Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Case Of Premature Ejaculation?

Everybody seems to be celebrating the decision by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (‘Malaysian PM to scrap ISA’ – ST, September 16, 2011) to repeal the Malaysian Internal Security Act, remove the need for annual press and publication permits, and review the law on public assemblies. Until it becomes law in Malaysia, I'm holding on. Holding on to my orgasmic joy :)

It may just be a premature ejaculation like what we just had in Singapore!

Aha ;) No, it's not about sex. It's about lightening up and having a good laugh this Sunday morning!

Remember PM Lee's saying 'sorry' [Link] just before Election Day in May 2011 and talking about how he needed to change himself and his PAP to connect with people like us, the ordinary citizens. Talk is cheap! After gaining 81 (out of 87) seats in Parliament with only 60% of valid votes, he jumped to his high horse again, cocked us another snook and went back to his old hubristic PAP ways!

Examples of his haughtiness after winning the election:
  • Putting Kate Spade Tin in the Law & Home Affairs Select Committee [Link] while Salah Palin was being investigated for breaking the "Cooling Off Day" Rule. Calm On . . . (come on?)
  • Asking Gerard Ee to review and justify his salary. Fook! It hurts everybody's libido when someone had the temerity to up his and his cronies' salary to millions at the expense of taxpayers but did not have the balls to reduce it himself when he realized that people have become aware of the MOCKERY he created. He made a mockery of nation building and National Service by giving himself and his cabinet members such decadent and self-indulgent privileges!
  • By allowing HDB to lease 26 "community spaces" to Peoples' Association in Aljunied GRC constituency to the disadvantage of Workers' Party's (rightfully elected) MPs when he is the Prime Minister and also Chairman of PA.
  • He added insult to injury by saying, "I cleared those letters so I think that is the position" when asked if he agreed to the 2 letters written by PA Director Ooi Hui May on the 1st-out-of-this-world (1st world?) justification in unashamedly fooking his political opponents in WP [Link].
Director Sanjir Shah, 46, said, While the messages were nothing new, "the thing that struck me most was the humility. (PM Lee) comes across as sincere." [Link] Interestingly what comes across as humility and sincerity may just be a mirage after 60% have been conned.

To my fair-minded friends in Singapore, Malaysia and everywhere else, let's not uncork the champaign bottles yet. Unless the law is passed in Malaysia's parliament and the judiciary does its part, we may just be fooked . . . like poor Singaporeans who thought that life would be better after the PM's apology.

I sure hope the PM of Malaysia is more trustworthy than the PM of Singapore. Let's hope he walks the talk ... Lest many will be disappointed again.

And for Singaporeans who think that what was said 20 years [Link] by a 39-year-old-bloke can be trusted, dream on . . .


Sunday, September 11, 2011

PA (And Everything Else in S'pore?) Belongs to PAP. Triple Confirmed!!!


PA grassroots adviser works with the Govt' [Link] Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday defended the practice of appointing candidates from the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) as grassroots advisers for local People's Association (PA) organisations. Referring to the letters written by PA's Director Ooi Hui Mei [Link] and [Link], he said, "I cleared those letters so I think that is the position".

For the life and sanity of Singapore, I can't, I just can't believe this guy! Having admitted and apologised that he's screwed up for the past years for not listening to the ground, this guy now has the audacity to say: "I cleared those letters so I think that is the position"? Just how insincere and weak can one be? Try as I might to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is a good man, he keeps making it difficult for me. Well, can we now conclude that he's just what he claimed to be? Nothing but a Fixer and a Buyer! [Video Link]

This is the guy who is asking us to help him unite and bring solidarity to Singapore with his right politics and the right policies? How? When he keeps scoring his own goals! It is shameful for a man (any man let alone a PM) to sacrifice integrity, fairness, justice and equality to serve his self interest. It is deplorable for a leeder to so blatantly misuse his power (Chairman of PA) to create an uneven playing field to stifle his political opponents. The underhanded way which HDB willy-nilly leased community spaces to PAP members (through PA) in Aljunied/Hougang GRC shows the contempt LHL and his cronies (HDB and PA) have for the residents in Aljunied/Hougang in particular and the populace in general.

Politics may be dirty. But it cannot be so dirty that one has to buy, fix and sell away one's core moral values just to achieve one's despotic ends.

Human makes mistakes. Human has flaws that can be corrected. However, it's nigh impossible to correct the character flaws of a person who has no moral compass.

It is a shame when a despotic politician behaves like a compulsive gambler, a drug addict and/or an alcoholic. In their uncontrollable state, they would even sell their own mother to get their fix.

Singaporeans, we need not repent for voting WP into Aljunied GRC but we may have to for the PM that we have. We need all the luck we can get for the next five years to get unfooked!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shocked And Dafted, Will Joan End Up Like Wei Ling?

