Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meritocracy in Singapore?

I read Rachel at and I had to write to her.

Hi Rachel,
I have been watching the local wayang for 50 years since I was a kid at 7. I must say it's 'same shit, different time'! I like your take on the comparison between Ching Cheong of ST (accused in China) and Mas Selamat (accused in S'pore). Guess it's the same shit again, "If you're not with me. you're with the terrorists!"

What's terrorism anyway? If the definition is "achieving your political goals without any concern for the loss of lives and sufferings of innocents" then the Jihadists are not the only ones. The innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan are the victims of another form of terrorism. If we take a step further, Mr Chia Thye Poh was a victim of terrorism. He was terrorized for 31 years of his life?

Don't you love the latest spin at

Well, only a first world minister can come up with such a lovely spin still hold on to his million $,$$$,$$$ job. Yes, even after the team has screwed up big time!

Talk is so damn cheap! If there's meritocracy, this blighter would have been sacked! We are still listening to him singing song and talking cock.

And I thought Wong Can't Sing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A replacement for Singapore's Most Wanted

Unless he's caught, news of the above will slowly but surely be replaced by Rijal Yadri bin Jumari, 27. According to the ministry, the JI leadership sent Rijal to Afghanistan in 2000 to undergo military training at al Qaeda's Camp Farouq in Kandahar and also at a training facility in Kabul at the arrangement of al Qaeda.

"His training included weapons-handling, explosives, surveillance and guerrilla warfare. Rijal met Osama bin Laden on a number of occasions," the ministry said.

He must be about 20 when he was in training. Wow, most guys in Singapore at that age would be doing full-time NS, but Rijal was doing the real thing at Afghanistan! I cannot believe that Osama had time for this recruit? It's just like I met Goh Keng Swee on a number of occasions when I was a recruit in 1 SIR. Yes, pigs do fly, my mother is the Queen of England and if PM's salary is less than $3,100,000.00, our Singapore women will become maids in other people's countries! Incredible!

As much as I can laugh at the silliness of it all, I am most concerned with the way they are calling the shots. With their whims and fancies, they can just pick anybody up, throw some accusations at them and lock them up for good with a Detention Order. Now anybody visiting certain internet sites too often can be accused of being "self-radicalised" and can end up at Whitley Detention Centre! Wow, ISD is such an Emperor's tool! Who would want it give it up?

Mr Wong Kan Seng said of Self Radicalisation at the Community Engagement Programme recently ... the new phenomenon threatening the world is that of self-radicalised, self-inducted home-grown terrorists.

These are impressionable persons who in the course of their exposure to radical rhetoric typically through the Internet, become enamoured with terrorist ideology. They are not unintelligent people but they are misguided to feel a connection with the political cause espoused by such radicals as it is dressed in religious garb. Their emotions are stoked by stories of atrocities against others of the community. They feel obliged to do something about this and they are urged to fight and kill oppressors to defend the religion and its global community. Our Muslim religious leaders have responded robustly to such distortions and have moved to counter the influence of such radical sources.

Or should everybody be guided by local msm like CNA and ST and be captivated by the rhetoric and never ending spins of the local newsmakers like this while Mas Selamat is still missing? Why keep scoring own goals?

By the way, Pakistan and Afghanistan is not a good place to visit. Look at alleged DIY Radical Abdul Basheer Abdul Kader, the RI and NJC schooled lawyer who was detained last year?

Will Rijal and/or Abdul Basheer end up like Chia Thye Poh detained for 3 decades without a fair trial? Or will it be like the Catholic Marxists?

With the alleged escape of Mas, I hope they will allow Rijal to use the toilet and not demean him with a bed pan when he needs to urinate and defecate.

So where's Mas Selamat now?

*** No worries, reading this blog won't get you radicalised! ***

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tak Boleh Tahan - CASE can SDP cannot.

