Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Prime Minister, Are Singaporeans Fooked?

Dear Prime Minister, Are Singaporeans Fooked?

Dear Prime Minister ,

If the PA has the audacity to write this letter below [Link] and SPH finds it wise to publish it in the Straits Times, I think we are fooked!

WE REFER to Mr Muhammad Yusuf Osman's letter yesterday ('Advisers to grassroots bodies should be elected MPs').

The mission of the People's Association (PA) and its grassroots organisations (GROs) is to bond the community and connect people with the Government. PA and its GROs serve all residents regardless of their political affiliations in fulfilling their role.

Grassroots advisers are appointed by PA, a statutory board. Besides connecting people to people, grassroots advisers are required to help the Government connect with people and help promote government policies and programmes such as anti-dengue and active ageing.

Hence, the Government has to appoint grassroots advisers who support its programmes and can play this role well. Opposition MPs cannot be expected to do this and thus cannot become advisers to GROs.

Ooi Hui Mei (Ms)
Corporate and Marketing Communications
For Chief Executive Director
People's Association

As Chairman of PA and also the Prime Minister of Singapore, you have spoken so many times of solidarity and unifying Singaporeans. Does this letter help? I don't think so. "The mission of the People's Association (PA) and its grassroots organisations (GROs) is to bond the community and connect people with the Government. PA and its GROs serve all residents regardless of their political affiliations in fulfilling their role... Hence, the Government has to appoint grassroots advisers who support its programmes and can play this role well. Opposition MPs cannot be expected to do this and thus cannot become advisers to GROs." A statement like this does not help to "bond". It is divisive! It breeds resentment! It makes "cowboys" in the "lunatic fringe" of Singapore puke and come out with words like "fook"! Hell, this is the worst fookin' sales pitch that I've ever heard. A snake oil salesman can do better!

"Lunatic cowboys" may bitch, may wisecrack, may rant, may tickle. We may even be discourteous but we are peaceful. We are law abiding. In our own way, in our crude, unpolished English, we are letting you know that you (and those connected to you) may be pushing the envelope too far. What is done to WP's Chen Show Mao and the elected MPs of Aljunied GRC and Hougang is disgraceful! PA and HDB have treated Singaporeans especially those of Aljunied and Hougang GRC with contempt!

I could just shut the fook up and let it pass but the disappointment, the sadness and the worry I have as a a Singaporean, as a father, as a grandpa makes me angry enough to ask, "Are Singaporeans Fooked?"

I do not know if the job you are doing now is what you love to do or was it forced upon you by your parents? Whatever the reason, you the man! For the next 5 years, you'd better keep this little red dot as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion to build a decent democratic society so as to achieve peace, happiness and progress for our nation. Yes, it's one fooking tall order but you've got to do man, 'coz you the man!

Hell, I'm working my butt off trying to survive in this expensive country (city) and who am I to tell you what to do? I believe the reason why I did not die from my cardiac arrest is because my job ain't done. I guess my job is to be a "lunatic cowboy" to let you know that enough is enough.

Please Mr Prime Minister, please rein in your 'cowboys and cowgirls' to not come out with silly letters like above. It is divisive. It is oppressive! It denigrates your chairmanship of PA! If you sincerely wish to unify, be big! Be magnanimous! Be fair to the opposition! Be willing to share! Instead of being kiasi and kiasu, you can have the balls, have the gumption to do what's right. You have done 'good riddance to bad rubbish' of your dad and your uncle Goh in the Cabinet. The One who wants repentance from Aljunied GRC residents and the oNe who aims to create slums for those who voted against PAP. Shame! Shame! Shame! Times, they are a-changing and the disgusting ways of your dad and uncle Goh are passe!

You have apologised for the previous fook-ups like the obscene ministers' salary, overcrowding FTs, transportation and housing woes of common Singaporeans. Good Job! Why not go the whole hog? Step right up and continue to do what you say and say what you do. As much as "lunatics in cowboy towns" and "cowboys in lunatic fringes" are treated like "boat rockers" by you and yours, you'd be surprised that "cowboys and lunatics" actually care . . . for ourselves, our families, our friends, our country, our Singaporeans and . . . even you! Care enough to let you know our sentiments which your balls-carrying sychophants are to scared to reveal to you!

You are lucky that your job has been made easier with Tony as President. You, the man! Please go back to basic. Be Sincere! Be Honest! Be Trustworthy! Be Honourable! For the next fookin' 5 years, if you are not, then not only you, but all Singaporeans will be fooked!

Singapore is peaceful. Keep it so! With more Singaporeans not having enough to eat and not having a decent shelter and not enough space to breathe, hell may break loose! As much as we detest and despise the arrogance and self-serving ways of PAP, we do not, I repeat, we do not want an Arab Spring in Singapore! You have the power, you have the riches, please not break Singapore asunder. Be kind!

Thank you.



Monday, August 29, 2011

Lest We Forget - A Politically Apolitical President

I would like to congratulate PM Lee Hsien Loong. With the ascent of Tony Tan as 7th president of Singapore, he can sleep easier. Had Tan Cheng Bok won, he would have to look for a new office! Heck, if Tan Jee Say won, the next National Day Parade would most likely be re-orchestrated or even cancelled! Can you imagine LKY, GCT and LHL standing and waiting (all in white) for President Tan Jee Say to arrive at NDP . . . the thought is hilarious (priceless?) to "cowboys in the lunatic fringe" but must have caused much insomnia to those whiter-than-white!

