Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is this a challenge or what?

I was informed of this challenge after what I wrote about Chees vs Lees on my previous post.

What's posted below is extracted from

In terms of guts and and taking on the big guns, I've not seen anything like this in Singapore for a long time.

With so much talk on integrity, one wonders what the response will be.

Happy reading!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is Gopalan Nair in Singapore today, May 29, 2008. I have been in Singapore since May 25, 2008, and staying now at Broadway Hotel, Room 708, 195 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218067.

I am deliberately stating my identity and my present exact location for a definite purpose. On day 2 of the trial in Singapore, day before yesterday, in the Lee Kuan Yew and son verses Dr. Chee Soon Juan case, Lee senior had said in answer to a question by Dr. Chee, that if he, Lee Kuan Yew, knew the identity of bloggers in cyberspace who defamed him (defamation being used of course in the Singaporean sense), he will sue and bankrupt them.

He had earlier sidestepped the question by saying, that he had difficulty suing critics of his in the Internet because their identities were not usually known. When pressed, he categorically and deliberately stated that he will sue if they made known their identities.

Well, what you are going to read should be without question defamatory of Mr. Lee and his son, that is in the warped and hare brained Alice in Wonderland meaning of the word "defamation". It will be interesting to see if this Singapore strongman, Lee Kuan Yew and son, who strut around the small island of Singapore bullying everyone who so much as criticized, will sue me now for calling him nothing more than a small time street bully; since now, we have myself Gopalan Nair who has the temerity to identify himself and state his presence with full address in Singapore.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, see here. I am now within the jurisdiction of your courts; I repeat, "the jurisdiction of your courts" because literally they are your courts, willing to commit any crime or injustice you will demand of them.

During the last 3 days of the court hearing, up till yesterday, in the High Court, before your stooge of a judge, Belinda Ang in Court 4, you and your Prime Minister son conducted yourselves as expected, no better than cowards hiding behind the coat tails of your equally cowardly counsel doubling up as a PAP politician in court; who managed with the full co-operation of the said judge to ensure that you came to court merely for form, refusing to answer almost all questions that went directly to your integrity or rather the lack of it.

After the end of the 3 days in court, it left no doubt in my mind that you and your son are indeed what international human rights organizations say you are, nothing more than tin pot tyrants who remain in power by abusing the courts to eliminate your political opponents. You are clearly corrupt, as is your government, because paying yourself $3.7 million is corruption pure and simple and in the end you have lost all credibility and moral authority to govern Singapore.

The following transpired during the last 3 days in court. The judge Belinda Ang was throughout prostituting herself during the entire proceedings, by being nothing more than an employee of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his son and carrying out their orders. There was murder, the rule of law being the repeated victim.

The issue in the said court was the determination of the quantum of damages payable by the innocent victim, Dr. Chee Soon Juan who had earlier been found liable by this judge for defamation of character of Mr. Lee and son, where the law was once again abused through the contrivance of a process known as summary proceedings, thereby disallowing Dr. Chee to produce any witnesses or to cross-examine those of Mr. Lee because there were none.

The said 3 day of hearing before the court was nothing more than a mockery of justice; a charade, a make believe that appeared right out of the pages of Alice in Wonderland with Belinda Ang playing the role of the Queen of Hearts before the trial of the Mouse who stole the Tarts very well indeed. It almost appeared that she was going to dispense with all testimony and come straight to the verdict of guilty so as not to waste her valuable time!

It would be fair to say, in fact an understatement, that in effect she disallowed Dr. Chee any effective cross examination of either the father Lee Kuan Yew or the son, as Mr. Singh, their counsel was almost having a workout like in a gym; standing up to object, and sitting down after almost each and every question that Dr. Chee put to his father and son clients. In fact Singh was popping up and down almost without let up during the several hours of the hearing so much so, that someone suggested to me that it would have been a good idea if he remained standing throughout the case to facilitate his expected objections at each and every question of Dr. Chee.

If Dr. Chee did manage to ask even one question, it was because he went ahead and asked it despite the objection of both Mr. Singh and the judge because if he did not, he would not have been able to ask any questions at all!

