Saturday, September 29, 2012

Orgasm.oral: What has CPIB done?

Oh suck, this must be the horror of horrors!

From the corruption trial of the "orgasm.oral" [Link], [Link] and [Link], my heart goes out to the hubby, child and family members of Cecilia Sue.

Without any personal judgement on what she did, my empathy goes to her for the hell that she goes through now. Worse, what she went through when she was grilled by CPIB (up to 3.30am?) so many times is beyond what we ordinary folks can comprehend and perceive.

With inhuman tactics to extract forced confession from victims, does CPIB goes to the extent of making their victims reach a level of  'Acute Stress Disorder' and 'Altered Mental Status' to achieve their objective?

With what CPIB has done to Cecilia Sue, I cannot blame her if she contemplates suicide. For the sake of her child and loved ones, I sincerely hope that she's strong enough to overcome the trauma she is going through now. For whatever she did, any loss of life is a tragedy.

However, if she's cunning enough to put up this wayang (who knows?), then my empathy would have gone to waste.

In life, there are Enhancers and there are Depleters. Those that enhances life and those that depletes life.

Dear CPIB, do you enhance or do you deplete the well-being of human lives?


Thursday, September 27, 2012

The show goes on . . . at NATCON

The National Conversation is getting queer.

Worse, it's getting pathetic!

Or is it supposed to be a joke or a comedy to lighten up the stress of the people?

If you have not read the Lawrence Wong Special and the responses, I hope you do now [Link]

And  if you have not heard from Sim Ann and Tan Chuan-Jin, it's fine. You aren't missing much! Same self-serving rhetoric of 'chui neu' literally translated 'blow cow' aka "self-praise".

Now that we have Teo Ser Luck lucking out to defend Lawrence [Link] , I must say the NATCON is getting as stupid as stupid gets! [Link]

A conversation is supposed to be an informal exchange of ideas, opinions and feelings by spoken words. However, due to the 'uninvites' and avoidance of certain ideas which might embarrass the establishment, the 'uninvited' has been conversing in the internet. In fact, online bloggers have done it long before the politically motivated "NATional CONversation came to being!

Isn't it crazy for PAP to want a conversation but deny, denigrate and'or dismiss the expressions of bloggers just because their opinions are different from the PAP establishment? Why 'hantam' alternative opinions as ''political" when the bloomin' NATCON is nothing but a political exercise in the first place! A charm offensive to divert unhappiness and frustration of Singaporeans with the hope of winning over disgruntled citizens - wayang themselves as caring souls listening to our plight and concerns.

With the offensive charm of Lawrence here, are we having fun yet?

By the way, Reach is inviting readers of TREmeritus [Link] to a Townhall discussion on 9 October to further discuss population issues, which will be chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean and Minister Grace Fu [Link].

I would very much like to attend the Townhall discussion but being allergic to white I must refrain. Furthermore, I would not like to have another heart attack when I ask Teo Chee Hian, "Mr Teo, did you play a part in Archbishop Nicholas Chia's withdrawing his unsolicited letter to Function8?" [Link]

I will definitely collapse with another heart attack if he answered, "What do you think?"


Monday, September 24, 2012

CPIB: What Is Corruption in Singapore?

When I think corruption, my mind hits Lee and Lee. No, not the legal firm that does HDB conveyancing but the father and son team that were recently guests of honour at the sixtieth anniversary of the CPIB. [Link] and [Link] with the son launching a book on the subject of corruption.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines CORRUPTION as

a : impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle : depravity
b : decay, decomposition
c : inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (as bribery)
d : a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct

If corruption is an impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle or a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct, then there isn't much that Singapore can be proud of.

Are the following an impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle or a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct?
  • CPIB and Elections Department of Singapore under the control of PM's Office
  • No upgrading of HDB lifts and flats if one does not vote what the power demands
  • Husband is Chairman of GIC and wife is CEO of Temasek Holdings
  • Ministers paid in millions but no minimum wage for citizen workers
  • CPF for retirement at 55 delayed ad nauseam with Minimum Sum and Medisave continuously increased without the consent of the depositors
  • Subsidised price of 99-year lease-hold HDB flats which makes a mockery of the word "SUBSIDISE"! (A subsidy that profiteers?)
  • Resorting to calling Casinos (gambling dens actually) Integrated Resorts
  • Maliciously injuring the well-being of Singaporeans by importing tsunami of immigrants without a thought to the infrastructure (homes, transportation, hospitals, etc.) to accomodate them
  • Arbitrarily locking up Singaporeans through ISD for reasons beyond the understanding of Singaporeans who believe and trust in a democratic society based on justice and equality
  • Starting a national conversation that is nothing but a charmed offensive to divert attention from the challenges at hand. Is it merely a teat to pacify a citizenry emboldened now by frustration and disbelief? The Link here demonstrates the farce that's most embarrassing!
The greatest joke or irony of it all is the current Teo Chee Hian's MHA involvement in the letters between Function8 and Archbishop Nicholas Chia. [Link]

Thanks to Lord Acton, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." we are definitely learning more.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Nothing But Cowpeh Cowbu

I read recently that Senior Perm Sec and PAP MP Ann Sim tried to be a comedian. She wants to slay the sacred 'cowpeh' and 'cowbu' [Link]

For those not into Hokkien dialect, this is my humble translation: 'Cowpeh' =' cry father'. 'Cowbu' = 'cry mother'. It a verb meaning complain, bitch, rant or  making noise in a very loud fashion. If used as a noun (or in plural, nouns) like Ann Sim does, I guess bloggers in the social media are the worst CPCBs (CowPeh'sCowBu's) in the eyes of the PAP!

