Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do The RIght Things & Do Them Right?

George Yeo has given up. Lim Hwee Hua is doing the same. Likewise, Jessie Phua. They have or are going to give up the post as Advisor to grassroot organisations in Aljunied GRC. [Link]

Are grassroot organisations formed by PA to serve PAP or the people? Yes, do CCC's (Citizen Consultative Committees) serve the citizens or PAP? Do RC's  (Residents' Committees) serve residents or PAP?

What does it take to allow duly elected MPs (regardless of which party they belong to) to be advisor to CCC and RC? The monopoly of PAP in PA (people's association, for heaven's sake, not pappies' association) is so ridiculously shameful that I have to stamp my feet and say, "I don't know what to say"!

I now read Teo Chee Hean's "Do the right things, and do them right" [Link] and I wonder when preachers preach, do preachers do?

Doing the right thing?

  • Is delaying the payment of CPF (through all kinds of tricky schemes) to retirees (cash poor) a right thing to do?
  • Is paying ministers obscene millions a right thing to do?
  • Is paying Mercer $860,000 to justify the new salary of ministers a right thing to do?
  • Is going to China and elsewhere, using taxpayers money, to give scholarships to foreigners (while neglecting locals) a right thing to do?
  • Is treating foreigners (regardless of their talent) as 1st class and treating Singaporeans as low class a right thing to do?
  • Is paying interest on CPF (peoples' money) at a lower rate than EPF pays Malaysians a right thing to do?
  • Is giving $1.1billion of taxpayers' money to PTOs to enhance their business a right thing to do?
  • Is belittling and bullying opposition MPs in parliament a right thing to do?
  • Is helping the rich in abolishing the Estates Duty Act a right thing to do?
  • Is making Singaporeans paying one of the *highest taxes in the world and not provide basic health care for the needy poor, old, feeble and disabled a right thing to do?
  • Last but not least, for a self-proclaimed 1st world government, is bringing in 2 millions foreigners (over the past 20 years) without planning to accommodate their housing, transportation and social needs a right thing to do?
If one cannot do the right things in the first place, how does one do them right?

George Yeo is right in saying that Singapore is fragmented and is not having faith in PAP. I would think any rational thinking person would know too, way before the 2011 General Election. However, the authoritative, pappy-knows-best politicians are so blinded by their despotic power craze that they were like, "SNAFU" - Situation Normal but All Fouled Up!

Most Singaporeans (not all) are kept so busy with their work, their living, their survival, that they have no time to know what the government is doing to them. And that's what PAP wants . . . a people so engrossed with their surval and material accumulation that they do not have time to bother with what the government is doing to them. However, times have changed. If a old fogey with only secondary education can feel the injustice, the angst of being treated like 'daft' dirt (compared to foreigners), what more of the younger folks with better education?

As much as I abhor the arrogance and hypocrisy of PAP, I wish not to witness the sufferings of elites blinded by power, wealth and glory. If a father loves his child, LKY is not having it easy growing old with what is on the plate of of his son, LHL. The crap has hit the fan and the skeletons are falling off the cupboard. Since May 2011, the bad news and embarrassing revelations of the government has been appearing much faster and more often. Sadly, the firefighting and damage control is not keeping the people happy.

However, even for PAP, all is not lost. Instead of 'buying and fixing', the time is nigh to lead with honesty, humility, understanding and compassion. To be fair, to be just. To put the Singapore pledge into practice and not treat it as a joke or an 'aspiration'. Do it. Live it. That's the right thing to do and it can be done right!

If not, the saying of riches and power not lasting more than 3 generations will come to pass. The government held by 3 consecutive PAP PMs will come to an end in 2016.

Soothe the anger, unite the nation.
We are Singaporeans


*highest taxes in the world - I'm not a numbers guy but the way Singaporeans pay taxes, levies or '' I figure we must be paying lots to the government. Eg.: CPF, Income Tax, "Subsidised HDB flats", ERP, Domestic Help Levy, Foreign Workers Levy, Water Borne Tax, Electrical Usage surcharge and many others that are so cleverly and trickily administered. Oh, not forgetting the surcharge (admin fee) one has to pay to use your Medisave to pay for your medical expenses!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Please Stop Flogging The "Inclusive" Horse

"2012 Budget leaves no one behind, says Shanmugam" [Link]
"Younger S'poreans should not be burdened with taxes: K Shanmugam" [Link]

Mr Shanmugam said: "When I talk to my grassroots leaders, I just did a walkabout in my constituency, we also have to send another message, which is that, only about 50 per cent of Singaporeans pay taxes. [Link]

If this is not a case of 'Chui Kong Lumpar Song', I don't know what it.

