Thursday, July 30, 2009

It never rains in Temasek!

To every life, a little rain must fall.

However, the sun always shine in Temasek where nothing can and will go wrong.

Even tens of billions of dollars were lost in investments (ShinCorp, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, ABC and lately Australand [Link] just to name a few) and vanished into thin air, there is not a tinge of contrition, remorse or regret for the losses from those responsible. Or has the buck stopped at the lower ranks (who are already punished?) as in the Mas Selamat Jalan / MHA fiasco?

In contrast, the upwomanship and hubris displayed so far by Ho Ching and even the comments from Ministry of Finance leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of many. MOF is trying to keep clean by saying that meritocracy is the main criterion for selection of leadership position in Temasek. I do not know how they work the Report Cards in Temasek but if it's meritocratic to keep those who lost people's money by billions and act as if it's no big fcuk, then I think pigs can fly and the greatgrandma of my grandchild should be the Queen of England!

What Ho Ching has said so far on the losses in her empire and the succession plan deserves no repetition as it may trigger some to puke. I can't help laughing when I read that staff in Temasek including Ho Ching and her office attendants will receive "negative bonuses". So just WTF is "negative bonuses"? Are they getting bonus or are they getting their bonuses paid earlier clawed back? Which is which? Or are we expecting another "no answer" answer which they are so good at!

Ex-president Roh of South Korea committed suicide because of mistakes (real or perceived) he felt he was responsible for. Whether he did right in killing himself is not for me to comment. Is it an act of heroism or cowardice? I don't know.

However, considering the price one pays for core values like integrity and accounatbility, it is very unlikely that Ho Ching will fall on her own sword as in 'seppuku'. However, a little human-ness in accepting part of the blame for the losses in Temasek instead of perpectually riding the high horse may gain her more respect than the brickbats she's receiving now. To arrogantly say that there should not be any regret and to joke about the perceptions others have of the "no Goodyear' debacle is a little too much for the taste of many.

To every life a little rain must fall.

To the lucky few, it never rains in Southern California nor in Temasek.

One may be God's gift to the most powerful family in Singapore and one's hanger-ons. However, to brush aside the thoughts and reasoning (and the savings) of the common folks is to invite fury to the hearts of those who love and stay Singapore.

Temasek Brief 2008 states their values of:
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Meritocracy (or should it be spelt: Marrytocracy?)
  • Merit (or is it Married?)
  • Innovation
  • Integrity and
  • Respect for People
Do they measure up or is this another case of "Chui Kong Lumpar Song"?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Ultimately to each, no matter how powerful (and they never do no wrong), a little rain must and will fall!

Peace be with you.


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Monday, July 27, 2009

5C's - Monks And Ministers Got Them All!

Sunday Times [link] wrote: "Monk with the 5Cs - Cash, credit card, car, country club membership and condo - the self-confessed 'modern-day' monk has got them all"

Aren't monks and ministers (especially the political kind) and other 'do-gooders' suppose to do good? To serve the people, to serve their believers, to serve the nation?

In so doing, are they entitled to the 5C's - the supposedly "good things in life'? Is that a 'given' or are they expected to ”experience the richness of life without the riches of life. You can experience abundant life without the abundance of life. You can experience health and well being without wealth.”

The quotation above is from Mr Anthony Yeo (God bless his soul) [Link] who's gone (fedtothefish) too soon.

The msm has the resources and the power to target anyone in a bad light, good light or whatever light msm chooses. Whatever one makes of the Sunday Time's article on Ming Yi, I can't help thinking of the core values of those in power. The values of those who has the religious power to suck money out of ordinary people through tithes. Characters of those who run charities that sucks people through donations and Nobility of political authorities who sucks citizens through taxes and duties (not forgetting CPF and HDB mortgages).

So are the do-gooders really good?

Or are the ordinary people being cajoled and conned off their hard earned money to satisfy the greed and deceptive delight of such powerful so-called do-gooders?

I don't know.

All I know is I can choose not to donate but I cannot choose not to pay Singapore taxes or CPF as I'll be penalised by law.

Powerful hypocrites can make life a bitch but I can choose to be better by following the hard-to-live-by advice of Mr Anthony Yeo - ”You can experience the richness of life without the riches of life. You can experience abundant life without the abundance of life. You can experience health and well being without wealth.”

We live, we learn. I thank Mr Yeo Toon Joo for writing and Mr Anthony Yeo for teaching me some, reminding me that until I'm fed to the fish, “with open hands, knowing that I am not grabbing on to anything”, I can have a life as good if not better than some money-grabbing, power-crazed elites!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

God knows!

Temasek, Temasek, Temasek
Will the joke ever end?

Once there was a country whose Lady Icon had too many shoes.

Now there's a country who's Lady Icon's shoes are too big to fill.

