Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Isn't The Pay, Stupid, It's The Flaw In Character!

It is interesting to note that after Singaporean journalist Seah Chiang Nee's piece on "PAP mood turns sour over pay cuts" [Link], Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia Ong Keng Yong had to play defense and refute Seah's remarks [Link].  Just why did he do it?
  • To prove Seah Chiang Nee wrong?
  • To protect the integrity of PAP?
  • To show that he is working to protect his rice bowl?
  • To help Seah get more eyeballs in Little Speck [Link] and Star [Link]?
Apart from the mistake in MsGraceFu's designation, is there anything wrong in the opinion piece? If "Mr Seah is also incorrect in claiming that previous salary revision in 2007 gave ministers in Singapore an average pay rise of 60%", would it not be helpful for the High Commissioner to enlighten us on the correct percentage of the pay rise?  Or does he know?

One man's opinion piece can be another man's headache or "kay kang" (Hokkien for "extra/ unnecessary work") in preserving a highly paid position.

Sometimes, silence is golden. No matter how you cook it, the damage is done! The Ministerial Salary Review is a futile 'exercise in fooltility' that makes fools of many! 

A spade is a spade and here is my take.

Having lost Aljunied GRC and many votes in other constituencies in 2011 Election, PM Lee directed Gerard Ee to do Review on Ministers' Salary - hopefully to win more votes in the future. In his enthusiasm to wash the sin he committed in 2007 (paying himself and his ministers $millions after raising GST to 7%!), he created a greater sin by offering terms of reference that was ludicrously condescending and elitist to boot! "A compensation that shows discount on what private sector is getting"? Yes, the shame word is "discount" that denotes "sacrifice", "ethos" which means, "I'm fooking better than the $millions that you miserable commoners pay through your taxes, levies and GST. So be grateful for the sacrifices I'm making!" He may even add, “Please, get out of my elite uncaring face!”

Sadly, the sense of loss and unhappiness of his ministers was confirmed by the belly aching of MsGracefu [Link], the sordid sacrificial parliamentary performance by BG Tan Chuan-Jin [Link] and the reluctance and refusal of Lawrence Wong to let it rest [Link]. We cannot taste but, I'm sure by such outbursts, we can sense the "sour mood" in PAP !

The absurdity of Teo Chee Hian in saying that the 'c' word "corruption" was not even mentioned during the Salary Debate (meaning high pay =incorruptibility) is now a 'Sick Joke' that is puke inducing! The fact that he knew then about the arrest and bail of the SCDF Commander and Narco Chief on “allegations of serious personal misconduct"[Link] and still make a song and dance of the word "corruption" shows the pretense and the character that he is.

It isn't the pay, stupid, it is the flaw in the character of the avaricious that breeds corruption! 

By the way, anyone knows how much did the Narco and SCDF pay for their bail?

By now, the 'sour' that Chiang Nee mentioned may have turned 'Chow Sng'.

'Chow Sng' in Hokkien = 'Stink Sour'= "Putrid or Rotten"



At January 29, 2012 at 4:06 AM , Anonymous Heng Ibrahim said...

Is Teo Chee Hean's mind capable of an original thought which serves the needs of the bottom 30% in our society?

At January 29, 2012 at 3:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was reported on BBC that even a bank CEO working in a bank funded by the tax payer should not be paid a million pound bonus. Since this bank is funded by taxpayer and it should be a form of public service.

So that makes me wonder why our minister had the cheek to debate on their pay non reduction so boldly over the national tv.

One word - shameless !

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