I'm doing my best to suppress my disgust, my anger and my urge to scream "KNNMCCB"! 

"only about 50 per cent of Singaporeans pay taxes."? This is carrying it a little to far, even for a lawyer! We pay GST (Goods & Services Tax). For diapers and milk powder, even a baby has to pay taxes! Play with words, fudge, but don't, please don't insult the public with such silly misleading statement. "only about 50 per cent of Singaporeans pay taxes." indeed!

I recall the 2006 GE and the PAP manifesto was:

The Secretary-General and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched the PAP Manifesto at the YP 20th Anniversary Rally on 15 April 2006. The slogan, “Staying Together, Moving Ahead”, reflects the main thrust of the Party in the coming General Election. Through the ground up and join-up approach, the Manifesto has embodied the aspirations of Singaporeans from all walks of life.

In this issue, Petir outlines the key programmes initiated by the PAP Government to bring Singapore to a new phase of growth and to develop Singapore into a vibrant global city which we can proudly call “Home”. The Government has also put in place safety nets to ensure no one is left behind as the nation moves forward.

With the completion of introduction of the new candidates and the launch of the PAP Manifesto, preparation for the GE is now complete. The Party is fully geared up for the much anticipated event.

Majulah PAP, Majulah Singapura.

Gan Kim Yong
PAP Publicity and Publications Committee [Link]

Since 2006, the nauseating "inclusive society" slogan of "Staying Together Moving Ahead' so preached by PAP was nothing more than "Chui Kong Lumpar Song"! Through the period, the rich got richer! The poor got worse! The little red dot got disintegrated!

When Budget 2012 was hailed as an "Inclusive Budget" [Link] [Link], I rushed to the toilet. I puked!

If we had "Stayed and Moved Ahead Together" since 2006, why the fook is PAP flogging the dead horse again?

Integrity, honesty and steadfastness are qualities needed to build an inclusive society. Unless and until words are put into action, the song remains the same!

'Chui Kong Lumpar Song' = Hokkien for 'Mouth Speaks, Testicles Titillate' (Talk Cock Sing Song?)
"KNNMCCB" = Hokkien for 'Go Mess Around With Your Mother's Reproductive Organ"

Will Desmond Choo Be Fed To The Fish?

I'll be damned!

There is speculation that the Chairman of NDP 2012 Organising Committee, Colonel Nelson Yau Thian Hock, is quitting the Singapore Armed Forces (for 'personal reasons') may be a 'White Boy". That he is the PAP candidate for the coming Hougang by-election. [Link]

Last I remember,  Desmond Choo of PAP lost to Yaw Shin Leong of Workers' Party in GE 2011. Does Desmond deserve another shot at whoever WP puts up as a candidate at Hougang? His fluency in  the Teochew dialect was a major reason for his being there. It would be sad if he is put to the pasture by the PAP leadership because he happens to be the nephew of Choo Wee Khiang [Link]. Or is he? If he has been doing the grunt work even after losing in GE 2011 (so unlike the ministers who deserted Aljunied), he should deserve to be the PAP candidate for the Hougang by-election.

I do hope that the speculation is not true. If PAP has to raid MINDEF again to fill its talent pool, this little red dot will soon be a black spot! With its whiter than white image, I'm surprised that they cannot  attract talented Singaporeans from other sectors. Then again, with their recruitment of Janil Puthuchary and Tin Pei Ling in 2011, we should not be surprised or shocked that another career soldier has to be sacrificed from MINDEF to serve the good of PAP (or Singapore?). Are we going to get more of Kee Chiu and the Sacrificer?

While we patiently wait for PM Lee to announce the date of the Hougang by-election (yes, the Election Department is under the PM's Office), I came across Judy Zhou whose piece on Lee Kuan Yew is so awesome that I have taken the liberty to cut and paste below. It's extracted from Singapore Election Watch [Link]

My commentary on "Lee Kuan Yew - Hard Truths Video" and how his perceptions are not infallible by Judy Zhou

Much as most Singaporeans appreciate what we have today, and we thank the old guards for this...I am quite sure , as Singaporeans we do not approve of some of the methods the government has used to so called "keep law and order" nor can we appreciate his philosophy with regards to opposing views.

He believes that the opposition must be demolished before they even start. And that was what the PAP did to Chee Soon Juan and Jeyaretnam.