Dr. Chee has asked Lee's son how much he was being paid, that is $3.7 million, 6 times what George Bush is paid! Question disallowed and the son shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks whether it is just for him to corruptly steal this amount of taxpayer's money while the poor in the 1 room flats starve without any financial assistance! Question disallowed and the son shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks why the GIC and HDB function under a shroud of secrecy without any transparency, when the moneys in them is taxpayers money? Question disallowed and the son shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks whether he knew that those who read the Internet overwhelmingly hated him as a tyrant and a bully and the only ones singing praises in his name are the Singapore state owned and controlled media? Question disallowed and the son shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks whether the international community looks at him no better than a despot and a father's son? Question disallowed and the son shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee had asked this Lee Kuan Yew's son why he said in the 2006 elections that " if there were more opposition candidates at elections, he will have to "fix" them and bribe his voters to win elections"? Question disallowed and the son shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

There were many more questions put to him just as the above questions, all very relevant, which, had they been answered, would have shown that he had no integrity or reputation whatsoever, and since integrity and reputation are the issues in deciding quantum of damages, Lee Kuan Yew's son should have been awarded no damages at all; that is provided we have an independent judiciary, which we have not.

Any honest spectator in the court's gallery would have come away with one opinion alone, that is, this man is Prime Minister only because he happens to be the son of his father. If he really wanted to show that he was in fact in control, he could have easily told his lawyer to stop being the Jack in the Box and stop popping up and down with his objections and let him handle the questions. At each question, he was looking meekly at his counsel to see whether he has to answer it. If I could put it in a simple way, he was nothing more than a helpless boy.

The following refer to Lee Kuan Yew's testimony or rather the lack of it.

Chee asked him whether he came to power through unfair means in 1959, as shown by declassified British Colonial Office documents in London? Question disallowed and the father shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks about his throwing Lim Chin Siong, his political compatriot, in jail under the ISA in solitary confinement for several years in the 1960s and whether this was a sign of a man with a reputation and integrity? Question disallowed and the father shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks about the Operation Cold Store in the 1960s where he jails political opponents because he fears he might be overthrown? Question disallowed and the father shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks about Chia Thye Poh, Zaid Zakaharia and Lim Hock Siew, his political opponents whom he imprisons without cause for many many years? Question disallowed and the father shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Chee asks whether the only people who have a good opinion of him are his state owned and controlled Singapore press, whereas everyone else in Singapore as well as the entire list of respectable foreign organizations and countries including the entire European Union consider him as a thug and small time street bully? Question disallowed and the father shamefully just sits there, protected by his counsel Mr. Singh and the kangaroo judge.

Other than the dubious Transparency International Kula Lumpur Chapter (not to be confused with Transparency International of Berlin Germany) he was asked whether anyone else considered him in high regard other than the local press which he controls? His answer was that PERC and a Swiss organization, both of whom cater for businessmen thought highly of him. But when asked whether highly respected Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Lawyers Without Borders, Reporters without Borders, ILRW and several other international bodies considered him a crook; he had nothing to say, because as usual the Jack Rabbit Davinder Singh stood up once again to object and the judge obediently sustained the objection.

Then Lee Kuan Yew went on to insult Dr. Chee with impunity, that he is a liar, a cheat a charlatan, a criminal and what not. Of course the judge permitted these insults, since after all Lee Kuan Yew and his son owned the courts and the judge as well.

These court proceeding were nothing more than a sham, a charade and a mockery of justice. It was very clear that both father and son had no integrity or credibility whatsoever. They were ruling Singapore through fear and those who are able to leave the country leave it in droves, only to be replaced by Mandarin speaking immigrants from the Peoples Republic of China who speak no English at all.

If there was one result of these proceedings it was this. Dr. Chee' impeccable reputation was vindicated. He came out of these proceedings truly as the statesman that he is, and he demolished these two petty thugs Lee and his son, perhaps not in this Singapore kangaroo court, but truly in the court of truth and conscience.

And in fact despite the objection of Mr. Singh and Belinda Ang, Dr. Chee Soon Juan did manage to say to both father and son, that regardless of what the court decides, in the court of natural justice, in the court of truth and in the court of moral conscience, they had that day lost all moral authority to govern Singapore.