As much as PE is over, I'm sure Singaporeans especially those from the "lunatic fringe" in "cowboy towns" are still anxious to know why Patrick's NS was disrupted for 12 years. [Link] Instead of burying the case, I believe that the statement by Tony's 3 sons saying that the allegations are lies [Link] has created more resentful indignation. If only they had make a police report of the lies, they would have reminded me of the sad departure of Tang Liang Hong from Singapore. [Link] and [Link]

Remember Pianist Melvin Tan?
According to Teo Chee Hean,"Melvyn Tan left Singapore at age 12 in 1969 to study music at the Yehudi Menuhin School in England. In 1974, when he was 17, he won a Foundation Scholarship, jointly funded by the Straits Times Press, Nanyang Siang Pau and the Lee Foundation, to further his music studies at the Royal College of Music. As the course would take him beyond the enlistment age of 18, he applied for and was granted deferment from National Service for three years, after his parents furnished a bond of $30,000.

However, Melvyn Tan failed to return after his deferment period ended. Instead, he requested further deferment to pursue a Masters degree in music. The request was rejected, as we did not allow further deferment for postgraduate studies. When Melvyn Tan failed to enlist for full-time National Service after his deferment period was over and his exit permit had expired, the bond his parents furnished was forfeited and he was gazetted as an NS defaulter." [Link]

If the treatment accorded to Patrick Tan "preserve(s) its fairness and equity", I would expect MINDEF to be forthcoming in answering the following:
  1. If "we did not allow further deferment for postgraduate studies", why was Patrick Tan (the son of the then Minister of Defence) treated so special?
  2. Apart from Patrick, was there any other NSman given a 12 year disruption in Service?
  3. Apart from Patrick, was there any other NSman given the same vocation?
  4. What was the vocation code of Patrick when he was serving his NS?
  5. How many months did Patrick actually do his NS in a typical Army Camp?
  6. Did he serve his RT in normal army camp and, if he did, how many cycles did he do?
  7. Compared to peasants and heartlanders who risked their lives and limbs for Singapore, was the treatment accorded Patrick Tan "fair and equitable"?
In the same [Link] as above, Ministerial Statement on National Service Defaulters, Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean stated: "Mr Speaker, Sir, National Service remains critical for our national survival. Singaporeans serve willingly out of a sense of duty, and also a sense that the system is fair. Every citizen does his part, and nobody can dodge his responsibility to serve without severe legal and social sanctions. The Government will strenuously uphold the National Service system, and preserve its fairness and equity. This is essential to maintain the commitment that Singaporeans have shown over four decades of National Service."

If the President is apolitical, is HDB apolitical? Is PA (Peoples' Association) non-political too?
Are the heads of HDB and PA civil servants? If they are, it is revulsive that they would throw away their integrity and degrade their position to bring dishonour to the civil service of Singapore just to please their masters and preserve their jobs! What HDB has done in granting 26 sites in Aljunied Hougang GRC to PA without informing the rightful MPs of WP amounts to daylight robbery! Threatening not to upgrade HDB blocks if residents voted for opposition to win votes by GCT was repugnant but to 'steal' (lease) 'community activities' sites from a legitimate Town Council to PA by HDB is criminal! [Link]

Tony Tan has mentioned that he would look into this matter and we hope he does. The PEC has stated that he is "of integrity, good character and reputation". Come 1 September 2011, he has to walk the talk. If we hear 'the sound of silence' from him on this matter, we would then know that the sense of justice, equality and fairplay that's the core values of decent human and/or society is not with him!

"Fools", said I, "You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you"
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed
In the wells of silence . . .

Simon & Garfunkel


Friday, August 26, 2011

Tan Jee Say for President!

As I put my hand on my damaged heart, I will put a cross beside the heart for Tan Jee Say.

Victory must go to a courageous Peoples' President who knows his job. One with knowledge and gumption to provide checks and balances on the government. One with empathy and the fortitude to say that a pay $500,000 per annum is rich enough for the highest office in Singapore!

We do not need a PAP's President as it is equivalent to voting for a mouse to protect our cheese. Or a cat to protect our fish!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is it tIme for Ignoramus, Blatant Liar to Defend his Integrity Again?

Dr Lim Hock Siew while paying tribute to fellow detainee Mr Tan Jing Quee called presidential candidate Tony Tan an "ignoramus or blatant liar!" Dr Lim was detained for 19 years as a political opponent under ISA.

When asked of his defamation suit against Tang Liang Hong [Link], Tony Tan said recently that he had to protect his good name and integrity. In so doing, he and his demolition team (including LKY, GCT, LHL and TCH) bankrupted Tang Liang Hong and forced him to flee to Johore and later to Australia. JB Jeyaratnam was also badly hurt financially and politically in this episode.

If Tony Tan had realised the quagmire he is in now, would he have put up his name for this Presidential Election? The revelation of the whiter-than-white-12-year-disruption (AWOL?) of his son Patrick's National Service has brought contempt and cynicism to his integrity. The accusation of him being responsible for the losses in GIC is painful. The boos and heckle he received at the nomination centre [Link] for what he represents cannot be music to his ears. Being called an 'Ignoramous', worse still, a 'Blatant Liar' by Dr Lim must give him sleepless nights. Should he sue Dr Lim, I'm sure judges in court will be losing sleep too. No decent judge with a conscience (and wants to keep his job) would like to adjudicate this case!