My view is if you demolish them in debate, or in gentlemanly fashion based on their weaknesses, it is fine. However, the way that the govt demolishes the opposition is unacceptable because it uses underhand methods, such as ISA detentions, false accusation of communist activities, Marxist conspiracy, slander suits, and brainwashing of the people to believe the crimes of the innocent through a state controlled media that bombards us with news demonising opposition leaders or anyone who speaks up against them.

When he talks about nominated MPs unwillingly to "jump into the sea" , he should also reflect on how he has turned upside down the lives of people who dared question him, or run against the PAP... i am reminded of the likes of Francis Seow and the student leaders who were framed locked up for questioning the government. Such actions have intimidated many into silence. Lee laughs at this perception, but i strongly suspect that he has systematically created fear in the people... fear of speaking out against policies that ruin lives, unnecessary hardships and suffering.

He talks about "dealing" with the opposition effectively. Which first world government or minister speaks this way about an opposition party. This reflects the PAP mindset that the opposition members are "enemies' of the state that need to be dealt with, and this is shameful.

He doesn't believe that change will happen in Singapore , saying an alternative government is not possible and implies that Singaporeans only react for a short while and then accept that the PAP is right. However in the 2011 elections he has been proven wrong and the people are no longer afraid to disagree with the government or vote them out as in the case of Aljunied GRC. He cannot be more wrong when he scoffs at the slate of opposition candidates which in the GE, has proven to be men of calibre, much better than his 'paper' generals and civil servants.

High Salaries keep "yes" men who are afraid to speak up against the Prime Minister. But Mr Lee still believes the fallacy that you need high salary to attract good men. Well all i can say is when you throw money at people you only attract wolves. You have cheapened the Honourable ministerial positions into a way to make a fast buck. You also end up with low quality jokers for MPs, who claims that 500K is insufficient to give a Minister dignity, as well as a shameless MP refusing to resign or step down despite calls that she is neither qualified nor dignified enough to hold such an honourable position.

I strongly disagree with you Mr Lee that without the foreign talent - the economy will collapse. Your government has marginalised Singaporeans for the purpose of speedy growth so you can reward yourselves with an eight month bonus..and claim that income disparity will still arise no matter what. You allow your so called foreign talents to depress income levels of the middle and lower income groups, thus widening the income disparity.

I also think it is foolish of you to depend on children of migrants to become Singaporeans, serve the army and be loyal to Singapore... Just look at the Hongkies who cam before 1999, tell me , how many have stayed around to see their children serve the nation? Indian nationals, PRcs, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Myannmese, they are all the same. They use our education system to get their children into Australian and American schools and then their children never return to Singapore and do not take citizenship here either. Having spoken to many male foreign students, the feel I get is that they are not willing to do national service and will not be staying to be citizens. They are only using the Singapore advantage as a stepping stone for another country.

Your population policies are not working because you have traumatised a whole generation of baby boomers into not marrying early or having more children through your flawed "stop at two" policy which was implemented high handedly , including mandatory ligation in order to be entitled to sibling priority in schools and legalising abortions ( or even encouraging it) . Such practices are unethical and have harmed many young minds who have watched the suffering of their mothers.

And now you tell us, because we are not reproducing enough foreigners have to come.

You claim that our homes are sold to us minus land cost, but Mah Bow Tan says that it is sold at a discount from commercial land cost. There is contradiction here, so it;s either you do not know what is going on in your government or one of you is not telling the truth.

The chaps at the bottom are deemed unimportant to you, but in this watershed elections you have been proven wrong again.. because you lost a GRC and PAP's votes dropped by 6 percent. That is very telling that every citizen matters and you cannot just brush aside citizens just because they are poor. Such arrogance from an elder statesman like yourself if shameful and unacceptable.

You are also wrong to claim that Buddhism is not convincing to the western educated. Lumping Taoism with Buddhism only shows that you are now behind time and becoming more ignorant that some commoners. Buddhism is sweeping the west, almost as fast as Christianity is sweeping the East, and without evangelism. The Highly Educated are beginning to find Buddhism more reasonable, sensible and acceptable, which is evident by the number of American, Australian and European Buddhist Scholars and Monks who have studied in Tibet, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.

I will reserve my comments on your view of Muslim integration because it has had sufficient publicity.

Much as I wish you well Mr Lee, and I remember what you have done for Singapore, I also have to remember what you have done to the people of Singapore in order to achieve your " higher goals", and that to many Singaporeans is unforgivable. WE ARE NO LONGER AFRAID OF YOU AND YOUR PAP government... or your state controlled media..