I believe, not only me, but every single person who walked away from that courthouse yesterday came away with that same judgment.

As the Lees know, I am a lawyer practicing in Fremont California and a member of the California Bar. My question to Lee Kuan Yew and his son is this. Are you going to stand by your threat and sue me for defamation as well? I am presently physically within your jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of your kangaroo courts. Are you going to going to send your process server to me with your writ of summons? Or are you, as expected, all talk and no action, when you meet those not afraid of you, just as how a petty street thug would behave?

Gopalan Nair
Broadway Hotel,
Serangoon Road, Singaproe

May 29, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lee Kuan Yew: If bloggers who defame me identify themselves, I will sue them!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Gopalan Nair. Today is May 31, 2008 at 10.40am Singapore time. I am at present in Singapore at Broadway Hotel, Room 708, 195 Serangoon Road, Singapore, 218067. The hotel telephone number is is 62924661. My local SingTel telephone number is 83764236.

In my last blog post, I had narrated the shameful spectacle of Lee Kuan Yew and his Prime Minister son abusing the legal system for their political ends through their lawyer Davinder Singh and a compliant judge, both compliant and suppliant to Lee Kuan Yew's demands to abuse the law, Belinda Ang, to punish his political opponents Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Chee Siok Chin.

I repeat the threat that Lee Kuan Yew had made on day two of the show trial during the last 3 days in the High Court. When asked by Dr. Chee whether he will sue those who write on the Internet defamations against him, I mean defamations in the Singaporean sense, his definitive unequivocal answer was that he will sue them. There is no doubt in the Singaporean sense, I have defamed him and his Prime Minister son, not only in my last blog post but in almost all my blog posts since my blog's inception in December 2006.

My posts have attracted great popular interest throughout Singapore and has been repeatedly and widely re-posted throughout the island in other blogs and political forums. A wide section and spectrum of Singaporeans have read them and interest in them increases daily. And as Lee Kuan Yew has himself said with both bravado and gusto, a lie has to be nailed because otherwise through dissemination people who matter, Singapore citizens, will begin to take it seriously.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, you have called Dr. Chee a liar, a cheat, a scoundrel, a criminal and various other abusive epithets. Let me tell Mr. Lee Kuan Yew that these words that you have uttered apply to you and your son, not to Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

Not only in my mind but in the minds of countless Singaporeans, Lee Kuan Yew and his Prime Minister son are men so weak that the only way they can stay in power is through fear and intimidation of their citizens through the abuse of legal process and other shameful means.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, look here. I am now within your jurisdiction and that of your corrupt police and your corrupt judiciary who will do anything you want of them, however criminal and illegal.

What are you going to do about it?

Gopalan Nair
Broadway Hotel
May 31, 2008

Battle Royal: Why don't we get this from mainstream media?

Your Honour,

This case has been one fraught with acrimony and controversy. Many legal points have been raised, some of which I have understood, others have completely bewildered me. But all the points raised centred around one subject: Whether there was malice when we published that NKF article.

Let me deal with this point. It is clear as daylight that the plaintiffs sued not because their reputations were tarnished but that it was a way to stop our campaigning over the issue during the elections. Instead of letting the public decide, they have dragged the courts in and insisted that the courts adjudicate in a matter where it should not. In the process, they put the courts in an untenable and unenviable position. This is a tragedy that history will not kindly look upon.

But a court case is what we have and court cases are about seeking the truth and allowing that truth to surface.

As I pointed out, the question centres around whether there was malice on our part.

I cannot deny that I get angry and even bitter with Mr Lee Kuan Yew over the things that he has said and done to me and others. But through the years, I have seen the bigger picture and developed a sense of calm and equanimity that comes with knowing my role in society.

And because I feel at ease, I don't hate Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Lee Hsien Loong. I don't wish them ill in anyway despite all that they have done and continue to do to me and my family.

I harbour no hatred towards Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Lee Hsien Loong, much less any malice.

To hate my opponents would drag me down to their level of rancour and deceit which has no place in what we're trying to achieve for Singapore. I find it too draining and distracting to harbour those emotions.

