Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Prime Millionaire (Pt 2)


Have you and your A-Team lost the plot in this GE?
  1. Your SM (Senior Millionaire) said that Millionaire (Minister) should not serve more than two terms. You responded by disagreeing with him. [Link]
  2. Millionaire Lim Swee Say said he may want to quit after another term in office. You replied by saying that you're "The Man" to decide, not him [Link] and [Link]
  3. You guys got too hung up and hot and bothered by Worker's Party's "1st World Parliament" and "Co-Driver"
  4. Your Trade and Industry Millionaire did not sit too well with SDP's Tan Jee Say's economic proposal and of course, candidates like NSP's Nicole Seah and SPP's Benjamin Pwee were well beyond PAP's expectation.
  5. Your YOG Millionaire's tricky insinuation on damned subject like "gay agenda" and "paedophile" is a sore point with decent SIngaporeans
  6. PAP's suicide mission of putting Michael Palmer on SMC at Punggol East
  7. Knocking off Steve Tan and replacing him with 'TioBehPio' Chia Shi-Lu

  8. Getting caught ferrying aunties and uncles to make your PAP rallies look good
    and, last but not least
  9. Letting the old man out to mess up the chances of your candidates may be the death knell of PAP! Unless you leash him up, he'll make you lose more votes than the 2006 James Gomez booboo. By insulting the electorate, especially the young, he's not doing you and your party any good.
The Sunday Times has nothing but the Millionaire Mentor on its front page today. If the PAP newsletter ST and your election strategist knew better, they should not flog this old horse to death!

Statements (below) uttered ad nauseam by the old horse and appeared again in Sunday Times today are alienating the electorate so much that whatever respect he gained in the 60's and 70's is attracting the middle finger now!
  • "Where is Low Thia Khiang Shadow Cabinet?"
  • "The trouble is young Singaporeans don't know the past"
  • "It is a footloose generation that has not experienced the past . . ."
  • "Let's have no hypocrisy about this: Every political party sets out to win, and win a majority - and they are setting out from a single seat constituency to a GRC, and to expand to more GRCs and to take over."
Bro, if a political party like WP is not campaigning to win then, what on earth is it all about? For heaven's sake, where was the Mentor's shadow cabinet in 1959?

For your dad to think of Singaporeans as "daft" and stupid is his prerogative but to talk stupid like he does is detrimental to your career, your party and worst of all, your health! Stress, bro, stress. It's a pity that your mum is not here to hold him back.

Though rumour has it that you slapped Dhanabalan [Link] and [link] which led to the resignation of Richard Hu, Tony Tan and Dhana, I do not think you are as mean as the old man. As far as we know, you have yet to lock up your political opponents through ISD.

I'm writing not because I want PAP to win more votes. In fact, I wish for PAP to lose so that
  1. Singapore can be a better place to live with decency and democracy
  2. Singaporean can stop being "digits" but be human again
  3. Singaporeans can have a 'life' instead of working 12 to 16 hours day to make a 'living'
  4. Singaporeans will not be Kiasi, Kiasu and KiaChengHu
  5. PAP Millionaires and their cronies will be humbled and learn that they can't win and have their ways all the time
  6. Singaporeans can have affordable housing
  7. Singaporeans can have decent jobs with decent wages and decent spaces
  8. Our National Pledge is a pledge that we truly live not a masak masak aspiration
  9. That pork barrel goodies like Grow and Share are not used in votes buying
  10. We get nearer to our CPF, GIC and Temasek money and understand our reserves better.
I'm writing also because it's embarrassing to see a frail old man making a fool of himself calling young Singaporeans 'footloose'. For your dad's information, majority of the younger generation in Singapore are committed and responsible sons and daughters who cares about their country and their loved ones. Unlike your son who moves from one university/country as and when he feels like it and still not decided on what career to take up, other young adults have to slog to take care of themselves and their families. So please, have some respect for the less endowed! Unlike your super duper wealthy family background, most young adults are too poor to be footloose and fancy free!

The way MM went on the "Hard Truths" about the Malays was most dangerous. Like me, I'm sure you are aware that irresponsible utterances like, "Malays do not integrate" could lead to riots that we experienced in the 60's.

So please, jaga diri, jaga bapak kau!

Take care of your self, take care of your dad.
No point in winning a political battle and losing your health.
Sharing and learning to let go is not a sin.



At May 1, 2011 at 5:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can he take care of his dad?

He himself needs more hands to hold if the Opposition gets more MPs into Parliament.

At May 1, 2011 at 6:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Prime Millionaire seems to be totally devoid of intelligence associated with being streetsmart.

Fish, even if you had the means to show this Prime Millionaire a diverse selection of comments,letters by netizens, the dud that he is will not be able to identify those that mean well, reflect much truth or even wisdom.

*He can blame his DNA and mentor*

At May 2, 2011 at 12:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your own good, please remove your father as MM and let him just serve the people of Tanjong Pagar as he promised. I think that's all the energy he has to do and pushing hi further will risk further comments from a old man who is still living in the past.

At November 29, 2011 at 10:06 PM , Anonymous www.españ said...

It can't work as a matter of fact, that is what I consider.

At March 2, 2013 at 1:36 PM , Anonymous Evelynppsh said...

Can he take care of his dad? He himself needs more hands to hold if the Opposition gets more MPs into Parliament.  

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