC. They must not just take the floods as a once-in-50-year-joke. They must not nonchalantly spend $400,000 to rename Marina Bay to a new name of Marina Bay [Link]. They must be answerable to the escape of Mas Selamat. They cannot budget $104 million but spent $387 million on a sports event without answering to the taxpayers. They must stop bragging about Singapore being a prized trophy for terrorists. " A successful attack in Singapore would add a lot of credit to them (because) we are a trophy target" K Shanmugum ST 23 Apr 2011. It crazy and irresponsible keep harping on Singapore being a 'trophy target' for the terrorists. Why tempt fate? To test the capability of the Home Team? Sick!

Oh, a leopard never changes its spots! The game of buying and fixing has started again. Is it "Share and Grow" or "Buy and Fix"?

I thank all the gutsy opposition candidates for their contribution to make Singapore a better place. I'd like to give special mention to Chee Soon Juan for putting all the effort to bring democracy back to Singapore even though he cannot compete in this election, due to being fixed! I'd like to thank him for his Hokkien "yen kang". Yes, the great grandma of my granddaughter was thrilled when she saw it in the computer!

Thank heavens for internet and youtube! Dialect speaking oldies with mobility challenge can now watch rally speeches at home!