Friday, September 12, 2008

Dow Jones, WSJA welcome to the club! Looks like I'm not the only one being screwed!

Excuse me, but lately, I'm just so dazed and confused.

First I read that the PTA has allowed the transport companies to play it again. "Bus and train fares up on October 1"Just what do they mean when they wrote, "
Adult EZ-Link fares on buses and trains and the senior citizen concession EZ-Link fare, will see a flat increase of 4 cents per ride. However, this will be offset by the 15-cent increase in transfer rebate from the current 25 cents to 40 cents.

Public transport operators have also decided that they will bear 10 cents out of the 15-cent increase in the transfer rebate.

Therefore, fares for most adult or senior citizen concession journeys will see a range of adjustments, from an increase of 4 cents for a direct journey with no transfer, to a reduction of 7 cents for a journey with one transfer."

Please give me a break.
What WTF is going on? So am I better off or worse off? Am I being fooled again like they did me with my CPF when I was 55? U can't touch this!!!

They'll do anything, just anything, to achieve their damned goals - $,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$....... Money for nothing and chicks for free! Worse than pop stars, without blistering their little fingers, they'd use whatever deception or justification to add more profits to their Co. and their own pockets. Then again, I can't blame them as the culture is set by the most powerful people in this little red dot. Ministers, who else? The poor and the down and out? Just suck them dry baby!

How much am I losing out this round? I waiting for Mr Leong Sze Hian or some other knowledgeable kind soul to help me out here.

Then I read that the AG is to sue Dow Jones, WSJA

So the politicians are not suing? It's now the AG Chambers who's doing their national service, keeping the whiter than white reputation of my little red dot. Just how grateful can I be with such loyalty? If you listen to the exchanges or read the transcripts of the TokKong Case of 2008 between the Lee's and Chee's
, you'll find your own conclusion. You may also come to know why I's so dazed and confused!

If they are guarding my interest, why am I losing confidence? Who's attacking who?

Just who is in contempt and who are those who are really contemptible?

Your answer is as good as mine.


SINGAPORE’S Attorney-General is seeking to sue the editors of The Wall Street Journal Asia (WSJA) and the newspaper’s owner, Dow Jones Publishing, over two stories and a letter on the city-state’s judiciary.
In a statement on its website, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said it has applied for court permission to start contempt-of-court proceedings against Dow Jones, Ms Christine Glancey, WSJA’s managing editor, and Mr Daniel Hertzberg, editor of the international edition.
According to the statement, the articles and letter “impugn the impartiality, integrity and independence of the Singapore Judiciary”, by alleging that the judiciary was not independent and insinuating that it was “biased and lacks integrity”.
The pieces in question are the article “Democracy in Singapore” (June 26), a letter from Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan headlined “Produce the Transcript, Show the Truth” (July 9) and the article “Judging Singapore’s Judiciary” (July 15).
The AGC noted that these were published at a time when the Far Eastern Economic Review, “a ‘sister publication’ of the WSJA”, was defending a defamation action in Singapore.
“An unwarranted attack against the integrity, impartiality and independence of the Singapore Judiciary is an assault on the Rule of Law in Singapore,” said the AGC. It was fundamental to the administration of justice “that disappointed litigants or persons with a particular philosophy or agenda should not undermine the authority of the courts.”
Stressing the importance of not undermining the public’s confidence in the integrity and independence of the courts, the AGC said, the Attorney-General “as guardian of the public interest” has the responsibility to institute contempt proceedings when these are attacked.
According to AP, representatives of Dow Jones and AWSJ could not be immediately reached for comment. Channel News Asia


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