My Christian faith guides me and it is a faith that compels me to fght for justice and to treat my fellow men and women with compassion.

Mr Lee tempts and taunts me to get out of bankruptcy and get back into the stream of political life that he sits as lord and master. Believe me, in such an environment it is a temptation that can be overpowering.

What I said to Mr Lee Kuan Yew during the cross-examination is exactly where I stand. I feel sorry for him but I don't hate him.

But I also told him that ultimately it isn't about him. Neither is it about his son, and it most certainly is not about me. It is about this country and the people who live in it.

It is about what is just. It is about compassion and how we treat our fellow men. It is about freedom and human dignity.

A society stripped bare of these virtues is a society unable to embrace humanity. A society without humanity is a thought too frightening to entertain.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew kept on repeating how he built up this country and how much he has stored in the reserves. That is the tragedy of the man. For all his intelligence, he does not possess the wisdom of life.

Because unlike reputation, character cannot be bought. A true statesmen will not need to fight for his reputation, for that will shine through even after he takes his final bow and leaves the stage of life. His name will linger on and be writ large fondly in the hearts of many for generations to come.

Many lies have been spread about truly great leaders. And yet these lies have never been able to snuff out the greatness in these individuals. On the contrary, their legacy grows in size and intensity.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew fights all his demons within himself to try to shore up his reputation. In the process, however, he destroys the very legacy that he so desperately desires to establish.

When he pulled out the citation from Transparency International Malaysia and tried to use it as an endorsement of his integrity it, frankly, surprised me because it showed me how empty Mr Lee's life has become.

Such an intelligent man and yet so utterly devoid of wisdom. Can he not understand that no paper, no award, no citation can ever hope to still the voices of those who see the truth behind the propaganda?

I take no joy in pointing out to him how TIM is not an established, well-grounded institution on which one can take pride in being awarded a citation especially on the subject on integrity. In fact, I felt bad to point that out because it seemed that it was all the MM was clinging to.

Mr Lee must understand that integrity cannot, and does not, come from the grandiloquence of one's speech, it must shine forth from the righteousness of one's heart. If that light of righteousness is dim, no amount of persuasion will brighten it.

Can he not grasp the fact that no amount of wealth and power can hold back the silent voices forever? When he is no longer with us in this world, no amount of suppression can hold back the vehemence of his critics.

I hope he takes the little time that he has left to ponder what I have said and to turn from his ways. It is not too late.

Over the last couple of days in court I have observed, as have many here, how those around him treat him with such servitude that made my hair stand on end. For whatever reason, they go out of their way to show him their subservience.

They are doing him a disservice by not telling him that he needs to amend his ways if he so desires to uphold his integrity. Maybe he has chosen to surround himself with these yes-people. Either way Mr Lee is moving in life's wrong direction.

Which brings me to the damages. I stand by everything I have written in the article in The New Democrat about the NKF as it relates to the running of this country because it is the truth and Mr Lee and the rulers of this country must always hear the truth no matter how inconvenient that truth may be.

I know what I say now will not make a difference in terms of damages.

I willingly assume the position in this life because if this is the path that God has chosen for me then I cannot run away.

I can leave this country or I can capitulate and join what others have done in politics under the PAP. I will do neither. For to me my own integrity is at stake and that cannot be paid for in dollars.

Mr Lee may try to tempt me out of bankruptcy but it will not work. I may remain a bankrupt for the rest of my life as a result of my obstinacy. It is not a position one aspires to but it is a cause I find worthy of battle and a call, though sometimes I may resist, I will ultimately trust and obey.

So, Your Honour, we have come to the stage where all of us will be held to account for what we do today. It is said that as we make our bed, so shall we lie in it.

What we do today will live on in history forever. I do not envy your position. I ask that you forgive me if I have offended you in a personal way. I had no intention of doing that. In another place and time, we would be perhaps be good friends.

But I have to take issue with your position as a Judge and what you have done as well as the decisions you have made in this courtroom. To that extent I will fight you with every fibre of my being for the sake of justice.

We all have decisions to make in life. I have made mine and I am at ease with it. You have yours to make. I wish you wisdom and honesty.