As much as the members in power wish to rubbish and treat alternative voices as nothing more than "noise in the environment", political detainees like Tan Jing Quee, Said Zahari, Dr Poh Soo Kai, [his speech in 1975 Link] Dr Lim Hock Siew and younger victims like Teo Soh Lung and Vincent Cheng (amongst many others) have bravely come forward to state their case (in books, videos and audios) of how their freedom, dignity and rights were stripped from them. I salute their courage for enlightening us on the cruelty inflicted upon them.

With the latest bullying of Workers' Party by PA and HDB on the use of public areas [Link], reasonable Singaporeans are getting more and more agitated by such unfair practices. It is very sad that after apologising and preaching unity and urging Singaporeans to be as one, PM Lee Hsien Loong would allow PA and HDB to practise such self-serving and disgusting acts!

In every National Day Rally speech we are told and encouraged to work as one, heal the drift and do our part in unifying Singapore. In one fell swoop, we now know that the such politically correct speeches are nothing more than wayang. Unfortunately, the "fixing and the buying" style of Lee Hsien Loong is still alive and kicking! It may no be his doings, but his cronies and lapdogs in PA and HDB are creating "gridlocks" to the detriment of solidarity in Singapore.

Lately, anti -government movements seem fashionable. Arab Spring is sweeping the Middle East. Egypt, Syria and even Gaddafi's Libya is cracking up. In China where dissent can be met by tanks and beheading, the Jasmine movement is still palpable. Fortunately, Singaporeans are peaceful and are not into violent riots. Instead of taking up arms and rioting, those that are disillusioned by PAP's repulsive bullying peacefully voted for opposition in May 2011. To pay back the PA and HDB for disgustingly violating the use of taxpayers' money to suck up to PAP, they will peacefully vote for a People's President with a Heart that is not tainted by the PAP on 27 August 2011!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Presidential Candidates Review

If it is already part of the Constitution, why is there still so much confusion over the role of the Singapore President? My understanding is the Elected Presidency was primarily initiated to prevent a rogue government from using the past reserves of Singapore. To me it means, providing check and balance to prevent the government from taking advantage of its people for its own benefit.

With such confusion aided by the comments from the Law Minister, I humbly suggest that the parliament go back to the drawing board to make sense of what the EP is all about. If not, the embarrassment will reappear before every Presidential Election!

Now let's take a good look at the picture above. Remember the old school troublemaker who bullied everyone but was never caught? Remember the bully sitting behind you. He kept hitting you on your head during class while the teacher was not watching. He continued to irritate you with his knocks even though you quietly turn around to tell him don't. Worse, he cocked you a snook with a snigger. When you've had enough of his bullying and turned around to confront him, he yelled, "Teacher, teacher . . " In the eyes of the teacher, you end up being the culprit instead of him. While you were being punished, he made you more "tulan" (fookin' mad with anger) by having the smug look on his face. Does the face of Tony Tan above reminds you of the bully that you had to deal with? And yes, Viswa looks like the teacher and poor Tan Jee Say, the poor innocent you, asking for fair play and justice!

So let's watch this video [Link]!

How does one vote for a president? Unless one is related to or know a candidate personally, how is one to judge the character, the ability and integrity of a candidate. Does one judge each candidate and vote for him based on the following factors?
  1. His Connection/Affiliation
  2. His Track record
  3. His Ability to carry himself well (Appearance and Mannerism including the ability to speak well)
  4. His Sharpness
  5. Our Perception of his Honesty/Integrity
  6. Our Perception of his Trustworthiness
  7. Our Perception of his Courage
  8. Our Perception of his Care and Concern for his fellow citizens
I guess one's decision also depends on one's gut feel.

It is good that we no longer need to depend only on SPH and MediaCorp to find out what we need to know to make an informed decision. We have Singapore Window, The Online Citizen, Temasek Review Emeritus, Singapore Daily and many others to help us know better. I believe if not for the advent of internet, ex-Foreign Minister George Yeo and his team may not have lost Aljunied GRC!

Based on the factors above and the video I have watched, I will not vote for Tony Tan. I will encourage my friends and relatives not to vote for him too. The reasons are simple:
  1. Morally and mortally, he cannot provide the 'check and balance' as he will be checking on himself. He is the immediate past Vice Chairman and Managing Director of GIC.
  2. He is related to the Lee Family [Link]
  3. He wasn't forthcoming in answering the special treatment his son Patrick received while doing NS and ICT. 12 years disruption of National Service sounds like AWOL to me! [Link Pt 1], [Link Pt 2 ] and [Link Pt 3]
  4. His constant threat of impending financial crisis and how as president he can solve the crisis sounds cheap. If he cares so much for Singapore and Singaporeans, he should have stayed as DPM and not quit the cabinet. He quit the Cabinet not once but twice!
  5. When asked if political detention is justified, I find his comparison of Norwegian Andre Brevik to Teo Soh Lung and Vincent Cheng (plus 20 other alleged Marxist Conspirators) distasteful! His shiftiness in answering a straight question shows the man that he is.
  6. While mainstream medium plasters Tan Jee Say for his 'outburst', no decent medium has the guts to slap Tony Tan for his lack of decorum and rudiment of good manners. Since when is it decent to interrupt and threaten someone when someone is given the floor to speak?
  7. The PAP 'group think' in Tony Tan is impossible to erase. Try as I might, I cannot see another Ong Teng Cheong in Tony Tan. My gut feel tells me Tony just doesn't have the essence that President Ong Teng Cheong possessed.
Whatever reasons each has to run for President, only each knows. The rest are mere speculations. Only Tony Tan knows why he quit his comfortable GIC and SPH positions to run for President. In so doing, he had his son's special treatment in NS exposed and has himself and his wife booed for what he represents!

