Sunday, October 28, 2012

Psychopath with an anti social personality disorder?

Or is he?

"I've had several of my own doctors who are familiar with such conduct . . . tell me that he is a near psychopath", Lee Kuan on on Chee Soon Juan.

'Today one cannot help but conclude that the trailblazer is more a sputtering meteor, and perhaps one with an anti-social personality disorder", ST Political Editor Chua Mui Hoong on Chee Soon Juan.

After watching the videos above, I guess reasonably sane people will not agree with Lee Kuan Yew's and Chua Lee Hoong's perception of Dr Chee Soon Juan as a nut case.

For almost 2 decades, I have never seen or read of the mainstream media putting Chee Soon Juan in a good light. If he was not condemned, he was totally ignored. His recent party's alternative National Healthcare Plan [Link] and other ideas were shunned and never brought up for discussion by the msm. Considering the NATCON that is supposed to hear from citizens to make their lives better, isn't it a waste that such ideas from Prof Thambyah and CSJ and his team are silenced?

Chee Soon Juan is neither Nelson Mendela nor Aung San Suu Kyi. However, he's definitely not what LKY and Chua Mui Hoong describe him to be. Instead of "a sputtering meteor, and perhaps one with an anti-social personality disorders"  is it time that out of the ashes, a phoenix rises?

Glad as I am that Chee Soon Juan will be discharged from bankruptcy, I'll still worry that the power that is will throw him another curved ball to prevent him from competing in the next general election. Let's wait and see.

Meanwhile, I'm amused that the way Straits Times is still milking Amy Cheong to keep the NATCON going!  Page D2 and D3 of Saturday's Insight of ST, "The Race Issue - Different Shades Of Grey" reported "Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Ms Cheong's comments were totally unacceptable". Dear honourable PM, just where were you when your dad said/wrote that Muslims in Singapore cannot integrate with the rest of us? Was his comments acceptable to you? If not, why wasn't your finger and that of your other ministers as fast on the trigger as you shot Amy Cheong for her indiscretion, stupidity, racism or whatever?

Maybe "Justice and Equality" as stated in our National Pledge is nothing more than an 'aspiration' as stated by the PM's father. Or is it a song and dance to pull wool over the eyes of the faithful Singaporeans? If there were justice and equality in Singapore, LKY should be fried or torn asunder like Amy Cheong was by PAP Ministers and the mainstream media for her insensitivity to the sensitivity of fellow citizens!

However, in trying to protect the sensitivity of some, I'm sad to note that the power that is is messing up the sensitivity of others. After Amy Cheong's incident, the Media Development Authority decided to ban Ken Kwek's "Sex.Violence.Family-Values". Unless we are ready to lighten up and not be 'pap'politically correct all the time, we are nothing but "daft digits" controlled by the "pappolitically correct"! Wake up, have fun and let's start to smell the roses and laugh some!

I guess reasonably sane people would laugh and not be offended by Kumar's performance. If so, why ban Ken Kwek's work?

Is Ken Kwek the same young Ken who was fried by LKY for asking a pertinent question that riled the old man a few year ago?

If so, I'd appreciate if my readers who know will enlighten me.

Thank you.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NATCON: Is the Charm Offensive Working?

Is the concentrated attempt by the ruling party to gain favour or respectability by conspicuously cooperative or obliging behaviour through NATCON working?

Is the wayang going to win more votes for the PAP in 2016?

Is the vouchers announced by PM Lee for the NSmen an appreciation for their sacrifice or another means to gain favour and win future votes?

In the same way that ministers in PAP need to be incentivised with humongous salary do NSMen need to be motivated with the measly vouchers?

I did my NS in 1969 to 1971 and did my 'saikang' thereafter as a reservist not only in SAF but also in SCDF when they were short of manpower!  I'm proud that my track record of the good ole days were not tainted by any vouchers or other demeaning form of buying my integrity in cash or kind.

Damn those who think that born and bred Singaporean NSMen are so cheap that their loyalty and integrity can be bought by vouchers!

We, especially the old soldiers, do not need vouchers to turn us on! We need sincerity of men with integrity to lead us on. We do not need NATO (No Action Talk Only) leaders who at one time apologised and promised that immigration of foreigners will be controlled but in less than a year said that a population of 6 million is sustainable!

With leader who do not mean what they say and say what they mean, is Singapore going to the dogs?

