Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why sometimes I feel bad being a born and bred Singaporean of Chinese descent?

When another Singaporean of Chinese descent said, “I notice that the PR mention that, some of the staff, because they are Malays, they are Indians, they can’t converse in English good, well enough, so that also deters them, from but I think we accept broken English.” when sharing his thoughts on the SMRT FIASCO. [Link]

I hope PAP MP Seng Han Thong won't be flamed again for what he said. Fair is fair and I must emphasize that MP Seng only quoted what the PR mentioned. He did not specifically said that Malays and Indians can't speak English well. Only Chinese and Other Races in Singapore speak good English, meh?

So who is this racially biased PR?

Innocent but unnecessary words when wrongly perceived can lead to much anger. Worse, it may generate racial tension.

If the PAP guy is worth his salt, he would have said, “I notice that the PR mention that, some of the staff, they can’t converse in English good, well enough, so that also deters them, from but I think we accept broken English.” excluding the words, "because they are Malays, they are Indians", an issue would not arise.

Why in heavens MP Seng repeated "because they are Malays, they are Indians" is beyond me. Regardless of race, language or religion, wouldn't it be lovely if VIPs in PAP can be more sensitive to the sensitivities of others? I feel like shit when my Malay and Indian friends are deprecated or marginalised with stupid statements like above!

To my fellow citizens of Malay and Indian descent, I hope you are forgiving enough to know and accept that there are insensitive idiots and nincompoops in our mist. I thank you for your kind understanding.



At December 22, 2011 at 3:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr seng's english makes it clear who really cant speak good english.

At December 22, 2011 at 10:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the SVP had said that because they have malay and Indian colleagues as such there are times it's impossible to expect multi-language announcement in the grounds - that I would understand.
However, he seems to imply that is not the case.
It is English that this group have specific problems with.
I find that hard to accept.

The joke is going round. That we should thank god SPH is running the SMRT, and not the CEO of SIA. While you now have a tunnel and back emergency door to get out live, on a are kapoop!

At December 22, 2011 at 12:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many Indians and Malays voted for him in AMK GRC during the last election? If you are one of those voters, good for you!

At December 22, 2011 at 12:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


He quoted a comment, the MP did not make the remark, frankly, the flames should be on the PR(public relations) person.

At December 22, 2011 at 1:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why in heavens MP Seng repeated "because they are Malays, they are Indians" is beyond me. Regardless of race, language or religion, wouldn't it be lovely if VIPs in PAP can be more sensitive to the sensitivities of others?". Unquote.

It was simply because his own ingris was no better than those Malay and Indian he had quoted. Maybe, he had avoided looking into the mirror for reason most of us know.


At December 22, 2011 at 6:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

With each passing day, the true calibre of PAP MPs becomes exposed.

Someone with even a wee bit of commonsense or sensitivity would have known better than to repeat in full what may or may not have been actually said by the SMRT PR that is obviously inappropriate.

If even such simple JUDGEMENT is beyond him, one now begins to wonder about the case in which he was literally flame by a taxi driver. I am NOT condoning the taxi driver, but perhaps he had reacted to the insensitivity of the MP over a period of time. We all know that sometimes words can kill - either the speaker or the one spoken to.

At December 22, 2011 at 7:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joke /Satire

Singapore Book Titles I'd Like to see:

"Too Few Good Men - PAP in the Twilght Years" by Lee Hsien Loong & Tin Pei Ling

"Appropriate Phrases For All Occasions" by Tin Pei Ling & Seng Han Thong

At December 22, 2011 at 8:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fact that race was brought up, inadvertently or otherwise, brainlessly or purposely, reveals how far we are from being one people, much more one nation.

it also highlights the racial divisiveness that has been subtley encouraged here for at least four decades. a long time ago, before mother tongue etc, we were all simply singaporeans.

At December 22, 2011 at 11:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment that SHT referred to came from Senior Vice President for Communication and Services Goh Chee Kong and Goh did not single out the Indians or Malays as the ones that could not speak English but rather the SMRT staff that had to make announcements had difficulties in communicating well in English. This was broadcast over the radio:

“What we’re mindful of is that our people, our staff at the stations and in the trains may not be making sufficient announcements and also good enough announcements. And that’s because our staff of different races, it could be Malay, Chinese, or Indians or any other race, they sometimes find it difficult to speak in English. However we’ve encouraged them to make the announcements and not to worry about that. .............”

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