Posted 8th June 2011 by Singapore Election

After reading above, I'm reminded of Johnny Tillotson's "Judy Judy Judy". [Video Link]
Yes Judy, your fortitude in writing the above is worthy of our love and respect!

We are thankful that more are speaking up to tell it like it is!


Monday, March 12, 2012

What Price Integrity?

Ms Lim also questioned if Mr Lee was not of the view that the Hougang residents are under-represented without an MP. 
Said Mr Lee: "If that is an issue, I would have thought that it is something which the Workers' Party would have considered before deciding to expel Mr Yaw Shin Leong.
"So, if we are in this situation today, it is because the Workers' Party has caused this situation to happen, knowing the consequences."

On reading his exchanges [Link] with WP's Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim, one can understand the frustration of PM Lee Hsien Loong. I do agree with PM Lee that WP is responsible for this situation. However, I would think that Yaw Shin Leong is the source of the issue and Workers' Party had to expel Yaw Shin Leong to uphold the integrity of the party.

I may be wrong but the way I understand it is:
  1. Yaw Shin Leong was rumoured to have committed some personal indiscretion.
  2. Yaw was asked to appear in WP's Central Executive Committee to clear the air
  3. Yaw chose not to appear and went AWOL
  4. WP's CEC decided to expel Yaw Shin Leong
  5. Yaw informed the Speaker of Parliament that he did not wish to challenge WP on his expulsion
  6. A by-election in Hougang must be held
  7. PM Lee has to decide when the by election is to be held
Like most, I accept the fact that the decision by WP to expel Yaw has caused a by-election to be held in Hougang. But it is simply too rich for PM Lee to blame WP for expelling Yaw. Come on, just what would the PM or other PAP MPs say if WP were to keep a sitting MP who went *AWOL from Parliament and his constituents? Would not PAP ride roughshod over WP for its irresponsibility in not having a MP representing their constituents and speaking up in parliament? Would it not be a dereliction of an MP's duty?

Oops. . . pardon me. I may be wrong but I have not seen or heard some duly elected MPs, especially those who were relieved of ministerial positions, making their contribution in parliament since the last election. Or are they working on the quiet? I just hope that their absence is not due to post-demotion blues. I'm sure they are made of sterner stuff!

It is never easy to sack someone. It takes guts, reasons and justification. I think WP did right on Yaw. No, not for the reason of his rumoured indiscretion but for his irresponsible absence when he was asked to clear the air. The righteousness of WP in sacrificing a duly elected MP is worth respecting. The courage of WP to go for a rematch, to risk losing Hougang, is indeed an honorable act which other political party can learn from.

Imagine if some deadwood were removed earlier from their ministry, we may not have the current housing crisis, the transportation gridlock, the fight for jobs, the struggle for places in schools & universities, the lamentable fight for hospital beds and other malaises that have caused Singaporeans much unhappiness. So whose fault is it that we now have to fight with foreigners for breathing space? I would think that the cause of such unhappiness is due to the incompetence of certain decision makers.

With the all the smarts, talents and 20/20 vision in PAP, wouldn't they have known that some decision makers screwed up big time? If so, why didn't they sack those blighters? Like what WP did to Yaw Shin Leong. If they had the gumption to sack those slackers then, Singaporeans today may not have to fight tooth and nail for basics like jobs, hospital beds, a place in the bus or train or affordable homes. Singaporeans would be a happier lot today!

In biting the bullet, WP took the bull by the horns and expelled Yaw Shin Leong. Some claimed that the relationship between Low Thia Kiang and Yaw Shin Leong was very close, very tight. If that it so, WP is worthy of even more respect for putting its principle and integrity above protecting its members and covering up for its cronies!

We must salute them for not protecting their own when their own did not measure up!


*AWOL - Absence Without Official Leave

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another $1,100,000,000.00 Tuck Yew Joke!

Why do the poor in Singapore have to bend over backwards to serve and make the rich richer?

Before my tears dried from the sad laughter derived from the joke of our government spending $860,000.00 on Mercer to recommend the million$ salary of ministers, I'm now shocked to know that Lui Tuck Yew will be spending $1.1 billion to help SMRT & SBS buy and operate more buses.

As much a they try to dazzle us with their brilliance, they do nothing but confuse us with their crap! Just what type of public transport operators do we have in Singapore? Are they privatized or nationalized? Or have Singaporeans been paralyzed?

Ex-MM Lee said Singaporeans are 'daft'. I may be wrong but I think Singaporeans are kind. They are so good natured that their kindness has been taken as a weakness. When injustices are committed against them, they would just grin and bear!

