Friday, July 3, 2009

Will H1N1 feed me to the fish?

First, I'd like to thank my readers who enquire about my wellbeing after I've stopped blogging for about 2 months. For the benefit of those who read and commented on my last post [link], please be informed that the article was actually written on 29 May but only posted on 29 June 2009 with some update.

Lately, apart from the H1N1, the other news that attracted my attention includes:
  • The one who defended Chee Soon Juan has left us too soon.
  • The one with the Moon Walk writes, sings and dances no more.
  • One of my favourite angels has gone to join the real angels.
Rest In Peace - Anthony Yeo, Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett.

Through what I've read from his articles and books and those who know him, Mr Anthony Yeo's not a very 'Singaporean' Singaporean. He took the road less traveled by being himself without fear or favour to the power that is. I strongly recommend everyone to read what he wrote here [must read link]. His guts in defending Chee Soon Juan whom LKY and CLH consider "seow" (and wishes everybody will treat) as a "psycopath'' is something worthy of my respect.

While reading again another article he wrote on the subject of the 'graciousness' of local politicians [another must read link], I'm saddened that his life has been cut short before he sees his dream come true.

These letters from Sam's thought blog [link] shows Anthony's thoughts on various social issues. I look up to him for what he stood for and his courage to tell it like it is. The only thing I have in common with Mr Anthony Yeo is we choose to be fedtothefish.

Meanwhile, I've been dazed and confused by the directives given by various ministries and ministers and their spokesperson onH1N1. The different games played out by the various 'top guns' are simply amazing!

I've been told yesterday that a fitness class that I'm supposed to attend is canceled due to H1N1. On the other hand, I've been told by Mintster Vivian Balakrishnan to help him cheer on his AYG Singapore team at the various sports venues.

Just which direction are we heading?

Exercise class not allowed but gather in big crowd to cheer and scream for Singapore's AYG team strongly encouraged?

So, which is which?

On a personal note, based on the advice of MOH, due to my heart condition, my chance of getting whacked by H1N1 is much higher than the average Joe.

With the current confusion of some H1N1 cases being treated at clinic, some at hospital and some at home and whatever; some entitled to expired Tamiflu drugs and others not, let's hope that H1N1 is kind to us and not feedustothefish before our time is due



At July 5, 2009 at 3:38 PM , Anonymous money for nothing said...

Eventually we all become "dust in the wind", except those like Anthony Yeo are remembered for the right reasons. This to me is the ultimate prize. cheers Mr. Fish

At July 7, 2009 at 4:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am more concerned about the 82 swines turning this island into their private playground than H1N1.

It is a lot harder to get rid of the real swines than H1N1 !

At July 11, 2009 at 11:02 PM , Anonymous famiLee virus said...

H1N1 cannot wack as hard as PAP and their policies, quite similar to cancer.

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