I'm grateful to Andrew Loh of onlinecitizen for posting the latest on the "Tak Boleh Tahan" World Consumers' Rights Day protest.

Of all the placards carried, I can relate to the above most. O$P$. Unlock it and give it back to the rightful owners!

My frustration with CPF and arrogant mintsters started here. After my enquiry on why I can't use the $30,000 locked in my Medisave for my healthcare, they now tell me I can use my Medisave for outpatient treatment on the following conditions:

For every bill, I must
1. Pay a cash sum of $30 first (Deductible)
2. Pay another 15% of balance of bill ( Co-Insurance)
3. Maximum withdrawal of $300 per year.

What eats me and prevent me from improving my cardiac condition :( is that everytime I go get my statins, ace inhibitors, beta blockers and blood thinners, I need to pay an Administration Fee of $3 plus to the Extortionists. Who's bloody money is it anyway?

With clever legislations, the extortionists forced me to surrender my money to them. Now they tax me for using my owned hard earn money when I need to buy drugs and see doctors!

Sorry I digressed. Back to World Consumers' Rights Day. From the video, I can empathise with the poor cop. I guess it tough to be arrowed into this particular duty. Or are the perks and pay worth the ignominy?

I wonder the mainstream media will touch on the exciting news today. Hey, they show them when it happenes in Malaysia, Burma and now even in Tibet. First world Singapore must catch up too! Maybe some coverage with video like above from CNN may bring some mainstream media credibility so badly needed to improve our 141th position.

It'll be interesting to see the 'legal' protest by CASE tomorrow.

Definitely not painfully accurate placards as these.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Have television sets and handphones in jail"

"Just like any other place"?

With such national embarrassment, do we still need snide remarks like this to disparage our Indonesian and Philippines Asean neighbours?

So first class . . . so very $3.7 million remark!

And I can't help being amazed by the smirk when it's being mentioned by none other than the $3.7million man.

Can you beat that?

As if "Mee Siam Mai Hum" and "Fix Opposition and Buy Votes" aren't enough?

Well, maybe TV's and handphones may end up as standard kits in Whitley Road Detention Centre after this Great Limp Escape :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Wayang and the Lame Joke Continues. . .

I'm grateful to Joel Tan for making me feel good learning English vocabulary.

I love the language used in Don’t Give Us Crap!!

I read The Question of Mas Selamat And The ISD and I thank the writer for reminding us of Chia Thye Poh & Marxist Catholics.

Er. . . Catholics believe in Marxism? I thought they believe in God.

Yes, the fear.

The fear of being present at the concourse between Parliament House and the Singapore River at 2pm this Saturday, 15 March 2007 :)

The fear of being caught in a group of four. Or is it five?

"Wong Kan Seng says no to rally against price hikes but SDP to proceed" "We ask all Singaporeans who cannot stomach PAP's bullying anymore to join us this Saturday."
Singapore Democrats
10 Mar 08

Is it going to be a repeat of this?


Well, it depends on which side you are on and which day you happen to be there.

Must it always be a case of
"If you are not with me, you don't get HDB upgrade"
or is it
"If you are not with me, you are with the terrorist"?

As the lame has not caught up with the limp (oops, I mean Home Team has not caught Mas Kastari), I bet some brave folks will be blamed by some fat cats of being irresponsible and disloyal to Singapore for spreading our security forces too thin this Saturday.

Yes, the lame joke continues. . . so does the Wayang!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wayang Episode 2

With the shit still hitting the ceiling

we still hear of rich ministers telling us

1. How they do their best to make FT's stay
2. Let's continue to support US effort in Iraq & Afghanistan
3. Mas selamat jalan because of security lapse
4. Mas selamat jalan because of complacency
5. "This was a lapse, what to do? it's happened." Mas Selamat maseh jalan

Next, they may tell me that Mr Mas Selamat Kastari is actually Mr David Copperfield also known as Criss Angel aka David Blaine aka Phey Yew Kok! Yes, the COI may just tell us so.