How can management, directors and shareholders of PTOs enjoy humongous salaries, bonuses, profits and dividends year in year out when taxpayers' money of $1,100,000,000.00 are used to help them run their bus business? This is after the increases in fares that's surprisingly approved by PTC only recently! How can the government allow and support such atrocity, such bully?

I mean, hey, it's the people's money! Is it only in Singapore that the PTOs can have the cake and eat it while having a free lunch?

My heart pains when Singaporeans are told by the PAP government of how it has taken such good care of its people especially the disabled, sick and needy old. It hurts to know that it is not the government that takes care of us. It is we who take care of ourselves! Generally, most Singaporeans, though poor, would depend on themselves to make a living, to survive. If they cannot earn their keeps due to sickness or old age or worse (losing their jobs to foreigners), majority would first deplete their savings (if any), depend (borrow) from family and friends or even Ah Longs before they would submit themselves to the indignity of being interrogated and asked, "You want your 3 meals in restaurant, food court or hawker centre?" to receive the measly public assistance!

The epic failure of PTOs in not giving discount to the disabled in Singapore is so telling! To hear Lui Tuck Yew say: "Now that senior citizens have been granted their full-day concessions, the next groups that I am sympathetic to are the disabled and polytechnic students. However, I urge Members to be patient as not all of these requests can be addressed immediately or entirely within a single fare revision exercise." is to make one cringe! [Link] I perceive Tuck Yew is more sympathetic to the bosses of PTOs than to the disabled Singaporeans and the Polytechnic students!

Lest I be accused for being unreasonable in my perception, I'm just sore that many have been sleeping on their shift!  The transport and housing crisis should not and would not have happened if ministers are on the ball and work in symphony! With their first world LKY schooled talents, how can they increase the population with foreigners by 2,000,000 without correspondingly match the social, housing and transportation needs? Damned! Even a moronic angry bird would build a nest before baby bird arrives! It's hard to fathom why our million$ ministers didn't have such foresight.

Yet another sick joke:
If "For every dollar that low-income Singaporeans paid in taxes in their lifetimes, they now get back $4 in the form of government aid [Link], how much did PTO's paid in taxes to get $1.1 billion in the form of people's aid?


Thursday, March 8, 2012

$860,000.00 Joke Is on Us!

Imagine this conversation between a confused Singaporean and a Minister:

Citizen Lost: "Wow, Mr Minister, you all very lucky hor, walk here walk there, shake hands here, shake hands there, speak a few times in Parliament, make us wait long long for you as Guest of Honour in this RC Event, then you get million dollars salary every year. Shiok, huh?"

Minister: "Hey, don't anyhow say. Can or not? No lah, you think suka suka we can get million dollars salary, meh? It's not us who decide how much we get, you know. It's Mercer who helped Gerard and his Team decide our $million pay. Hello, we paid Mercer $860,000.00 for only small job done. How can you grudge us ministers for getting $million pay for full year's full time job? Hello, we also must come up with policies to help you poor lost citizens, you know. Aiyah, you think minister job easy meh? Like now I come to your RC Event, I late 45 minutes, you all also buay song (Hokkien for 'unhappy'). Hello, today is Sunday I also kena work and make appearance. Don't say I say, but because of Mercer's "technical expertise on human resource and remuneration issues" that I can get my current $million pay. So don't think I greedy ok? Don't blame PAP ok? I have to sacrifice a lot to be PAP minister, ok?" [Link]

The above imaginary conversation came from the tricky headline I read below:

"Ministerial pay review panel did work on a voluntary basis.
The committee that reviewed ministerial salaries last year did its work on a voluntary basis, and its eight members were not paid by the Government, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean on Tuesday.

But it paid about $860,000 in consultancy fees to Mercer Singapore, the human resources firm that assisted the committee with the review.

The company was engaged for its technical expertise on human resource and remuneration issues, said Mr Teo. It was selected from three companies that submitted bid proposals.

Mr Teo revealed this in a written reply to a parliamentary question from Workers' Party MP Pritam Singh (Aljunied GRC)."
The above came from ST [Link].

Blimey! The headline read so charitable but the truth almost blinded me!

So which part of the Singapore Budget does this $860,000.00 comes from? The PM's Office? In fact, it does not matter. Ultimately, the money comes from us, the taxpayers.

