Saturday, March 8, 2008

And the Wayang Continues. . .

Don't say I want to rant, but for the sake of my heart, my doctor always advises that I should rant. The art of letting go may add a few more years to my life, he said.

He added that the added years are best not spent in ISD or being interrogated like brave Martyn See for his artistic work though :)

After so many days of deafening silence, at last, MM Lee blames complacency for JI leader's escape in the Straits Times of 8 March 2008.

Walau eh, our MM can release more information from Manama (mana ini?) than our Home Team Boss who is at where the action is. Interestingly, Wong Kan Seng sang about 'security lapse' and now LKY blames 'complacency'.

Who's complacency? Well, it's the custodian's, stupid!

So who the heck is the custodian? The Gurkha guard, the OC of Whitley Detention Camp, the Home Affairs Minister or who? Or the whole ging gang band of expensive elites?

Who knows?

All I know is while defending the obscene ministers' salary increase, the MM said that a "dose of bad government" may make Singaporeans realise their good fortune of having ministars at "bargain" prices.

Who would expect to get this "dose of bad government" of "complacency" and "security lapse" so soon after the last salary increase of up to $3.7million.

I guess the current salary we are paying is still not good enough for our elite ministers to perform well.

Next we must be prepared, be very prepared for our "mother, wife, daughters and grand-daughters to be maids in other countries soon"!

Up salary again for ministers?

I'd say: Up yours!!!!!!

Mr Lee said that the escape showed that Singapore is not infallible.
'It shows that it is a fallacy, it is stupid to believe we are infallible. We are not infallible. One mistake and we've got a big explosive in our midst. So let's not take this lightly,' he said

It is stupid to believe that we are infallible? Yes, it also very stupid to have an overbearing pride and arrogance. This episode has Mas Selamat Jalan shoving a huge dose of humble pie up theirs! One mistake? Whose mistake is it anyway?

Yes, maybe a dose of 'return hit' and 'a big explosive in our midst' that maims and kills innocent Singaporeans can teach our elite ministars that peak salary demands peak performance?

God forbids! As much as I do not want my female relatives to be maids in other countries, I also don't want deaths and mayhem in Singapore.

It's time some elites humble down and bite the bullet. With sincerity, I hope.

If they want to eat gold and drink liquid diamond daily ( I mean what the hell can they do with so much money), please go ahead. But please lah, don't always dumb us down with stupid statements/replies as if Singaporeans are a bunch of nincompoops!

Or are we? Maybe, with the perpetual brainwashing from the MSM :)

Seriously though, this may sound mean but 80+ year old grandma would say Tien Yo Yen ( Heaven Got Eyes)

Hubris cannot last forever.

Whoever you are, which ever station in life you are in, you have to pay.

It's Pay Back Time!

Or is it MC Hammer's HammerTime?

It'll be nice if Mr Brown can lighten us up again with a new dig :)



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