Speculation . . . . . . . Could it be that Tony has to go for the presidency to further the opaqueness of our sovereign wealth funds? To ensure that the stink and skeletons remain where they are and not leaked to the "unconnected" and the public at large?

Meanwhile let's hope that the Establishment will not do a Tang Liang Hong on Tan Jee Say. If they do, we are fooked, big time!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Ridiculous Untruths?

Bloggers are referred to as lunatics belonging to a "Lunatic Fringe" [Link]. Now we've been promoted to be in a "Cowboy Town" [Link] by PM Lee. According to Ng E-Jay, Singapore is Cowboy Town belonging to PAP. If so, maybe we bloggers are Red Indians :) PAP and their posse have big Gatling guns like CNA, SPH and others to blast their self-serving truths while we are still shaving wood to make arrows to hit the truths that they try so hard to ridicule and suppress.

Before I "lead more people astray" with my ranting I wonder if they speak with fork tongue when they accuse bloggers of spreading "Ridiculous Untruths"? As far as I'm concerned, I write to get it off my chest [see About Me on the right;)] to release my mental tension so that I remain sane and ease my bodily tension to prevent another heart attack. Talking cock or sing song, I just enjoy cocking a snook at the elites especially those who think that they are so fookingly pristine just because they wear white. People trust you when you do what you say and say what you do. No need to wear White!

Maybe the Truth is: 'Truths of the commoners are "ridiculous untruths" of the PAP - Party Against People'!

Pray tell if the following is another"ridiculous untruth" that "leads people astray"?

Tony Tan said:

The first role of the President is to be the Head of State. At home, the President stands for
all Singaporeans. He has to be independent and above politics. He must be fair,
knowledgeable and balanced, especially when called on to resolve disputes between
different organs of the state. Abroad, the President is Singapore’s face to the world. He has
to carry our flag with confidence and dignity. He must have the stature to stand with world
leaders and represent our country.

The second important role of the president is to protect our nation’s financial reserves —
which is our country’s savings. This responsibility is what makes our Presidency special and
is why we are having an election.With the present economic uncertainties, it is very likely that the next President will be involved in decisions about Singapore’s financial health. These decisions will affect the future of all Singaporeans.

Today, I ask you to put your trust in my years of experience. I ask for your vote. I will
represent our nation with confidence, dignity and a steady hand to protect our reserves.

Red Indian 'Broken Heart' asks:
  1. How can you "be fair, knowledgeable and balanced, especially when called on to resolve disputes between different organs of the state" when you can't even answer to why your simqua 'precious organ' son Patrick was given a NS disruption for 12 years while you were the Defense Minister. Why did he do only 3 months BMT plus 3 months OCS and ended up a 3rd Sergeant playing with test tubes in an aircon room while other mothers' 'expendable' sons are risking their lives doing the real thing, national service? Where is the "fair"ness?

  2. How can I put my trust in your experience after what you did to Tang Liang Hong? What did Tang Liang Hong do to you and your Demolition Team that he ended up as a refugee and had to pay you and your Defamation Team $8,000,000? Just because he made a police report to deny that he's an anti-Christian and chinese chauvinist? Hell, he didn't even ask his Indian neighbour to stop cooking curry! Ok ok, it's the judge's decision that TLH was guilty of defamation. Can you please tell me what exactly did Tang Liang Hong say or do that got you so riled up that you had to gang sue him? [Link] and [Link]

  3. It is difficult to accept you as a President when you were caught in Cheng San GRC Polling Centre [Link]

  4. "With the present economic uncertainties, it is very likely that the next President will be involved in decisions about Singapore’s financial health."
    Until you decided to run for President, you were the Vice Chairman and Executive Director of GIC. While in GIC, only you and your Demolition Team (and other kah kee nung) know about the financial health of our sovereign wealth. As it is getting more and more difficult for Singaporeans to retrieve their CPF (what with the ever-increasing Medisave, Minimum Sum and delayed withdrawal from 55 to 62 to until you die?), daft Singaporeans are thinking that losses incurred by GIC may be the reason why we can't touch our CPF savings. Some cleverer daft Singaporeans even think that CPF is just another form of tax! Ridiculous? It may be the Truth!

We are sick and tired of being played by those in white. With you as president, it will be the same auld lang syne - same old, same old again. With facts (ridiculous truths?) I see above, we need someone who can really provide the real check and balance.

We have had enough of wayang, enough of sandiwara. George Yeo had to go because Singaporeans want 1st World Parliament. I hope you will go too because we want a 1st World President! Not another, 'you scratch my back, I scratch your back; you take care of mine, I take care of yours while we let the daft people suffer' kind of President!

Honestly, if you wanted to do a job that you say you are good at, you should have stayed in GIC. Then you would not have brought unto yourself and your family such vile revelations! Or as some cleverer daft Singaporeans suggest, "He's asked to hold on to the shit hole cover. Someone has to prevent the skeletons from falling out of the sovereign wealth fund cabinets. With an independent President, the truth about the SWF including GIC and Temasek may stink to high heaven." Touche?