With all the song and dance of how the budget should be spent, does one realise where the money is coming from?
  • The joke of spending $1.1 billion on PTO
  • The joke of granting $60,000 to those whose household income of 1,000 can buy a 2-room HDB flat
  • The joke of our extravagant Defence Budget where we have jet fighters sitting pretty in Arizona desert? and elsewhere
  • The joke of our stingy budget for the poor, the disabled and the needy old
  • The joke of our scholarship money of MOE going to PRC and other countries instead of our own children
  • The sick joke of CPF where rightful owners can never withdraw their hard earned cash savings unless they are sick, old (65 or above) or dead! Oh, they have to pay an additional admin (protection money) fee to use their CPF Medisave when they are sick!
The jokes go on and on and on. . . It is a shame that if not for noises from cowboy bloggers and opposition MPs, nobody will care to comment or question on the scheme of things. Things are so opaque and horrendous when we seriously think about it! Sadly, the election rhetoric of 'serving the people and not to lord over us' sounds so hollow as we slowly but steadily uncover the charade that's played before us.

If not for Pritam Singh of Workers' Party, we would not have been wise to this fact (joke) of $860,000.00! My sincere appreciation to him for this enlightenment that we need more opposition MPs for more transparency and truth in Singapore.

Talk is cheap. Whatever money they boast of, it comes from us, the citizens of Singapore. Through our Income Tax, GST, CPF, HDB mortgages, ERP, Maid and Foreign Workers' Levies and other ingenious ways of parting money from it citizens, the government, in its political way, put itself in the limelight as the good cop. Surprisingly, 60% of Singaporeans still buy into it!

Fair is fair. Much as I would like to bitch about this waste of good money ($860,000.00), it's worth noting that, at least, the amount spent after the review has helped to reduce the total expenditure of ministers' salary compared to the previous. However, if not for the greed and the wrong assumption that money buys everything, this disgraceful episode would not have come to pass.

With the culture of kiasu (fear of loss), kiasi (fear of death), kia bo lui (fear of no money) and kia chenghu (fear of government) so entrenched in Singaporeans for more that 40 years, it is difficult to change. However, there are some (and there will be more) who regardless of being rich or poor; powerful or not; regardless of the colour of their skin; regardless of their religious or non-religious belief will (through the votes, blogs, emails, coffeeshop conversations and other means) change the status quo for the better.

The elite government has to change its apathy for empathy.
If not the people will change the government.
That is for sure!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Joker Here, Joker There, Jokers Everywhere!

After belittling Workers' Party's Chen Show Mao's views on investing in social capital, it is amusing to note that Vikram Nair wrote in his facebook that it was a joke. [Link]

I daresay there is more than one joker in Singapore Parliament.
  • Tharman Shanmugaratnam joked that a family with an income of $1,000 can afford to purchase a small flat.
  • Khaw Boon Wan went deeper on Tharman's joke to make it more plausible. [Link]
  • Now we have Minister of State for Finance Josephine Teo, Minister of State for Defence and Education Lawrence Wong and Minister of State for Manpower and National Development Tan Chuan-Jin backing Tharman's $1,000 HDB joke. [Link]
I'm amazed by such ministerial artillery support! Their sense of humour is beyond me. Why crack a joke of 'family with an income of $1,000 can own a HDB flat' when there are so many (some with household income of even more than $1,000) not having a roof over their heads? With some camping in the beaches, parks and even void decks!

Is it the same joke as in any Dick, Dollah, Ah Seng or Muthu can have a heart bypass surgery with Class 'A' hospital accommodation for only $8.00? "My out-of-pocket expense for the hospital bill was $8 only; yes, no typo here." So wrote the ex-Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan in his facebook. [Link] The joke is most commoners like us do not have the means to pay for the expensive umbrellas (insurance premiums) to enjoy such perfect stitches!
If we need jokers in parliament, I'd rather have Kumar who makes us laugh at ourselves. Though some of his jokes touch on race, language and even religion, we accept them because the jokes have no malice and do not spite. Though insulting at times, they are jokes!

But certain joke can become serious. Vikram has now threatened that he is leaving his option open to sue TOC [Link] because of Ng E-Jay's piece in TOC [Link].

While Nigerian Scam is no longer a joke, PM Lee Hsien Loong may have to answer to something more serious in Hougang. A part-time cleaner is challenging him in High Court [Link] to find out if it is a scam not to hold a by-election in Hougang.

Singapore is getting interesting! We have corny jokes. We have threats of legal suits from the well-suited. We have a Singaporean of simple means fighting the rich and powerful PM for her constitutional rights to have a parliamentary representative.

We also have insults!