Does it hurt a very old man to be haunted by arrogant and heartless decisions he made decades ago? We were told to take our time to say "Yes" to marriage. We were taught to fook with Birth Control Pills, Coitus Interruptus, Condoms, Rhythm Method, etc. We were threatened that we were too poor and too daft to procreate. Lest we get dafter children! Our genes just couldn't make it! Singaporeans were even encouraged to get sterilised like dogs and cats to enjoy financial incentives! Whose fookin' idea was it? Now he wants more babies??? I can't find a better word but to borrow from Jack Lord's Steve MacGarrett of Hawaii-Five-O's famous two words . . . "Fook him!"

Or was it "Book him"?

In the same way that Goh Chok Tong sucker-punched himself by calling his daughter a "quitter" for not residing in Singapore, is Lee Kuan Yew now shooting his own foot by advising Joan Sim not to end up childless like his daughter, Wei Ling?

In a forum at NTU [Link], Joan Sim, 27, asked Ex-MM Lee a question about social cohesiveness. Instead of answering the question, he urged the doctoral student, who is single, to get married and have children soon. Why he had to embarrass the young lady with personal questions like age and relationship status is beyond me. Why can't he just give a straight answer and respect the wish of ladies like his own daughter who wish to remain single and childless? Unless I'm missing some, what has social cohesiveness got to do with sex and babies? Or does 'social cohesion' in new-fangled English mean sex in the fooking sense?

In the same forum, "Pressed by undergraduate Muhammad Farouq Osman, who cited a Straits Times report on how Singapore has a "Third World wage structure, Mr Lee dismissed the report with a laugh, saying: "It is easy for an editor of the Straits times to write that. But if he is in charged of the economic policies and he has to consider the long-term consequences of changing the policy, he will have to think very carefully through it."

He then asked Mr Farouq what he thought should be done for the lower and middle-income groups. When silence ensued, Mr Lee said patiently: "Think over it carefully, then you ask me the question the next time we meet."

Wouldn't it be orgasmic if Farouq answered, "Hey, you the man! You are the expert here fielding the questions. I don't get the obscene millions every year like you do, the bodyguards and the 5 secretaries and office help you get for free! You asking me?" Yes, it would be priceless if Farouq had retorted . . . like what Reuter's Melanie Lee did! [Link]

Why are NTU students so easily bullied by ex-MM who is past his best-by-date. I don't understand why they asked questions of an old man and ended up being made fools of without doing the slightest to protect their self esteem and honour! Or is getting ridiculed by ex-MM in front of a 1700 audience equivalent to receiving a badge of honour? Are they masochists to please the sadist? Or is NTU Students' Union, part of NTUC? Part of PAP? To glorify the man at any price . . . before he bites the dust?

I hope not. I honestly think that Farouq and Joan are young decent Singaporeans doing right, asking pertinent questions that impact the well-being of all Singaporeans. It is just unfortunate that the man fielding the questions is an arrogant, callous bullying prick.

There was a write-up on the same shit that happened 2 years ago at NUS [Link]

May be what the old man said is correct: "We haven't been brighter as a population; we have become more educated, that's all". Is that why we have MPs like Kate Spade in Marine Parade and Kee Chiu in Tanjong Pagar!

I simply don't understand why NTUSU and other organisations enjoy inviting this old man. To get more publicity, more eyeballs? Like his son who left him out of the Cabinet, why not let the old man walk into the sunset with honour and respect. Why let him cause havoc to his stature as an ex-statesman by belittling others and losing self-respect for himself? In the same breath that he described university graduates as educated but not bright, would one describe him as a brightly educated and experienced old man who is past his use-by-date?

I do not understand what the Ex-PM-Ex-SM-Ex-MM wishes to achieve by scoring against the young ones in such condescending and reprimanding manner? He did his son and George Yeo (and other ex-PAP Aljunied MPs) no good when he threatened residents of Aljunied GRC that they will have to repent for the next five years if they voted WP. The residents have decisively voted against his wish! Residents there have cocked him a snook which he so richly deserves!

"So being politically aware after the election means you just got excited for the election and voted for one party or the other does not mean you are politically aware. If you are politically aware, your vote must have been much wiser." [Link] So the 40% in the May GE were daft while the 35% in the recent PE were wise?

Oops, excuse me while I go repent in my daftiness . . .

What is written above is meant to tickle your funnybones. Now comes the serious part: My grandparents and parents taught me that respect cannot be commanded. You need to work and earn it. "Bo Tua Bo Suay" works both ways. "Being old" does not equate to "being wise, respected or honoured". Hubris, contempt for the less endowed, false pride, insensitivity and senior age do not make one "old and wise". Locking up one's opponents without trial for decades does not make one "old and wise". Writing memoir after memoir in whatever language to validate one's being does not make one "old and wise". Ultimately, we die. The legacy one leaves behind is left to the perception and interpretation of each individual who cares enough to seek. Most don't even give a fook!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

PA Belongs To PAP. Double Confirm??

