Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is this for real?

If this middle finger is for real, let's just be kind to The Animal!

Why does one tries like hell, (with statistics?) every year in the month of the hungry ghosts, to glorify oneself, telling how much one and one’s rich elite party has done and will do for Sinkies!

Yes, every 7 moon of the lunar year, we need to feed the hungry ghosts. In the same month, the son of the father also needs to feed his bloody hungry ego and draw himself a 10/10 report card for the whole world to see!

While most are sick and tired of his annual “mee siam mai hum”, he still tries very hard to be a comedian. The one on “I (Govt) Not Stupid” was really stupid! The one on “Stop At 2″ really takes the cake! One up on his dad?

Then again, for $3.1million per annum (or is it $3.7M), he needs to show that that he is working harder and better than Bob Hope, Jerry Seinfeld, The 3 Stooges and George Bush put together.

With the ‘arrogance, greed and fear breeding” of the leaders followed by the veneered “msm knows best’ & “carry boss’s bollocks and looking down on you peasants” reporting, we have created a culture and a “to each is own, dog eat dog, don’t mess with, but support PAP (even if you hate them)” mentality for most. A gracious society in Singapore? Tan Gu Gu (Wait Long Long)!

Look at the smile and finger of PM; the way the ministers talk down to the people (Eg. Bargain Hen’s insult of 55’s not being able to handle their own money with “a fling here and a fling there” and Lim Sway Says “increase pay of workers increases inflation” crap) and you’ll know what I mean.

Where money talks all the time with this greedy bunch, we need to ‘Tan Gu Gu’ for a Gracious and Polite S’porean Singapore.

The rally speech was nothing more than ”Chui kong, lumpar song!”. For the benefit of those not into Hokien dialect, it means ” Mouth speaks, testicles (bollocks) feel good!”

Another buying and fixing scheme?

And as admitted from the horse's mouth, it's his job!




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