Having a strategy of 3 years for a succession plan and to have "strategic differences" as a reason for the failure in the succession plan is a strategy in stupidity.

When I heard the answers from the chairman of Temasek and even Ministry of Finance for this "Singaporeans must be dumb moment", I realised that the answers provided can make the "Singaporeans must be dumb moment" into an eternity!

Has Singaporeans become so dumb or have we given up on the circus or wayang or whateveryoumaycallit?

Why do we continue to get insulted by these "no answer" answers from these hotshots all the time?

All I know is:

It's Goodbye Mr Chip!

No More Goodyear unless its "More Good Years" of GCT era which (except for the chosen ones) everybody else has been waiting endlessly for!

How on earth can we replace the wife of the son of the father?

If only more Singaporeans can learn to "live without regrets", they'd be able to chuck away their jobs and get it back as and when they fancy.

Some people have all the luck; others live with the pain.

God bless Singapore!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And Another One Bites The Dust!

It's not about the sad departure of Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson or Anthony Yeo. It's the death of a Voice. A voice much liked by some Singaporeans whose voices cannot be heard in parliament. A voice that scares the shit of a powerful house because truth hurts! Truths that wake people up, stir the hornets' nest and create enlightenment that will cost votes!

They Don't Want My Favourite Botak Anymore because Mr Siew Kum Hong has been a pain in the posterior of those who make a living by "fixing opposition and buying votes".

It's tough for them to accept that Siew Kum Hong makes sense in Parliament and put some (not all) of the ruling MPs to shame, especially those not working hard for their money in representing their constituents. Those that do nothing but merely earn their keep by being rubber stamps in parliament, protecting their own turf, PAP's turf but not that of Singaporeans!

I guess in his pursuit "to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation", Mr Siew Kum Hong has become a liability to the power that is if he continues to be a NMP.

I'm not surprised at all that Mr Siew is not re-appointed. In fact, I'm sure it is a serious act to set an example to all new Nominated Members of Parliament on how to (and not to) behave and what to (and not to) say in Parliament.

Alas, another awesome opportunity to "staying together moving ahead - bersatu padu begerak maju" has gone NATO. No Action, Talk Only! The hype of being "inclusive" is a hype indeed. It's become a sad joke!

Mr Siew, I appreciate you for speaking for me in parliament. Should you find a stranger asking you for permission to kiss your Botak Head, it'll be me asking for Laurent Blanc-Fabian Barthez Good Luck Special!

Thank you so much and please keep keeping it up at your blog. [Link]


Friday, July 3, 2009

Will H1N1 feed me to the fish?

First, I'd like to thank my readers who enquire about my wellbeing after I've stopped blogging for about 2 months. For the benefit of those who read and commented on my last post [link], please be informed that the article was actually written on 29 May but only posted on 29 June 2009 with some update.

Lately, apart from the H1N1, the other news that attracted my attention includes:
  • The one who defended Chee Soon Juan has left us too soon.
  • The one with the Moon Walk writes, sings and dances no more.
  • One of my favourite angels has gone to join the real angels.
Rest In Peace - Anthony Yeo, Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett.

Through what I've read from his articles and books and those who know him, Mr Anthony Yeo's not a very 'Singaporean' Singaporean. He took the road less traveled by being himself without fear or favour to the power that is. I strongly recommend everyone to read what he wrote here [must read link]. His guts in defending Chee Soon Juan whom LKY and CLH consider "seow" (and wishes everybody will treat) as a "psycopath'' is something worthy of my respect.

While reading again another article he wrote on the subject of the 'graciousness' of local politicians [another must read link], I'm saddened that his life has been cut short before he sees his dream come true.

These letters from Sam's thought blog [link] shows Anthony's thoughts on various social issues. I look up to him for what he stood for and his courage to tell it like it is. The only thing I have in common with Mr Anthony Yeo is we choose to be fedtothefish.

Meanwhile, I've been dazed and confused by the directives given by various ministries and ministers and their spokesperson onH1N1. The different games played out by the various 'top guns' are simply amazing!

I've been told yesterday that a fitness class that I'm supposed to attend is canceled due to H1N1. On the other hand, I've been told by Mintster Vivian Balakrishnan to help him cheer on his AYG Singapore team at the various sports venues.

Just which direction are we heading?

Exercise class not allowed but gather in big crowd to cheer and scream for Singapore's AYG team strongly encouraged?

So, which is which?

On a personal note, based on the advice of MOH, due to my heart condition, my chance of getting whacked by H1N1 is much higher than the average Joe.

With the current confusion of some H1N1 cases being treated at clinic, some at hospital and some at home and whatever; some entitled to expired Tamiflu drugs and others not, let's hope that H1N1 is kind to us and not feedustothefish before our time is due