Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mas Selamat Found!

There's been so much of hullabaloo on Mas Selamat Kasturi that nobody actually knows what happened. Even the COI had so little facts and they only reported on what they believed.

So what actually happened?

After cracking my O level brain and researching for more than 2 months, I finally scored! EUREKA! I have the answer!
Please click and watch above 6min 24sec video, "Prison Break" to the end before you read further. Yes, this magic escape is worth watching till the end!

If you do, you will get your answer and the Eureka high too!


Mas Selamat must be the Lacoste Alligator!

You think he's still stuck in WRDC? Oops, I mean the Lacoste T-shirt?

If I have brought a smile to your face or laughter to your heart, my life has been meaningful!

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for viewing.

Happy Holiday!

Happy May Day!



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