Try as they might to convince me of the value, I still do not understand why are we having this NATional CONversation. My question is very simple:

Why do PAP politicians/leaders want us to talk to them about the future (20 years from now?) when Singaporeans really need them to urgently solve the current problems of today? 

The National Conversation is nothing but a 'wayang' to divert our attention from the current challenges and frustration that we Singaporeans (not necessarily applicable to the rich, famous and elites) are facing:
  • The asphyxiation of Singaporeans from the liberal influx of foreigners.
  • The never ending fight for transportation, housing, medical services including hospital beds. 
  • The unattainable CPF savings! Just when will they stop shifting the goalposts and allow Singaporeans to possess what we legally own? The introduction of Forced Annuity and increase in Minimum Sum Scheme and Medisave are just ways to keep Singaporeans away from what's rightly ours. The incentives given for all and sundry to top up accounts (now even for in-laws!) makes me wonder if CPF is broke!
  • The crazy control of the nation's wealth in the hands of too little, too few. GIC and Temasek. Husband and Wife. Some term it nepotism, others, incest!
  • The blatant use of money and material to woo and gain support. No, I'm not against the pay increase of 8% for teachers. In fact, most teachers I know deserve more for their time and effort in moulding our children to be decent, loyal and courageous Singaporeans. I feel strongly that real good teachers shouldn't work so hard that they stressed out so badly ending up in IMH.  Apart from using money, it's time for MOE to sincerely look at the worklife balance of the moulders of dreams. Teachers seem to have as much, if not more, homework than they give their students. Why can't teachers mark and prepare exam papers in school instead of at home? To make matter worse, some parents have outsourced their parenting duties to teachers! (and domestic help, if I may add).
  • The insult and contempt that the elite rulers dispense upon us. Example of which is the song and dance of a NATional CONversation. Why PAP politicians/leaders want to talk of the future (20 years from now?) instead of solving the current problems today is beyond most sane and reasonable Singaporeans.
The charmed offensive from the PAP politicians and the MSM ain't working. They can screw some Singaporeans all the time. They can screw all Singaporeans sometime. The cannot screw all Singaporeans all the time!

Tom Jones sang: "To live for today and to love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool". For PAP to encourage everyone to "To talk cock and sing song about tomorrow and neglect the woes of today is the wisdom of overpaid idiots!"

As Ann Sim so enjoy using Hokkien as in CPCB, may I just add "Chui Kong Lumpar Song" (I used often in my previous posts). It is what this NATional CONversation is all about. I'd like to add "Cho Bo Lan" ("Do No Penis") and "Bo Seow Kan" ("No Sperm Sex") meaning doing nothing of substance. The NATional CONversation, not unlike the "Remaking of Singapore" is much ado about nothing!

If you have the time and wish to take a journey on the usage "Chui Kong Lumpar Song",  kindly visit:


Happy reading!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Mr President, Are You Joking?.

"A busy and fulfilling first year as President" wrote Tessa Wong of Sunday Times of September 2, 2012. "Asked about the highlights of his year in office, Dr Tan named 2 in particular. The most exciting one was cheering the Singapore athletes at the London Olympic Games in London, he said. Another was when he was inducted into the Honourary Senate of the Foundation Lindau NobelPriceWinners Meetings in July"

Bilmey, we pay him millions in salary and these are the highlights of his work for the past year?

I guess he must be kiddin' when 'he said he will do his part in helping the government steer Singapore through these "volatile economic waters", stressing that a strong economy was needed to make sure that the country had the means to help the less fortunate'.

Dear Mr President, if you allowed the PAP government to throw $4billion at IMF without a whimper, I'm sure you can throw some crumbs to the less fortunate in Singapore. Like dude, what gives? Apart from the $4billion to IMF, I'm sure you are aware of the following:

According to Kenneth Jeyaratnam, 'On 04th January 2012 the Ministry of Finance issued a promissory note for US$16.34 million to the International Development Association. . . 

“The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (1999  revised edition) includes safeguards to protect past reserves of the Government.  One such safeguard, set out in Article 144, requires the President’s concurrence  for the granting of certain loans and guarantees."

Mr President, did you concur? I guess not.

"AGO found that the Ministry of Finance did not comply with Article 144 of the Constitution when it issued a promissory note without obtaining the required President’s concurrence. (sic)”

The Audit clearly pulls the MOF up for breaching the Constitution. It seems the MOF breached the Constitution and gave away our money, blatantly ignoring any requirement for a safeguard." [Link]

Some Singaporeans may be excited by your excitement in watching the Olympics and being inducted into the Honourary Senate of the Foundation Lindau NobelPriceWinners Meetings but most will be more interested in how you are guarding the sovereign wealth of Singapore.

I guess your work is different from that of President Ong Teng Cheong when he was our President. Though he passed on relatively young, he's left a legacy in letting us know that he did right doing what he had to do to protect the assets of Singapore!

Mr President, you must be joking when you spoke to Tessa Wong. Singaporeans would think that the 'highlight' of a president's job would be of 'sterner stuff'! They would be flabbergasted that the highlights of your presidential function seem so trivial.

And some may be angry - like the bloke singing at 4:10 of this video.

In the video below, the Americans sang for President Obama. Would Singaporeans sing the same for you? . . .   What do you think?

For a subtitled version, please visit 'One Term More "