The wretched joke on Chen Show Mao for spending to many years overseas and now trying to represent Singaporeans as a MP and the low-down of "But we are not as smart as him" is quite unbecoming of a parliamentarian. WP should be proud that their MPs have not fallen onto the same slippery slope. Imagine a joke on Janil Puthucheary's 3-year-old citizenship and absence from serving NS and reservist duty before being parachuted as a MP in Punggol GRC? [Link] Oops, he was busy saving kids' live at KK?

Bet that will even make Kumar laugh!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Doggone it. We're Dogs!

Doggone it! The first thought that came to mind when I saw this video was "Tiu Leh Lo Mo" which  sounds phonetically like "Delay No More" which is a Cantonese vulgarity meaning "have sex with your mother". The Hokkien equivalent would be KNNMCCB, I guess.

It is not nice to swear (even in the head) but how else does one react to such an ingrate! He uses Singaporeans' (taxpayers) money to fund his education and call Singaporeans dogs just because a Singaporean Uncle stared at him for his rude behaviour. Honest to goodness, if he had said sorry for accidentally brushing the Uncle, I'm sure the Uncle would not have stared at him. If that particular loutish behaviour isn't enough, he had to complain and brag about it in the China’s microblog “Weibo” to his compatriots! His “I will wait for him (Alex) with a knife.” [Link] takes the cake!

Then I saw this.
For a guy who is a MD in a PR and Communications company [Link], Baey Yam Keng has been pretty busy handling his personal PR with Singaporeans after saying there's something in Sun Xu's words that Singaporeans need to "reflect on". This led to an apology "to those whose feelings my words have hurt I'm sorry". Watch 1:15 of the video for the contrite apology.

This reminds me of the apology made by PM Lee in Election Year 2011 over the concerns of the over-crowdedness, transport woes and Singaporeans competing with foreigners for jobs. Crazy as it may seem, DPM Teo Chee Hean wants to attract more of them?

As reported in CNA [Link]:
"Even as Mr Teo announced new initiatives, he stressed on the need for Singapore to attract new immigrants. He described 2012 as a "demographic turning point" for Singapore.
Mr Teo said at the current birth rates and without immigration, more than 1 in 4 citizens will be aged 65 and over in 2030.
The median age of Singapore citizens will rise to 47 from 39 today
And to 53, post 2030.
Fewer working adults will also support citizens aged 65 and above.
While those entering the working-age pool will shrink.
"Without immigration, we will face a shrinking workforce and the prospect of a shrinking economy. This challenging situation is compounded by the need to support a significantly larger elderly population at the same time," said Mr Teo.
Mr Teo said the most critical long term issue is to "develop a sustainable population strategy that will maintain the vitality of Singapore, strengthen our harmonious multi-ethnic society, and enable Singaporeans to achieve their life aspirations"    Emphasis is mine.

For the benefit of those in the ivory towers who have lost touch with the ground,
  1. achieve their life aspirations? I did not aspired to be called a dog by young insolent brat from PRC! It hurts more when my government gives such brats up to $174,000 each [Link] to study here while they lock up my CPF and restrict me from using my hard earned savings! In my 60's now, I do not expect to fight for my space in a bus or MRT! I do not expect to risk my personal safety to have to shout at foreigners to get back in line when they so often jump the queue I'm in. Old as I am, I detest bullies who take advantage of decent blokes! Funny as it may seem, when you tell them nicely to queue, they'd just cock you a snook or ignore you! You have to temporarily leave your usual polite self, shout as loud as you can (preferably like a sergeant major in army) to get them to move their butts to get in line! There are many foreigners, not all, who take advantage of our kindness for weakness. They'd try their luck and push the envelope as far as they can. Unless, we stand for our rights and fight for what is ours (even the insignificant position in a queue), we and our children and their children will end up worse, much worse than dogs!
  2. Fewer working adults will also support citizens aged 65 and above? Look around you. There are so many immigrant old folks in Singapore who are brought in by 'foreign talents'. Open your eyes and ears. l find fathers, mothers of immigrant workers playing with their grandchildren in HDB neighbourhood and playground. From the way they speak and behave, you'd know they come from mainland China or India and even Phillipines. Settled immigrant workers bring along their parents and take care of their own. Are they here on holidays or are they granted special passes?
  3. support a significantly larger elderly population? I'm not rich but I do not need imported working adults to support me. I still work to eke out a simple living. Should I reach a stage that I can't help myself, my children, relatives and friends will do their part. Foreign workers to support old Singaporean fogeys like me? You kid me not?
  4. strengthen our harmonious multi-ethnic society? Yes, by calling us dogs! Jumping queues, spitting, shouting instead of talking, beating up our police officers and stop us from cooking curry!
In a globalized world, every country needs immigrant workers. I'm not against foreign talents or workers, I'm just not happy with government policies that suck up to foreigners and thumb down their own citizens. 