While you lament that you are 'deeply disappointed' with the booing , heckling and the revelation of Patrick, please understand that commoners are 'deeply disappointed' with you too. Even though you are rich and powerful and well connected while they are barely getting by, disappointment works both ways!

People trust you when you do what you say and say what you do. No need to ask!

What we need is a President with a heart!

Meanwhile if any reader wishes to be led astray further, visit this "kah kee nung/ chee kah ngin' relationship link. [link]

Have a happy weekend!

aka 'broken heart'

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Presidental Election: The Heat Is On!

It’s amazing! It’s even better than the National Day Parade!

With the chorus of “Chiak Liow Bee” (Good for nothing), “Bullshit” and “Patrick Tan”, Tony could still walked off the stage smiling. He could be hard of hearing, insensitive or simply doesn’t give a fook!

Though Patrick’s special NS treatment is an issue on integrity and fairplay, I hope many will google on the 'Escape from Cheng San' [Link] and the defamation of Tan Liang Hong [Link] & [Link] to gain more knowledge of the presidential candidate. From the links, we may understand better the reasons for such outburst!

Singaporeans are often accused of "rocking the boat", of being "disruptive", 'daft", "divisive" and even "disloyal" when they disagree with the power that it. For the prudes who feel that the "noise" of "Chiak Liow Bee", "Bullshit" and "Patrick Tan" are uncouth, stupid or disrespectful, my question is: If not this, how? If not now, when? With the stifling oppression and suppression freedom of speech and peaceful demonstration in Singapore, how else can unhappy Singaporeans be heard? It is better this than than gunning down innocents (as in Norway) or self-immolation as in Tibet.

Times, they are a changin’. Singaporeans are waking up to the idea that “enough is enough”. Singaporeans want to live by the National Pledge – ‘to build a democratic society based on justice and equality – and not treat it like another “talk cock sing song” aspiration where well-connected elites get “white horse” treatment while ordinary citizens get spurs hooked and bleeding on their backsides!

Nobody would like to be in the position of Tony and his cronies on the stage at PA HQ today. Unless you do not have a beating heart, unless you are a thick-skinned puppet or a heartless mercenary, you would have been emotionally and negatively impacted by such unhappy “noise”.

However, we live, we die. We reap, we sow.

Maybe, just maybe, which ever station we are in, it evens out!


ps: It is indeed honourable of Jee Say to admit that his supporters may have created the 'noise' but I'm not surprised that supporters of TKL and TCB or even Singaporeans without any affiliation to any candidate have joined in the Celebration Cheer! Celebration Cheer? How often can you make such "noise" to such a powerful and rich elite?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Vote With Integrity For Integrity!

The President of Singapore!

According to the Law Minister of Singapore, we are voting for a Man of Influence who sometimes cannot speak without the permission of the Cabinet [Link] and [Link].

I am confused.

And the Man of Influence will be one of the following Tan (in alphabetical order):
  • Cheng Bok
  • Jee Say
  • Kin Lian
  • Tony
Unlike previously, the PAP is not endorsing anyone (openly) at the moment. However, the towkays in Clan Associations and Union Chiefs under NTUC are openly endorsing Tony Tan. Of all the unions, I'm most surprised that the Teachers' Union is supporting Tony Tan. "Singapore Teachers' Union general secretary, Edwin Lye, said: "Given Dr Tony Tan's vast experience in holding public office as well as his experience in the private sector, we think he's the best person for the job and he would make a credible Elected President." [Link]

Teachers are moulders of dreams. They are moral compasses that their students look up to. Through them will come the new leaders of Singapore! As much as their Union general secretary has endorsed Tony Tan, I would earnestly urge teachers to know more about Tony Tan before blindly casting their vote just because Edwin said so.

Does Edwin Lye and those in MOE know about:
  1. The Great Cheng San Escape [Link]
  2. Case Against Tang Liang Hong [Link] and [Link]
  3. The 12-year deferment of Precious Patrick who served NS in air-con comfort [Link] and [Link]
Though the "Presidential Election Committee (PEC) said it is satisfied the four are "men of integrity, good character and reputation", fulfilling Article 19(2)(e) of the Constitution." [Link], some may have doubts.

To each, his/her own.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

How Dare You, Penny? (Part 2)

Author's warning: If you are offended by sexy adjective or adverb, please do not read further. Thank you.

She fooked up! Then she fook you!

"I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean, that I wanted to capture that moment of pride, at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on FB with my residents. If in my enthusiasm I offended anyone, please accept my apologies. NDP is a time to unite not divide. Majulah Singapura." [Link]

In his "Singaporeans First" National Day Rally Speech 2011, PM Lee asked Singaporeans to be useful and work with him (PAP?) to make Singapore a better place. I'll try to be useful here by sharing on how to say, "I'm sorry" with sincerity! For Fook's sake, why can't his subordinates be humble. Even after having fooked up, they still have to act and sound smart! In so doing, they generate more unhappiness and end up being more despicable!

Why can't she come up with, "It was stupid of me to do what I did. I screwed up. I'm sorry I have offended Singaporeans especially residents of Punggol/Pasir Ris GRC who voted for me. I beg for your pardon." instead of, "If in my enthusiasm I offended anyone, please accept my apologies. NDP is a time to unite not divide. Majulah Singapura." to her supposed remorse.

