Friday, December 9, 2011

Based on Justice and Equality?

Right is right and wrong is wrong. Or is it?

Sistic got fooked, I mean fined, so did some modeling agencies for price fixing.

Is taxi company like ComfortDelgro (part of NTUC?) capable of price fixing? Who knows?

Interrupting his physiotherapy, Lee Kuan Yew said in Parliament [Youtube Link] that our National Pledge is nothing but an aspiration. If that is so, is justice and equality in Singapore just an aspiration?

Different folks . . . different strokes!

Do we do the time for our crime?

Or do we only get punished for who we are not and who we are not affiliated to?

But what is criminal in Singapore? Could it be a 'noisy cowboy' [Link] who blogs with heart?

Read the following and you may have a thought worth pondering.

In the 80's, the so-called Marxists Conspirators including Vincent Cheng and Teo Soh Lung [Link] were detained under ISA.

"SINGAPORE: The Internal Security Department (ISD) has arrested an ex-lecturer whom it said had made plans to pursue "militant jihad" in Afghanistan. Abdul Basheer s/o Abdul Kader, 28, was arrested in February this year, said a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) statement on Friday. He is a "self-radicalised Singaporean", said the statement." [Link] This happened in 2007.

As recent as last year, 20-year-old full-time NSman Muhammad Fadil Abdul Hamid was detained under ISA for being "self-radicalised" [Link]

Just who the fook (in ISD or anywhere else) decides who deserves to be detained and who does not? Just who deserve the slammer, solitary confinement and torture? [Link]

With the sensitive race/religion hullabaloo on Jason Neo, Christian Eliab Ratnam and Donaldson Tan, I wonder the outcome and fate of the 3 facebookists? For what they did, will they end up like Muhammad Fadil Abdul Hamid and/or Abdul Basheer s/o Abdul Kader?

Or will they end up with just a slap on the wrist just because it's been claimed that someone said that Islam is a "venomous religion" [Link].

So does Justice and Equality apply to Who We Are and Who We Are Affiliated To . . . or What We Did? (or did not do as in the Marxists' Conspiracy?)



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