Maybe that's why there are no more Singaporeans in Singapore! Those who have the means emigrate. Those who don't, just roll over and play dead and cannot be bothered because their voices are treated as contempt, as 'noise' by the rulers. Or have Singaporeans just walk into the sunset and say, "Goodbye cruel world!" Because they have had enough of the insincerity of the leaders who keep saying one thing but doing another and come up with crumbs just to put papselves in a good light!

Is there no more truth, sincerity and grace in Singapore?

Is Singapore just a playground for the rich and powerful to F1 and casino and park their money?

Is Singapore so dead that with all the truths that are told and questions asked by alternative voices (eg. transparency in CPF, HDB, GIC and Temasek Holdings) the power that is is still pretending not to listen and putting wool over our eyes?

And maybe there are no more Chinese in China, no more Indians in India and nor more Filipinos in Philippines. Because they are all in Singapore!

And for the crazies who are having an orgasm now building more and more HDB flats at devastating prices, we are going to be gridlocked soon . . . very very soon, starting with Punggol!

They brought the people in without preparing the houses. Now they build houses without preparing the roads and transport facilities!

When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?


Friday, October 12, 2012

Where Is The Sense Of Proportion?

Until hell freezes over, there is not a chance on earth that what I write below will be published in the Straits Times.

The page below (in italic) from the Editorial Desk of The Straits Times published on 12-Oct-2012 gives me the perception that the sense of proportion is missing in the heads of some.

No room for racism
The gratuitously offensive remarks about Malay weddings that earned Amy Cheong the sack are an example of a line that must never be crossed in Singapore. The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), where she had been a senior staff member, was obliged to mete out the punishment given the seriousness of her vulgar racist diatribe.

Anything less would have exposed Singapore's apex union organisation itself to charges of racial insensitivity. The argument that she deserved milder censure because she had made the comments in her personal capacity on her own Facebook page does not hold water because the NTUC was dragged willy-nilly into the controversy given her affiliation with it. While there can be no delight in seeing a person lose her job, Cheong unfortunately brought this upon herself.

This case draws attention to the issue of racist mindsets and attitudes. There have been several instances of racially abusive remarks on the Net in recent months which have attracted the wrath of public-minded Singaporeans. But it would appear that the message - that racism does not belong in Singapore - has not sunk in. It did not sink into even an educated and experienced person in a socially-responsible position like Cheong. How could this be so after decades promoting multiracialism?

One reason is that Singapore's patent vulnerability to ethnic tension ironically was once a safeguard against it. Citizens by and large spoke and acted with probity because they were acutely conscious of the calamitous consequences of a breakdown in racial and religious peace.

That awareness was heightened by proximity to the racially-charged 1960s. But as subsequent years passed by without incident - thanks in no small part to the watchfulness of the state, which nipped incipient tensions in the bud - ethnic harmony became an everyday affair. Harmony began to be taken for granted in the belief that the Government would be able to control any untoward situation.

There is no complacency as deadly as that born of the illusion of security. Although no one doubts the determination of the state to contain an outbreak of strife, the harm caused would set back race relations by years if not decades.

It is this recognition that should make plain the boundaries of public discourse touching on race and religion in Singapore. This applies to artistic or satirical films as well, where seemingly innocuous messages might be misunderstood by a mass audience. In the Amy Cheong case, the NTUC has rightly sent out a strong signal that assaults - intended or otherwise, online or elsewhere - on the core principle of multiracialism will simply not be tolerated in Singapore.

As written in my earlier blog [Link], the disgust, vehemence and vitriol showered upon Amy Cheong by those whiter than white for her mindless comments got me thinking of their double standards. Likewise, why wasn't Straits Times preaching when Lee Kuan Yew spoke of Muslims not being able to integrate in Singapore in his hard hitting hard truths! Why didn't this case 'draw attention to the issue of racist mindsets and attitudes"? Was "a line that must never be crossed in Singapore" crossed earlier way before Amy's vulgar racist diatribe?

"But it would appear that the message - that racism does not belong in Singapore - has not sunk in. It did not sink into even an educated and experienced person in a socially-responsible position like Cheong. How could this be so after decades promoting multiracialism?" Sadly, the message has not even sunk into people of even higher education and more power than Amy Cheong!