Hello! Unless you really feel sorry, don't say you are sorry. Just STFU (Shut The Fook Up!) If you are, then apologise sincerely without qualification. If you know you have offended, just admit it. Don't qualify by saying "If I have offended" when you fooking well know that you have seriously offended. When holding the shit end of the stick after fooking up, don't smear shit on others, especially those you have hurt. After having fooked up, how dare you insinuate that others are being divisive, not united.

It is interesting to note that PM Lee mentioned the worst case of the "demanding, rude and self-serving" Singaporean who gave hell to the front-line staff and asked of Singaporeans to be kind and respectful of others, especially civil servants. Maybe PM Lee (jobless after he has his job taken away by a FT) should be standing in the queue for 45 minutes to ask for help to restore the power supply to his house and be told, "Why you again! Still broke, izzit?? What you want now?", he may not have said what he said. There is always two sides to a coin!
There are feedback and there are feedback. Some stories are worth telling but others aren't! Unless one comes off the ivory tower and walks the ground on a regular basis, one would never know the sentiments of the average Singaporean Joe, Ali, Ah Seng or Muthu. Just like Patrick (son of Tony Tan) may not know what "Chiong Pengkang Hill at night is all about when live bullets were fired by your Section mates who could not run straight"!

Bloggers (anonymous or not), concerned Singaporeans, who have the guts to question and voice alternative views and not accept the PAP's status quo are accused of being "daft", "rocking the boat", "divisive", 'disloyal" and "noise in the environment" belonging to the "lunatic fringe".

If not for the technology and internet; if not for the "daft bloggers", the "boat rockers", the "disloyal and divisive noise makers" and the "lunatics in the fringe", we, Singaporeans would still be thinking that Teo Soh Lung, Vincent Cheng & Co. were Marxist Conspirators. We would not have known how much JB Jeyaratnam, Tang Liang Hong and Chee Soon Juan has/had suffered, We would not have known of the freedom lost by Chia Thye Poh (31 years) Lim Hock Siew (19 years) and Said Zahari (17 years) amongst others! [Link].

In my last blog I wrote, "Right is right and wrong is wrong. Though victor can write history, truth will always prevail!" The skeletons are coming out of the cabinet and very soon with the fortitude and revelation of ex-detainees like Dr Lim Hock Siew, Said Zahari, Teo Soh Lung, Vincent Cheng and others, we will know if the "few good men" were actually evil.

We live. We learn. The link on Dr Ang Swee Chye by Singapore Rebel has taught me more.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Dare You, Penny?

Such disrespect!

I stood at attention and sang 'God Save the Queen.' I then stood at attention and sang 'Negara Ku'. For the past 46 years, When 'Majulah Singapura' is sung at any occasion, even if I do not sing, I still stand still. Call me an old fogey with this thingy about respect for country but for a PAP MP to fook around with her mobile phone at the National Day Parade while the National Anthem is playing (tail end or not) is simply unacceptable!

It is a fooking shame!

With ex-MM Lee saying that the National Pledge is nothing but an "aspiration", I guess the National Anthem is also losing its currency! Monkey see, monkey do. If Grand Leeder does not respect Pledge, monkey MP can also not respect anthem! With this video [Link], school principals and teachers will have a hard time disciplining their students when the kids start misbehaving during the flag raising ceremony!

With the PTC allowing PTOs to increase bus and MRT fares; with the Election Dept and Police not taking action on Tin Pei Lin's heat on 'Cooling Off Day'; with Tony not being able to explain why Patrick's 12-year-deferment was not AWOL; with Shanmugam's twisting-and-turning hogwash on the elected presidency and now with Penny's mobile national anthem, the clock is ticking against the PAP. And should the PEC decide not to allow Tan Cheng Bok, Tan Kin Lian and Tan Jee Say to run for the elected presidency, the frustration and sense of hopelessness of the 40% (and growing) Singaporeans will be palpable!

If PM Lee Hsien Loong continues to condone such despicable acts by being dumb, I fear for my country, Singapore. Fair is fair and double standard in administering justice will lead to chaos! Talk is cheap! To have apologised to Singaporeans for the lapses for the past 5 years just to win votes is self defeating. To tell his cronies and subordinates to 'serve and not over lord' appears hollow with what's been happening lately. While PM is at it, he may want to tell his Law Minister to just 'shut the fook up' to prevent more jeopardy to PAP and, worst still, the country!

Times, they are a changin'. If PM Lee is reading this, I hope that he will come straight out to let Singaporeans, especially the young, know that there are certain decorum that you just can't fook with! If Salah Peiling and Penny Mobile can get away with what they did, we would know the integrity and true character of, not only the culprits, but their leader!

You fooking SEDIA (not senang diri, not moving, not messing with anything, let alone your mobile phone) when the National Anthem is sung! That's what we learned in school, Inche Shamsudin and Tiger Hong while we were in SAFTI and/or Beach Road Camp!

I pity the constituents in Punggol/Pasir Ris GRC. They have an arrogant male MP who did not serve NS at all and a lady MP who played with her phone when the National Anthem was sung on the National Day of 2011.

I hope "Stand up for Singapore, play the phone if you can!" will not be the feel-good Singapore song.

It's a pity that by blogging the way I do, I'll be accused of trying to divide the country and not help to unite Singapore. It is so sad, so bloody sad that if anything negative is mentioned or written of PAP or any of its members or cronies, we are accused of being divisive, of being disloyal to Singapore. When will they ever learn that Singapore is not PAP and PAP is not Singapore!