Charity begins at home. 

Let's sincerely start with the poor, disabled and the needy old.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am Nobody, Just a Singaporean Blogger

Like everything else, the funny thing about blogging is you do not know until you know. Ask Alex Au of yawningbread [Link] and Richard Wan of TR Emeritus [Link].

Those who love me and those I love advise me to lay off. To blog no more. They do not want me to embarrass myself and my loved ones if I'm threatened and forced to apologise and withdraw the posts in my blog when threatened with lawyer's letter from the rich and powerful. For the love of life, for the love of peace, for the avoidance of trouble, I have been cajoled, persuaded and begged not to mess with the power that is. Not to be vocal with what I feel in my heart, in my soul. Not to disrespect the Chosen Ones! Not to bug the leegal rights of those whose power is so consuming that even wise men and political leaders like Chia Thye Poh, Said Zahari, Dr Lim Hock Siew and many others of the 60's, 70's and 80's, JB Jeyaratnam, Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong and Chee Soon Juan [Link] fell prey to. Some concerned souls are even worried that the 'power' is so 'dark' that they, like '007' James Bond,  has a license to kill. They can do a 'safe house' on you.

No, I do not want to lose money in defamation suit. Having no money, I also do not want to be a bankrupt or spend time in jail. I do not want to be 'accidentally killed'. But . . .

I just saw this through Martyn See's Singapore Rebel [Link] and it encourages me to continue to be who I am. Do what I do.

To share priceless truths with as many as possible. Truths that will never be told or shown by the Singapore mainstream media!

Coincidentally, the front page of Straits Times on 29 Feb 2012 tells the '1,000-Day Ordeal' of ST journalist Ching Cheong who was charged in a Chinese court and found guilty of espionage in China. [Link] If what China did to Ching Cheong was wrong, was Singapore right in incarcerating a Singaporean for 32 years without even giving him a trial in court? Isn't it a shame that ST did not ask Chia Thye Poh, Said Zahari, Dr Lim Hock Siew and many others including Vincent Cheng and Teo So Lung of their ordeal in solitary confinement and prison? Or encourage and help them write books? How about one titled 'My 32-Years-Of-Hell-In-Singapore' by Chia Thye Poh?

Seeing Francis Khoo's video on Martyn See's blog, how can we be not moved by their sense of adventure, justice and fortitude in doing what's right! Are we so gripped by fear and engrossed with making a living that we know not how to live with enough courage to write or speak (even anonymously) of our frustration and angst of the lack of accountability and bullying arrogance of the annointed? To voice our unhappiness for the injustice and lack of freedom? To help build a democratic society based on justice and equality? To live with freedom and  not to be

Born Unfree

Not that I was not hungry
I refused the food;
nor that I was not sleepy
I kept awake.

my ears keep hearing
the cry of an infant.

for months in solitary,
it was a source of anxiety;
for hours to this moment,
it is endless excitement.

then came the news of
the arrival of my little one.

I am the father
robbed of my freedom
whose world has shrunk
into a dark little dungeon.

my child, just born
into a world yet unfree.

Said Zahari 

Having sang "God Save The Queen", "Negara Ku' and "Majulah Singapura" as my National Anthem, I am old enough to know that the future of my children and their children will go to he dogs if the PAP persist in their ways of 'fixing and buying' and 'playing to the gallery'. Having served my full-time National Service from 1969 to 1971 and having done my reservist training not only in SAF but also in SCDF, I have paid my dues as a citizen of Singapore.

For that and with Khaw Boon Wan's "Come Clean" admonition to Workers' Party,
  1. I wish that they'd come clean on my CPF!
  2. I wish that they'd come clean on whatever they did and do in Temasek Holdings and GIC!
  3. I wish that they'd come clean on why a 'by-election was acceptable in Marine Parade but not so in Hougang now?"
  4. I with that they'd come clean on the 'perceived' nepotism! [Link]
  5. I wish that they'd come down from their ivory tower and really serve the people. Stop belittling and  lording over us with threats of defamation and other silliness
I am a nobody in the eyes of the elites of PAP.
But a Singaporean I am!

I may be threatened by leegal letters for being vocal.
But a Singaporean I am!

I may be arrested in the middle of the night by those in power.
But a Singaporean I am!

I may even be 'accidentally' run over and be killed like in "Safe House" [Link]
But a Singaporean I am!

Until they feed me to the fish
A Singaporean I am!