Thank you.


It is not often that we get a chance to read or hear something like this in court.

I guess most of us do not know Chee Soon Juan personally. Neither do we know Lee Kuan Yew personally. Same goes for Lee Hsien Loong and Chee Siok Chin. What we know or what we perceive them to be comes mostly from mainstream media or "my friend tells me . . . "

By the way they report a story, MSM can paint a demon as God's greatest gift to mankind. They can twist something good into something bad too.
It's not that they are lying, it just that the presentation can be slanted.If it's done continuously, brains get washed.

After the Vasoo/Chee Soon Juan incident of '93, the impression of Chee Soon Juan as a cheat and a clown was created. Like most, I fell for it.

It was during a Forum organised by NUSS in 2006 where Chee Soon Juan, Denise Phua, Perry Tong, Catherine Lim and Ho Khai Leong spoke that I had the chance to know Chee Soon Juan better. More of the interesting forum reported by Yawning Bread here

He impressed me by the way he spoke at the forum and my previous perception of him changed. His submission (above) to the court and Judge Belinda Ang speaks volume of his tenacity in not cowering to the power of PM and MM.

If not for internet and blogs, there will not be such revelation. We would not have the chance to see both sides of the argument. Now with the available information, we are in a better position to separate truth from spin and not get influenced so easily.

For more of the court proceedings that's not available in msm, I visit
SDP's website at I also learn much from The Online Citizen on this subject.

Happy reading.


Monday, May 19, 2008

The Movie and The Organising Sec

The movie is a documentary on Singapore's political history which I doubt will be shown in mainstream media like Channel News Asia or cinemas. Among other politicians, it features Mr Said Zahari, Mr Francis Seow and Mr Chia Thye Poh sharing their experiences. Mr JB Jeyaratnam was also interviewed in this movie.

The Hokkien song, "Ji Pa Ban" accompanying the description of princely salaries is hilarious! Though it's 45 minutes long, I enjoyed it and recommend that you catch it soon as no one knows what will happen after MDA decides on its classification.

Meanwhile, will copies of this DVD be distributed freely in Singapore? Like the way they did up north with the sexy DVD of a certain Health Minister who has since resigned? I wonder.

The Organising Secretary of WP Voted for PAP
Why would WP’s organising secretary Yaw Shin Leong reveal he voted for PAP candidate?

Honesty, craziness, political suicide or is it political success working under cover?

Your guess is as good as mine.

PAP won when Yaw scored an own goal.

PAP lost when a young man like Seelan Pallay came up with a movie like 'One Nation Under Lee'. Knowing the power that is, what drives a man like Seelan to do what he did? Or could it be instead of Kiasu and Kiasi Singaporeans, we are seeing more and more people like Rosa Parks? Singaporeans with guts to show and tell it like it is?

I salute artists like Seelan and Martyn for their courage and talent in coming up with such eye & mind opening videos.

Thank you.


Monday, May 12, 2008

TOC, Leong Sze Hian & Andrew Loh

Through The Online Citizen, I've the pleasure of reading Mr Leong Sze Hian on his takes of the politics, social happenings and finance/money matters in Singapore. His latest on NTUC and CASE is an eye-opener that all Singaporeans should know.

If your re-arrange the letters of NTUC, you may end up with the swear word of the female genitalia. Yes, my 83 year old mum still wants to wash my mouth with chilli padi :)

So which is which?

After reading NTUC and CASE, all I know is

"You can bluff some people all the time
You can bluff all the people some of the time
But you can't bluff all the people all the time!"

With their control of msm as stated by

"Andrew Loh
in TOC:

In a nutshell:

- NTUC has a 16.34% management shares stake in SPH (which controls virtually all the newspapers in S’pore).

- NTUC is the parent of CASE."

we now know better!

I'm thankful to both Mr Leong and Mr Loh for their courage in writing and enlightening us on what's really happening with the Tripartite (now more than 3?) crap that's controlling the lives of Singaporeans.

Terima kaseh beribu ribu.


ERP - Rates to be displayed at all gantries?