"看到神, 拜; 看到猪, 杀!" This selfish self-serving  Hokkien saying, "Kwa tio tsin, pai; kwa tio ter, tai!" literally means:"when you see God, you prostrate in reverence and submission and pray; when you see pig, you slaughter!"

Looks like one is sacrificed while the other got away scot-free, unscathed!

If we live in "a democratic society based on justice and equality" how are we going "to achieve happiness, progress and prosperity for our nation" with such inconsistency and unbalanced playing field?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amy Cheong is not Lee Kuan Yew

What Amy Cheong wrote in her facebook denigrating my Malay/Muslim friends is wrong. It shows the contempt she has for others.

After her mindless act, PAP ministers and supporters alike went full throttle condemning her for her foolish insensitivity. Straits Times (9 Oct 2012) on its front page stated, "NTUC fires exec over online racist remarks" with the following:

  • The NTUC takes a serious view on racial harmony in Singapore" said Lim Swee Say. "We will not accept and have zero tolerance towards any words used or actions taken by our staff that are racially offensive"
  • Law Minister K Shanmugum called Ms Cheong's remarks shameful and unacceptable, adding that they confirm "deep fault lines in our society based on race and religion"
  • Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said that Ms Cheong's comments were "offensive not only to the Malay-Muslims, but all the rest of us who value Singapore's multiracial spirit and who want to take it further"
  • Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin said, "the reaction of some individuals does not reflect the values that the rest of us hold on to"
  • Writing on Facebook from New Zealand where he is on an official visit, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he was shocked to hear of the incident. "The comments were just wrong and totally unacceptable"
  • Grassroots leader Lionel de Sousa, who is the secretary of the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle in Hougang, filed a police report yesterday. He said he wanted to send a signal that racist remarks should not be tolerated.
The sense of righteousness of the gentlemen above in condemning Amy Cheong, though timely, appears to be a little hollow to me.

Gentlemen, just where were you when Lee Kuan Yew was onto the following:
  • "... to persuade Malay parents to look after their daughters more carefully and not to have teenage pregnancies which leads to failed marriages, subsequent marriages also fail and delinquents . . ." [Link] Why he had to highlight the Malay-Muslim parent instead of Chinese or Indian is beyond me.
  • Mr Lee:  “Well, we make them say the national pledge and sing the national anthem but suppose we have a famine, will your Malay neighbour give you the last few grains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Muslim or vice versa? [Link] Why Malay as example again?
  • Lee Kuan Yew's take on Muslim integration in Singapore [Link]
  • In his interview with Charlie Rose at 31:57 [Link], Lee Kuan Yew appeared to stand corrected again even after he stood corrected.
While every mother's son in PAP is having an orgasm running down Amy Cheong for her "racist" post, I simply wonder where were they when LKY said things that (in my perception) were derogatory to my Malay-Muslim friends? Why were you not doing what you do now to Amy Cheong? Condemning racism!

In every race or community (religious or whatever), there are decent blokes, there are mean bastards and, worst of all, hypocrites! Please be fair - regardless of race, language, religion, gender and, most important of all, political status, position, power and wealth! 

Truth is Amy is not LKY. That is why she is paying and paying (PAP?) for a sin that may not be a sin to another who is powerful.

I guess power corrupts and absolute power corrupts beyond what our minds can comprehend.

Shame on those who practice double standards!


How Low Will PAP Go?

The above picture appears in the Straits Times. Doesn't it look good? It shows PAP's Health Minister and MP physically supporting and helping Chiam See Tong to walk.

The picture looks humane and gives the impression that PAP is helpful, kind and deserving of Singaporeans' support. However, the truth leaves much to be desired.

When I saw CNA's grab in a coffeeshop (without the benefit of the audio), I felt the warmth in my damaged heart that finally, PAP is becoming less heartless and more caring. When I read and realised that PAP's Sitoh has cleared out  the "office" of Mr Chiam at Block 108, Potong Pasir Avenue 1 (with whatever reasons he proclaimed to justify the killing of the base of Mr Chiam), I was shattered to know that leopards will never change its spots! [Link]

I bet this charm offensive will rile and offend many fair minded Singaporeans who cannot tolerate the hypocrisy that has slowly become a way of life, an accepted culture of Singapore.

Regardless of whether Chiam's "base/office" is rightfully thrown out or not, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many to know that a picture does not really tells a thousands words!

Have they no fooking shame?

Sadly for PAP, the charm offensive does not work in New Zealand. [Link]

Again, what a shame!