Right is right and wrong is wrong. Though victor can write history, truth will always prevail!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Population:Why Singaporeans Cannot Maintain The Replacement Rate?

Today we celebrate Singapore's 46th birthday!

Looking back, did the "Stop-At-Two" Policy of late 60's pioneered by LKY cause the lack of born-and-bred Singaporeans today? Even with the “Have Three Or More If You Can Afford” and the silly "Graduate Mothers' scheme later, we still could not procreate enough. Now we are importing like crazy to keep the GDP up.

With the current sad state of affairs in Singapore, I doubt it'll get better.

Here's why!

Smile and have a Happy Holiday!


Monday, August 8, 2011

A Few Good Men?

It is silly. It is embarrassing. It hurts!

We are taught by our parents to respect the dead. Don't say or write things about them in a negative manner. I shall now write about the living . . . A Few Good Men?

How can a man be good when:
  • He worked for the Japanese during the Occupation.
    "Having taken Chinese and Japanese lessons since 1942, he was able to find work transcribing Allied wire reports for the Japanese, as well as being the English-language editor on the Japanese Hodobu (報道部 – an information or propaganda department) from 1943 to 1944." [Link]
  • He took freedom away from Chia Thye Poh for 31 years [Link]
  • He took freedom away from Lim Hock Siew for 19 years [Link]
  • He took freedom away from Said Zahari for 17 years [Link]
  • He insulted Singaporeans by calling them daft [Link]
How can another man be good when:
  • He threatened Singaporeans that they will be living in slum (no HDB and lift upgrading) if they did not vote for PAP in 2006 [Link] & [Link]
  • He insulted the character of Tan Jee Say when TJS joined the SDP to run against the PAP in 2011 Election [Link]
  • He is dumb on the Tin Pei Lin's heat on Cooling Off Day [Link]
How can the third man be good when:
  • During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, he worked for the Japanese Kempeitai as a translator. [Link]
  • He sucks more than $4,000,000 per annum from the taxpayers while keeping dumb on all that was happening for the past 12 years. As Head of State, he should have expressed his concern for the citizens when their livelihood were affected by the high cost of living namely, HDB; transport; food; utilities and other essentials. The influx of foreigners that has been a detriment to the well being of Singaporeans is an issue that he should have corrected (privately or publicly).
In its sychophantic enthusiasm to bootlick these 'three' as "A Few Good Men", I think CNA has not only embarrassed itself but also Singapore and its citizens. If any of the 'three' is worth his salt, he would have been ashamed by such self-aggrandisement in his life time and demands that the silly show(off) be taken off before damage is done!

I look forward to see Martyn See of Singapore Rebel [Link] doing a documentary on the Real "A Few Good Men and Women" of Singapore. The heroes who who fought the occupiers instead of selling away their souls to benefit themselves!

Mr Lim Bo Seng [Link]

Mr Adnan Bin Saidi [Link]

Ms Elizabeth Choy [Link]

May the heroes rest in peace and Happy National Day to all!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dumb President Plays 5 Stones and PAP Paints Itself Into A Corner!

Imagine . . . 9 August 2012. The MIW (men & women in white) are all seated at the NDP. They waited. The Parade Commander shouted, "Baris Sedia!" The band started to play and everybody including PM Lee, his father and SM Emeritus stood at attention. In came the limousine carrying the President of Singapore. And the President is * Tan ___ ___.

'The president can only act and speak as advised by the Cabinet,' Mr Shanmugam said, while stressing that this does not mean the president cannot be 'highly influential and effective' [Link].

'The president,' he added, 'can speak on issues only as authorised by the Cabinet; and he must follow the advice of the Cabinet in the discharge of his duties.' [Link]

So let's give a break to President Nathan (the one who hit the biggest Big Sweep plus Toto Jackpot of all time). For the last 12 years, he's only been made dumb by the Cabinet. I haven't had the pleasure of shaking his hand but I bet he is a better hand-shaker than Tony Tan [Link]

Since the days of President Yusof Ishak till President Wee Kim Wee, we were happy with a ceremonial head of state who's a person of "integrity, good character and reputation". The Parliament (or was it LKY) appointed the President and that was that. However, in 1991, PAP amended the constitution to have an "Elected President" to play 5 Stones:
  1. Blocking the government from spending of past reserves
  2. Appointment of key public sector leaders
  3. Internal Security Acts detentions
  4. Authorise CPIB investigations
  5. To maintain religious harmony
Honestly, with the interpretation by those in power, our perception of the Law regarding the popular elected presidency may not be what it is. Remember the joke of TT, GCT and LHL at Cheng San Polling Centre? [Link]. That interpretation of "in" is not "within" shows that Law in Singapore may not gel with the perception of an average person's understanding of English. By the way, a Presidential pardon or clemency doesn't come from the President. It was only through the Yong Vui Kong's case [Link] that we learned that the Presidential pardon comes not from the President but from the PAP Cabinet!

If a President is as dumb as Shanmugam wants him to be, then let's not make Singaporeans dafter than ex-MM declared Singaporeans to be. This Wayang has to stop! Why waste time, effort and money to vote for a Dumb President?

We are grateful to President Ong Teng Cheong for his integrity and reputable character in standing up against all odds to fight for what's right and help a nation see the opaqueness and bullying attitude of a power gone awry, went mad with hubris! Now we see the stupidity of the same arrogance put forth by the current power that is.

