Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is it tIme for Ignoramus, Blatant Liar to Defend his Integrity Again?

Dr Lim Hock Siew while paying tribute to fellow detainee Mr Tan Jing Quee called presidential candidate Tony Tan an "ignoramus or blatant liar!" Dr Lim was detained for 19 years as a political opponent under ISA.

When asked of his defamation suit against Tang Liang Hong [Link], Tony Tan said recently that he had to protect his good name and integrity. In so doing, he and his demolition team (including LKY, GCT, LHL and TCH) bankrupted Tang Liang Hong and forced him to flee to Johore and later to Australia. JB Jeyaratnam was also badly hurt financially and politically in this episode.

If Tony Tan had realised the quagmire he is in now, would he have put up his name for this Presidential Election? The revelation of the whiter-than-white-12-year-disruption (AWOL?) of his son Patrick's National Service has brought contempt and cynicism to his integrity. The accusation of him being responsible for the losses in GIC is painful. The boos and heckle he received at the nomination centre [Link] for what he represents cannot be music to his ears. Being called an 'Ignoramous', worse still, a 'Blatant Liar' by Dr Lim must give him sleepless nights. Should he sue Dr Lim, I'm sure judges in court will be losing sleep too. No decent judge with a conscience (and wants to keep his job) would like to adjudicate this case!

As much as the members in power wish to rubbish and treat alternative voices as nothing more than "noise in the environment", political detainees like Tan Jing Quee, Said Zahari, Dr Poh Soo Kai, [his speech in 1975 Link] Dr Lim Hock Siew and younger victims like Teo Soh Lung and Vincent Cheng (amongst many others) have bravely come forward to state their case (in books, videos and audios) of how their freedom, dignity and rights were stripped from them. I salute their courage for enlightening us on the cruelty inflicted upon them.

With the latest bullying of Workers' Party by PA and HDB on the use of public areas [Link], reasonable Singaporeans are getting more and more agitated by such unfair practices. It is very sad that after apologising and preaching unity and urging Singaporeans to be as one, PM Lee Hsien Loong would allow PA and HDB to practise such self-serving and disgusting acts!

In every National Day Rally speech we are told and encouraged to work as one, heal the drift and do our part in unifying Singapore. In one fell swoop, we now know that the such politically correct speeches are nothing more than wayang. Unfortunately, the "fixing and the buying" style of Lee Hsien Loong is still alive and kicking! It may no be his doings, but his cronies and lapdogs in PA and HDB are creating "gridlocks" to the detriment of solidarity in Singapore.

Lately, anti -government movements seem fashionable. Arab Spring is sweeping the Middle East. Egypt, Syria and even Gaddafi's Libya is cracking up. In China where dissent can be met by tanks and beheading, the Jasmine movement is still palpable. Fortunately, Singaporeans are peaceful and are not into violent riots. Instead of taking up arms and rioting, those that are disillusioned by PAP's repulsive bullying peacefully voted for opposition in May 2011. To pay back the PA and HDB for disgustingly violating the use of taxpayers' money to suck up to PAP, they will peacefully vote for a People's President with a Heart that is not tainted by the PAP on 27 August 2011!



At August 26, 2011 at 12:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

no integrity to begin with, so actually nothing for TT and sons to defend.
the same for all PAP buggers.
let's see how many of the dumb ass 60% give their votes to Phony Tan tomorrow.

At August 28, 2011 at 11:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not unresonable to conclude only 35% thinks Phony Tan has integrity.

Also not unreasonable if the 65% decide to refer to him as president Phony Tan.

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