Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A replacement for Singapore's Most Wanted

Unless he's caught, news of the above will slowly but surely be replaced by Rijal Yadri bin Jumari, 27. According to the ministry, the JI leadership sent Rijal to Afghanistan in 2000 to undergo military training at al Qaeda's Camp Farouq in Kandahar and also at a training facility in Kabul at the arrangement of al Qaeda.

"His training included weapons-handling, explosives, surveillance and guerrilla warfare. Rijal met Osama bin Laden on a number of occasions," the ministry said.

He must be about 20 when he was in training. Wow, most guys in Singapore at that age would be doing full-time NS, but Rijal was doing the real thing at Afghanistan! I cannot believe that Osama had time for this recruit? It's just like I met Goh Keng Swee on a number of occasions when I was a recruit in 1 SIR. Yes, pigs do fly, my mother is the Queen of England and if PM's salary is less than $3,100,000.00, our Singapore women will become maids in other people's countries! Incredible!

As much as I can laugh at the silliness of it all, I am most concerned with the way they are calling the shots. With their whims and fancies, they can just pick anybody up, throw some accusations at them and lock them up for good with a Detention Order. Now anybody visiting certain internet sites too often can be accused of being "self-radicalised" and can end up at Whitley Detention Centre! Wow, ISD is such an Emperor's tool! Who would want it give it up?

Mr Wong Kan Seng said of Self Radicalisation at the Community Engagement Programme recently ... the new phenomenon threatening the world is that of self-radicalised, self-inducted home-grown terrorists.

These are impressionable persons who in the course of their exposure to radical rhetoric typically through the Internet, become enamoured with terrorist ideology. They are not unintelligent people but they are misguided to feel a connection with the political cause espoused by such radicals as it is dressed in religious garb. Their emotions are stoked by stories of atrocities against others of the community. They feel obliged to do something about this and they are urged to fight and kill oppressors to defend the religion and its global community. Our Muslim religious leaders have responded robustly to such distortions and have moved to counter the influence of such radical sources.

Or should everybody be guided by local msm like CNA and ST and be captivated by the rhetoric and never ending spins of the local newsmakers like this while Mas Selamat is still missing? Why keep scoring own goals?

By the way, Pakistan and Afghanistan is not a good place to visit. Look at alleged DIY Radical Abdul Basheer Abdul Kader, the RI and NJC schooled lawyer who was detained last year?

Will Rijal and/or Abdul Basheer end up like Chia Thye Poh detained for 3 decades without a fair trial? Or will it be like the Catholic Marxists?

With the alleged escape of Mas, I hope they will allow Rijal to use the toilet and not demean him with a bed pan when he needs to urinate and defecate.

So where's Mas Selamat now?

*** No worries, reading this blog won't get you radicalised! ***


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