"Some gantries already have an electronic board alongside the gantry serving the same purpose but, as Transport Minister Raymond Lim conceded in Parliament earlier this year, these are sometimes too small for the motorists to read . . . The tab for the 70 gantries therefore comes to $4.55 million." So wrote Maria Almenoar of Straits Times 12 May 2008.

WTFF? And I don't mean 'what the fish for'? Maybe $4.55 million is small change to our very rich Minister Raymond Lim but, WTFF?

What purpose would it serve anybody, especially the motorists, to know how much he's got to pay to pass. Does he actually have the choice to make a "considered decision" within 100 metres to reverse or take another exit if he feels that ERP fee is not agreeable to him! Maybe it'll create more accidents when some skinflint motorists stop suddenly and/or swerve to the left exit (if there's one in the first place) to avoid paying the ERP? Or will it create more stress for taxi drivers when passengers decide to change their minds when they see the big display of ERP charges? WTF! I think it's better to burn the $4.55 million. At least it'll generate some light and heat!

Seriously, when they can bitch so much and make it so difficult in increasing $30 to $290 per month in PA (Public Assistance) to the poorest of the poor in Singapore (ok, I understand that they have finally improve on it to more than $300 now), why are they so free and easy with $4.55 million when it comes to silly political cosmetics such as this?

With 70 gantries now collecting days and some nights, maybe it's plain peanuts (Mrs Goh Chok Tong's kind?) in spending $4.55 million to show WTFF. The return of investment is still 'ho seh' leh! (great!)

Then again, National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan spent $400,000 to change the name of Marina Bay in 2005 to Marina Bay.

So what's new?

Same crap, different time?


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kiasu, Kiasi, Kiam-Siap, Chui Kong Lanpar Song!

On her "a Cheapskate's take on current issue" in Straits Times, 6 May 2008, Chua Mui Hoong wrote of "KIASU (afraid to lose), KIASI (afraid to die) and KIAM SIAP (tight-fisted) Singaporeans sacrificing the safety of their children for a few dollars more. She also wrote of employers too cheap to provide a safe form of transport for their foreign workers and of 'cheaper' Singaporeans who do not provide rest day for their maids!

If she had read Mr Wang's take on maid's day off, she would understand employers of maids have their concerns too.

The whole article is of the same old media insult of skinflint Singaporeans expecting government or someone else to take care of all their problems.

I hope Chua Mui Hoong understands "chia pah mai bway kee yau". It means when your appetite is satiated, do not forget the hungry years. So sad that when they are no longer with us, they are against us! The example she gave of $50 for safety is so 'sikit atas'. May I remind her that $50 a month increase on each child's transport to school is no small change to many families. What she wrote smells like another "Get out of my uncaring elitist face" crap!

I think Kiasu, Kiasi, and Kiam-Siap happens when
  • Town Councils' Sinking Fund increases it's Stinking Fund
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds of GIC and Temasek lends billions to USA and Europe and not a drop to poor Singaporean
  • Rich MM hanging on and not letting go
  • Rich SM also hanging on and not letting go
  • Rich MHA Minister not letting go after Mas has Selamat jalan
  • Rich MPs holding 12 directorships or more
  • Rich Ministers wanting more pay (Singaporeans' worst pain)
  • Mainstream media is nothing more than PAP's mouthpiece
Kiasu, Kiasi, Kiachenghu (scared of government) culture was engineered long ago to ensure peace and prosperity for our nation (or nation's leaders). The years of brain washing caused most to be fearful and be grateful for 3 meals and a roof over their heads! With fear comes control. With control comes power. With power, 'anything goes'! Legislations suka suka can change!

However, the 'peace and prosperity for our nation' is just a national pledge recited by most school children who do not know what they mean and whose parents are struggling like crazy to make ends meet. Even with double income families where both husband and wife work! Yes, the 'more good years' and the 'golden period' are only feel-good-wayangs staged by ministers with no meaning to it! Or are they the only ones (and their cronies) enjoying the golden good years?

Or is this another case of 'chiu kong, lanpar song'?
Which means 'mouth speaks, testicles feel good'!

Also known as NATO - No Action, Talk Only!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Golden Age or Hungry Years? If Singapore is so rich, why am I poor?


