Saturday, January 21, 2012

PAP's Debacle - An Exercise In Fooltility.

If they are not going to let it rest, they will embarrass and hurt themselves further.

The Ministerial Salary Review followed by Parliamentary Debate recently is a debacle for PAP. It shows that PAP members, especially the newer ones, did not do much except to "make an appearance" to be seen and heard. Most of them, not all, tried to defend the indefensible; to say what is expected to be said; to defend one's boss and party for self-preservation!

In saying that it is a privilege rather than a sacrifice to serve the people of Singapore, regardless of the salary, Workers' Party's Chen Show Mao hammered home the excesses, arrogance, callousness and hubris of PAP. In highlighting the stupidity of "inflating a minister's salary, then giving it a discount of 40%" to show the artificial "graciousness" and "sacrifice" of PAP Ministers, Chen Show Mao has put PAP to shame; to silence! It is dense, damn stupid, of PAP MPs and Ministers to not (or try not to) understand where Chen Show Mao is coming from.

The nitpicking and bullying of less experienced by PAP is not putting PAP in a good light. However, Gerald's and Jenn Jong's baptism of fire has put them in a good stead with their sincerity and honesty and respect for the house. Pritam was unshakeable and was able to paint himself out of a corner even the mean DPM (watch his face in the video [Link]) and Puthucheary tried to corner Pritam simultaneously [Link] shows that there is hope yet for a 1st World Parliament in the country I was born in and too poor to get away from.

However shamed and silenced, PAP had to make some noise to salvage some respectability. In so doing, we see PAP MPs like Puthu [Link] and Vikram going through the motion in parliament to justify their annual allowance of $192,500. For the effort that Gerald Giam puts in, though he's a NMP (NCMP?), please note that Gerald Giam is only paid a $28,900 annual allowance. Compared this to the 'sacrificial belly aching' of BG Tan Chuan-Jin [Link], you'll be stumped!

With all that has happened so far, PM Lee may be regretting the futility of it all. In one fell swoop, he reduced members of his cabinet members to "poorer millionaires". Worser (thanks to what I have learned from Lim Swee Say), he has made them "lose face" especially MsGraceFU and BG Tan Chuan-Jin.

We now have Lawrence Wong, PAP Publicity and Publications Sub-Committee Chairman, calling on Workers' Party to explain to the public its change of stance on ministerial salary [ST 21 January 2012]. Pardon my language but I can't resist my alcohol spirited retort. "Yo, what about the fooking change of stance of PAP? You Pappy fookers paid yourselves millions (plus added obscene pensions to boot) since 2007, after increasing GST, to hurt the poorest of the poor. After saying sorry and all that shit, why the fook did you change your stance, after 2011 Election, to ask Gerrard Ee and Co. to come up with a Salary Review with fookin' restrictive terms of reference?. Bro, never throw stones whilst living in a glass house! You on grass, Ecstacy or what?"

Now having got it off my chest, I must say if Loong is not going to reign in his barking/lapping dogs like Lawrence, he is going to pay and pay (PAP) big time! Singaporeans are fooking sick and tired of the deprecating and patronizing attitude of the Pappy leeders and their cronies.

Baby, we are 'daft' no more! We are sick and tired, very very sick and tired of the game you are playing on us. A good example is the bleeding belly-aching of your fookin' sacrifice [Link]. It has reached the point of causing nausea and ulcerative colitis to many Singaporeans!

If PAP is not going to resist and desist in its hypocrisy, its bullying and "cho hee" [wayanging/play acting], the Chinese saying of: "A fortune will not last 3 generations" will come to pass. In PAP, we had Lee Kuan Yew, we had Goh Chok Tong, we now have Lee Hsien Loong - Father, Son and Holey Goh? Sooner or later, 2016 or after, the Lee Marble Dynasty [LeeGohLee Dynasty], like all dynasties, will disintegrate.

Meanwhile, for the benefit of Lawrence and his ilk, may I humbly suggest that an exercise in futility is a fools' work. Like the Review of Capable and Competent Ministers' Salary that has come to naught, we now know that ministers are losers for having earned less than previously and commoners are losers for having learnt that there is no minimum wage for themselves but a maximum wage for PAP ministers!

Instead of scoring points to please ourselves and our boss, would it be more fulfilling to do what is right, what is honest, what is truth, what is pure, what is charitable to one and all, especially our fellow citizens?

I don't know.

But we can try in the year of the dragon!

But will the hubristic PAP try?

Your guess is as good as mine.

May the Dragon of the Year Love And Take Good Care Of You!



At January 22, 2012 at 4:50 AM , Anonymous ape said...

May the new year brings you more good health!

At January 22, 2012 at 5:09 AM , Anonymous Nick said...

Mr Fish,

Great piece of writing. Incisive and beautifully expressed. Reading everything about the wayang show on the ministerial salary review from a distance of half a globe away, I still feel the same sense of gall in my chest. The speeches, bearings, character and substance
of those PAP chaps are no more than that of some high-school boys and girls I have seen on TV in the old days when I was in Singapore.
Singapore, when compared to the rest of the world, is no more than a small city, not even a province or a state. How difficult can it be to run such a small city? The basic software ( policies, institutions, infrastructure,etc) had been designed, planned and put in place by the early pioneers like Dr Goh Keng Swee & Co who worked so hard for a fraction of the salary and pension without complaint. The current crop of politicians just simply have to go auto-pilot- if you don't do or change anything, no wrong can be attributed to you; but if mishaps happen, blame it on the old policies, "mother nature" and/or complacent Singaporeans.
With no obvious public accomplishments to most of their names,how can they deserve millions?

At January 22, 2012 at 1:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There so many problem singapore is facing YET mps are talking about money and not work IT IS nearly 8 month so far no improvement in SMRT,PUB,people are suffering PAP U WILL ANSWER IN 5 YEARS TIME

At January 22, 2012 at 6:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post indeed.

Lest we forget, it is only because they are air-heads and ass-heards that the PAP would make them its 'behind-door" ('aw-bay-merng') MPs.

You see, if the PAP gets truly intellectual, good and sincere MPs into the chamber, they would be without their court JESTERS and FOOLS to do the necessary maligning of the opposition to cover up and to side track issues at critical points. The PAP cannot afford MPs with integrity -the is the prime reason why it has found it hard to recruit.

At January 23, 2012 at 9:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are you so afraid that he is telling the truth ?

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