While the wayang continues, does anyone give a thought to the family members of Mr Mas Selamat Kastari?

If I were a child of Mas, I would ask The ISD, "You took my father away. As he's under your detention, are you not responsible for his safety? How can you be so careless as to let him disappear? Can you please bring him back?"

Similarly, how would your feel if you were the wife of Tang Liang Hong or even the young children of Chee Soon Juan who keeps getting locked up in Queenstown Prison.

Well, some would say they deserve the punishment and incarceration. But do they?

Let there be Peace, Harmony and less Bullshit.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

And the Wayang Continues. . .

Don't say I want to rant, but for the sake of my heart, my doctor always advises that I should rant. The art of letting go may add a few more years to my life, he said.

He added that the added years are best not spent in ISD or being interrogated like brave Martyn See for his artistic work though :)

After so many days of deafening silence, at last, MM Lee blames complacency for JI leader's escape in the Straits Times of 8 March 2008.

Walau eh, our MM can release more information from Manama (mana ini?) than our Home Team Boss who is at where the action is. Interestingly, Wong Kan Seng sang about 'security lapse' and now LKY blames 'complacency'.

Who's complacency? Well, it's the custodian's, stupid!

So who the heck is the custodian? The Gurkha guard, the OC of Whitley Detention Camp, the Home Affairs Minister or who? Or the whole ging gang band of expensive elites?

Who knows?

All I know is while defending the obscene ministers' salary increase, the MM said that a "dose of bad government" may make Singaporeans realise their good fortune of having ministars at "bargain" prices.

Who would expect to get this "dose of bad government" of "complacency" and "security lapse" so soon after the last salary increase of up to $3.7million.

I guess the current salary we are paying is still not good enough for our elite ministers to perform well.

Next we must be prepared, be very prepared for our "mother, wife, daughters and grand-daughters to be maids in other countries soon"!

Up salary again for ministers?

I'd say: Up yours!!!!!!

Mr Lee said that the escape showed that Singapore is not infallible.
'It shows that it is a fallacy, it is stupid to believe we are infallible. We are not infallible. One mistake and we've got a big explosive in our midst. So let's not take this lightly,' he said

It is stupid to believe that we are infallible? Yes, it also very stupid to have an overbearing pride and arrogance. This episode has Mas Selamat Jalan shoving a huge dose of humble pie up theirs! One mistake? Whose mistake is it anyway?

Yes, maybe a dose of 'return hit' and 'a big explosive in our midst' that maims and kills innocent Singaporeans can teach our elite ministars that peak salary demands peak performance?

God forbids! As much as I do not want my female relatives to be maids in other countries, I also don't want deaths and mayhem in Singapore.

It's time some elites humble down and bite the bullet. With sincerity, I hope.

If they want to eat gold and drink liquid diamond daily ( I mean what the hell can they do with so much money), please go ahead. But please lah, don't always dumb us down with stupid statements/replies as if Singaporeans are a bunch of nincompoops!

Or are we? Maybe, with the perpetual brainwashing from the MSM :)

Seriously though, this may sound mean but 80+ year old grandma would say Tien Yo Yen ( Heaven Got Eyes)

Hubris cannot last forever.

Whoever you are, which ever station in life you are in, you have to pay.

It's Pay Back Time!

Or is it MC Hammer's HammerTime?

It'll be nice if Mr Brown can lighten us up again with a new dig :)


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mas Selamat

Selamat tengah hari,

It’s amazing that after 3 days, limping Mas is still at large.

Actually who is this Mas Selamat Kastari?

Are we looking for
Or him?

Yes, him

With what's happened so far, Mas must have skills as good as John Rambo to survive and escape recapture so far.

Let's see when the wayang ends.

Let there be peace and safety in Singapore.

And hopefully, equality, democracy and justice for all!

Yes, even in Singapore, hope springs eternal . . .