I just read Mr Wang's post on how rich Aljunied Town Council is and how they intend to make more money!

Until I had my heart attack and my wake up call at 55 from CPF, I always took it for granted and had the faith that the government would always do the right thing. Alas, most of the rights have gone abysmally wrong.

When they had no choice but to disclose that Singapore through GIC & Temasek are literally lending money to the American and Europeans through the banks (Citibank, Merill Lynch, UBS, etc,), I began to wonder just where did the money come from?

Just where and who is this Golden Goose that lay all the golden eggs in our little red dot? As there will always be some white ganders who would claim credit for our riches, I finally find out who's laying the golden eggs!

I'm no Mr Leong Sze Hian, Mr Wang or Mr Tan Kin Lian where money & finance matters are concerned. However, I think the two main geese are CPF and HDB. Seems to me every Singaporean mother's son and daughter are paying one way or another to these 2 fat monopolies. These 2 taps never seem to run dry and I guess they never will! HDB subsidy or no subsidy, CPF's loans shark's interest rate or zero interest, they make from us. They make PLENTY from us!

Of course among many others, GST, ERP and now the PAP-run Town Councils through the Service and Conservancy charges are taps that are always overflowing with money that keeps adding to their stinking funds and reserves.

So if Singapore is so rich, why are there so many poor? Looks like it's Golden Period for only the Eleetists! Who needs to show his poorness and be pictured in ST receiving help from Tua Pek Kong Temple donors through Defence Minster Teo Chee Hian as the picture above shows? Has political correctness gone so cheap nowadays that ministers and MIW MP's have to hog the limelight to be photographed in do-good do-right show-offs? Even the charity do not come from them?

Even it's not their money, I used to respect them for taking the time to encourage the public to help the less fortunate. There was semangat or spirit or togetherness then . Not now bro! With the cruel stroke of legislation in taking care of their own greed in paying themselves king's ransom, I have come to the stage of "arm chio" or "hidden laugh" when they try to put on a wayang to be kind and caring!

If anyone of them were kind or caring enough, the conversation of having 3 meals in hawker centre, restaurant or hotel would not have come up in Parliament and created such embarrassment! Of course, the shameful 2007 GST increase to 7% and 2008 Budget Surplus which is now swept under the carpet should not have happened either!

As much as some of them may be doing good in secret (so some claimed), these do-good photo-ops are such embarrassing jokes to their credibility! Maybe the expensive (as much as $3.7 million per year) time of ministers can be better spent helping MHA Minister look for Mas Selamat.

Sorry, some tricks don't work anymore!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Letter to Prime Minister

If there is a letter I'd write to the PM, this is it!

I do not know if this is old news. However, a 60-year-old lady forwarded this email to me yesterday. I can't resist putting it in this blog.

Here goes:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Dear Prime Minister,

We citizens of Singapore urge you to PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

We DO NOT NEED your help. Every time, you mention HELP, we have to run for cover!!!

Help the poor? Raise GST!

Help traffic flow? Up ERP!

Help passenger service? Up Bus fare/MRT fare!

Help us get taxi? Raise taxi fare!

Help us get good government? Raise Minister and Civil servants' salary!

Everytime YOU WANT TO HELP, we all PAY FOR IT!!!

need your help liao.

We DARE NOT ask for help any more!!!

Sir, most honoured sir, I urge you NOT TO HELP Singapore INVEST also!

Everytime your wife invest, we all lose money! Kao liao, kum siah!

Just let us have a dose of bad governance, like recently the Mat Selamat case, like far, it is ok, your incompetence, we ACCEPT!

PLEASE DO NOT help us have better security! Wait we all kena PAY FOR


I think it is ok lah, please just take your salary and enjoy life ok?

Thank you thank you,

I am very chin chai one, any how any how, no need to help oso can one."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My sincere thanks to the originator of this lovely letter and I hope the PM takes heed and pay attention to the fact that we are really fed, up with progress and ASSISTANCE from the government!

If I may add,

Just take care of yourself,
do whatever turns you on,
suka suka legislate and
just do it!

Pleeze don't bother explaining as
the wayangs really turn us off!