The People's Association's (PA) logo is one continuous motif, representing racial harmony and social cohesion of all Singaporeans from various ethnic backgrounds coming together as one communityIS

In justifying the appointment of only PAP members to be grassroots leaders/advisors of PA, Ooi Hui Mei's first replied on behalf of PA's Chief Executive Director, Yam Ah Mee [Link]. She's now deeper in the sewage trying to mitigate the damage by replying on behalf PA's Deputy Chairman, Lim Swee Say. [Link] As it confirms (double confirm?) that we are paying taxes for PA to help PAP divide and rule Singapore, I doubt she'll write another piece on behalf of the Chairman of PA, Lee Hsien Loong. Though I had expected LHL to stand up as a PM to do right by correcting the untenable position of PA, the sound of silence from him is deafening!

By using the good name of "Deputy Chairman", Mei has worked "faster and better" to make the image of PA and PAP "cheaper"! Is she doing it because she receives CPF Statement every month like her boss Swee Say? [Link]
If the 2 replies from Ooi Hui Mei on behalf of Yam Ah Mee and Lim Swee Say speak volumes of People's Association's "Integrity", it speaks worse of PAP!

Another PA Member, Chan Chun Sing said in ST (4 Sept 2011), "We must remember not to plant stakes in the ground to circumscribe others' actions. We must constantly work to enlarge and defend the common space that we all enjoy today." He cautioned, "Peace and stability not a given. Need to ensure polarisation of beliefs, globalised economy and social media do not threaten harmony." It is a crying shame that he and his keeps flogging the idea that the social media threaten the peace and harmony of Singapore. Why are they so blind to the fact that it's the bullying, the unfairness, the injustice and the fear-mongering created by PAP that's creating the divide! The use of tax payers' money in PA to serve the selfish political ends of PAP is one stark example of the hubris, the bullying and the injustice!
For what it is worth, it's good to note that courageous political victims, especially the elders, are no longer afraid to stand up to face their nemesis. I salute Said Zahari, Tan Jin Quee, Francis Seow, Vincent Cheng, Teo Soh Lung and many others who have stated the facts and the ills inflicted upon them. With their revelations in books and videos, Singaporeans are enlightened. That power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! I also salute Martyn See for his undying effort in waking up Singaporeans with his videos and research in his blog Singapore Rebel.

Where courage is concerned, I also salute Dr Lim Hock Siew [Link]. President Tony Tan has yet to preserve his good name from Dr Lim's challenge. Then again, Patrick's 12-year-NS-disruption has done much to denigrate the President's reputation. Silence to some means consent. To others, silence is the best defence! Just shut the fook up and pray and hope that the social media do not bring it up again.

On 10:13 of this video [Link] we learn from Dr Lim Hock Siew of the "cruel and inhumane deception ... and vindictiveness of the tyrant, Lee Kuan Yew...". With the silence from Lee Kuan Yew and Tony Tan, do we conclude that Dr Lim Hock Siew and hundreds other detainees were nothing more than examples (sacrificial lambs) set forth to frighten righteous citizens from doing right? From articulating (in blogs, coffeeshops, pantry rooms or otherwise) about the injustice, the pseudo-democracy, the decaying 'anything-for-money' and 'sell-your-soul-to-the-PAP-devil' state of sycophancy in Singapore?

Thank goodness, more Singaporeans are no longer afraid to tell it like it is and vote according to their conscience!


I REFER to Thursday's letters ('PA must stay neutral' by Mr Chong Yew Mun; and 'Why are PA's appointed advisers exclusively from the PAP?' by Mr Tan Si An), as well as recent letters relating to the issue of neutrality of the People's Association (PA).
The Government appreciates the public's interest in the role of the PA and the considerations in appointing advisers.
Our priority is to fulfil the PA's mission of building social capital. PA connects people to people as well as people and government. As a statutory board, it performs its duties in accordance with the policies of the elected government of the day. Like other public sector organisations, the PA is not involved in party-political activities.
To fulfil its mission, the PA and the grassroots organisations gather public feedback to help improve policies and initiatives, and explain government policies and programmes to citizens, so that they can benefit from them. The PA and the grassroots organisations also help to implement government social programmes for social cohesion and social safety nets.
Advisers to grassroots organisations guide them in carrying out these functions. It is not possible to appoint opposition MPs as advisers, because we cannot ask opposition MPs to help the Government to connect better with the people.
Nor can we reasonably expect them to help the Government explain, implement or improve its policies. This is especially true of policies which they oppose, such as restructuring our tax system when we introduced the goods and services tax, and relying on ComCare instead of unconditional welfare.
However, the Government does involve the MP, whether People's Action Party or opposition, when he has a role to play, such as on town council matters and HDB upgrading projects, where the MP has substantial and important responsibilities.
Ministries also keep all elected MPs informed of developments which are relevant to their work, such as change of bus routes or payment of U-Save rebates.
This way, even if the adviser is not the MP, the two will complement each other in serving residents and the community, despite any differences in their political views, principles and philosophy.

Ooi Hui Mei (Ms)
Director, Corporate Communications
On behalf of Deputy Chairman
People's Association