Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hong Kong, Singapore, DBS and Lehman Bros.

So funny.

I can help laughing when our leaders and our msm brag about how great this little red dot is, compared to other countries.

"More Good Years"; "Golden Period"; "More crimes up North"; "Our women folks not having to work as maids in foreign lands because our ministers are paid millions". Getting orgasmic on F1 and coming gambling dens (oops, or is it called IRs, integrated resorts meaning, gambling integrated with prostituting). Not forgetting the latest advice for our Indian friends on how to have "incorruptible" government with 'out of the world money-not-enough million $,$$$,$$$ salaries' for ministers pegged to salaries of CEOs like Lehman Bros. and/or other top earners.

"Kaw cheoh" in Hokien or "bitter laughter" in English is what I'm going through now. The utilities I used to pay for my non-aircon heartlander pigeon hole (HDB flat) is around $100 per month. Come November's bill, I'll have to pay about $121 or 21% more. Just what the 'fish' did I do to deserve this? I'm sure most Singaporeans feel 'fished' or screwed for having to pay 21% more.

In Hong Kong, they are getting a discount! Why is CLP Power (HongKong) giving a 3% discount to their customers when Singapore Power is raising its fee by 21%? I'm lost! So much talk about "Moving Ahead , Staying Together" but, unfortunately, so many non-elites are left behind.

Whatever reasons they give to justify the increase, it still doesn't make sense to me. 80% of our electric supply comes from natural gas but "Asia does not have a benchmark for gas prices. Until its gas trading industry comes up with a gas index, electricity prices will be pegged to oil prices." I will most grateful if someone can help me out here. Just what kind of a 'spin' is this? Though I'm just a HDB heartlander "O" level peasant boy of 57, I hate to be insulted by such intelligence!

My friend (who's rich enough to invest) got hit by the Lehman Bros Tsunami. As much as I feel cheated by the Singapore Power's powerful 21% increase, my richer poor friend is worse off after being 'fished' by our DBS!

Again so funnee! Our DBS Singapore has not lifted it's little finger to help my friend but DBS Hongkong "will offer a full refund to investors if it is found that they were misled into buying the products. " Again, "What the fish?"

Maybe the demo at Hong Lim Park today will help us achieve the standard which "first world country" citizens like my rich "poor" friend deserve.

I hope she gets her money back.

Hong Kong is part of supposedly communist China. Singapore is a "democratic society based on justice and equality". How come Hongkongers get a better deal than Singaporeans when dealing with DBS or power companies.

Boy, we are so "together and ahead"!

So funny!

But the laughter leaves such a bitter taste in the mouth.

"Kaw cheoh" indeed!



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