It was President Ong who through his courage and his sense of righteousness that forced the PAP to realise that you cannot bluff all the people all the time. The job of the Elected President was made clearer after his public announcement and interview. It was embarrassing then [Link] and I think Shanmugam is making it more embarrassing for the PAP now!

When you hear your ex-MM perpetually insulting you by calling you daft and that you will repent if you vote against PAP for 1st World Parliament (WP for Aljunied GRC); when he continues to say that foreigners are better than you [Link]; when he interrupted his massage by his physiotherapist [Link] to declare that the Singapore National Pledge in nothing more than an "aspiration" in Parliament, you know that something is just not right.

When you have a PAP MPs calling you "lesser mortals"; another saying that ministers' atrocious salary equate to their dignity [Link]; when you have another PAP MP breaking the "Cooling Off Day" Rule set by her boss PM Lee (with no response so far from the ruler); when you have a newly minted male citizen (who did not serve NS but boasts of his work in KKH saving children's lives) become your PAP MP, you know it starts to stink.

When you have Shanmugam saying what he just said - We vote for a Dumb President to follow the instructions of Cabinet Ministers - you know that it is time for Singaporeans to wake up and take a stand!

For Fook's sake, if PAP wants a Dumb PAP President, why can't they just appoint one like they did in the early days. We had no problem with Yang Di Pertuan Negara President Yusof Ishak, President Benjamin Sheares, President Devan Nair and President Wee Kim Wee.

If they sincerely want a popular Elected President with mandate from the people, then dismantle the President Election Council and let the people choose the President that they want. Why can't they have the spunk to face up to a People's President who has the conscience to do good for the nation instead of getting rubber stamp from the same clique?

Please stop insulting citizens of Singapore with the PEC to pre-select the candidates for us. We are not that daft! Stop treating us like idiots. We are not what ex-MM thinks we are!

Let's hope that Eddie Teo, Chan Lai Fung and Sat Pal Khattar of PEC will do what their conscience, not their boss, tells them to do! Let's hope that Tan Cheng Bok, Tan Kin Lian, Tony Tan, Tan Jee Say, Andrew Kuan and Ooi Boon Ewe will have a go at it!

Let's have an active vocal President with a conscience and moral compass to fight for the common people . . . not another Dumb Rubber Stamp to "Yes Sir, Yes Sir" to his PAP Master!

The headache that PAP is having now is a good example of the universal truth - we reap what we sow! In their selfish greed to hang on to power, they are now in limbo. They have painted themselves into the corner . . . again!

* Price increase of Kopi C ($1.00 to $1.30) 30 cents
Increase of MRT and bus rides 2 cents
Anybody but TT to be President Priceless!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Tony & Patrick 'Fooking Did It'!

The story of the father and son is getting interesting. No, not the Lees but the Tans.

Presidential Wannabe Tony Tan and his son Patrick are deeply disappointed with a 'rumour'. Now every mother's son (except white horses) who did and do National Service is even more disappointed. In fact, some are seething with anger. Here's someone who is pretty upset [Link]. Others , like me, are rather bewildered and amused.

The 'rumour' was a question asked of the father if preferential treatment was given to Patrick Tan when he did his NS and Reservist Training. Instead of getting a straight answer, we get this [Link] and this [Link].

Having served my NS in the late 60's and ROD'ed (since when was ORD use?), I'm amazed that Patrick was enlisted in 1988 and could be in the USA from 1988 to 2000. Deferred for more than a decade! Hell, for any son other than Tancho's, that would have been AWOL!

What agitate most is not the 'deferential' (preferential?) treatment that he received in MINDEF. What REALLY sucks is the fact that Patrick is so damn proud of his ability to avoid ('elak' / 'siam') the rite of passage (24 months, 30 months or 36 months depending on your rank and time of enlistment) that all able bodied male Singaporeans went through - serving national service in an army and field camp (not in aircon comfort)! Most would find the way he went about blowing his own horn of his achievement and his specialty in 'meliodosis' puke inducing!

In Singapore, we do not have CORRUPTION. We do not have NEPOTISM. We only have an ASPIRATION of 'building a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation'. While aspiring, we live in MOCKERY!

  • MOCKERY of NATION BUILDING and NATIONAL SERVICE by paying greedy ministers $$$millions$$$!
  • MOCKERY of DEMOCRACY by banning freedom of speech and peaceful demonstration of even one person [Link]
  • MOCKERY of JUSTICE by saying "IN" is not "WITHIN" [Link] & [Link] and "Cooling Off Day" is "Hot" for certain individual [Link]
  • MOCKERY of EQUALITY when opposition wards are served last in HDB and Lift Upgrading
  • MOCKERY of SERVICE TO SINGAPOREANS when PROFITEERING is the mainstay of the ruling party ($$million$$$ ministers), the public transport operators and even the HDB.
  • MOCKERY of HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY and PROGRESS for our nation when the over-crowdedness caused by the free inflow of foreigners by PAP has caused much unhappiness, more so for those who have lost jobs due to the crazy influx.
Disappointed with the Tony/Patrick story? We are more concerned with the cavalier "I'm smarter than thou"attitude of the ruling party and their cronies in not taking seriously our concern of the over-crowding and the ever-escalating high cost of living that the average Singaporeans are victims of.

In the words of NTU Valedictorian Trinetta Chong, [Link Hit 5:15 for the punchline] I think Tony and his son Patrick 'fooking did it"!