Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goodness gracious me! Did you get the facts?

After checking the facts, Ms Salma Khalik found out that someone did not check the facts after admonishing someone else for not double-checking the facts.

Part of what Ms Salma Khalik wrote on "Answers Needed For Twins' Fund" may be a little embarrassing for some.

"The committee's existence came to light when Mr Khaw was replying to Mr Baey Yam Keng, an MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, who had asked if SGH and his ministry would release money for Jamuna's treatment.

He noted that newspaper reports had said that Dr Goh had asked for funds to treat her.

But Mr Khaw replied that SGH had not received a request from Dr Goh, or any other doctor, to release funds for Jamuna's treatment.

The minister then suggested that Mr Baey check his facts and added that not all reports were accurate.

He said: 'Like the Member, I also read the report in the newspaper. So here is an example of not all reports are factual, so you have to double-check your facts. And the facts are as what I've presented in my reply just now.'

But a Sunday Times check with SGH confirmed that it had received a funding request from Dr Goh last month.

Its spokesman said: 'SGH has promptly asked him to furnish the proposed treatment plan for Jamuna, which will be forwarded to the Nepalese Twins Fund Disbursement Committee for its evaluation.'' Read more at Aug 31, 2008 VIEWPOINT

We have been led to believe that ministers in Singapore are the best of the best and we are fortunate to have them at "bargain" price of only millions of dollars. Is this an example of how good they are? This "lau kar kui kor" incident (roughly translated from Hokien "shit all over the pants") is another sign of brazen arrogance of the million $,$$$,$$$ leaders.

I may be wrong but I guess Ms Salma Khalik wrote this piece to show that her report is indeed factual and accurate. For that, I take my hat off to to her for this rare expose. Now do we get a "gracious' retraction from a VVIP or is someone going to lose the job like Mr Brown for writing "People are fed up with progress"?

For the ad nauseam cheerleading that's coming out from ST, I'm indeed grateful to Ms Khalik for having the guts to tell it like it is. I respect her for taking on a minister for the sake of integrity and honest reporting.

With the control, fear-mongering, and "PAP knows best" attitude, it is a breath of fresh air to read Ms Khalik's viewpoint. If she can do what she does when things done by the government sucks, I guess the least we can do is one of the following when we are fed up with progress:

1.Talk to your MP (we may waste our time as they have no time)
2. Write to the press (hardly get published)
3. B&B - Blog & Bitch

I have done my part of full-time NS way back in '69. I contributed towards Singapore thereafter by working to make a living thus helping in the economic progress. I also contributed by having productive sex to create some babies (though they made it hell for me if I had more than 2). Being a grandpa now, I make myself useful to Singapore by B&B.

Even though a commoner heartlander, I believe that I have as much right as the next guy (elite) to voice my concerns. As much as I've been talked down, insulted and idiotised by the "gracious" government, I'm as Singaporean as the Lee's, Goh or Khaw! The only difference is I'm much poorer and don't have a voice in parliament.

As much as my friends and loved ones are fearful of me being "fixed' and done in by my politically incorrect blog, I still do so because I believe that "Sedikit sedikit, lama lama jadi bukit!" If enough people speak up or blog, the power will be forced to step out of their ivory tower to do some decent work, like knowing that there are poor and homeless beggars in Singapore, and actually helping them.

Yes, there's fear in speaking out. I'm sure they have the machinery to track me down and sift me out even I'm blogging anonymously. But if we continue to accept their chutzpah and high handedness without a whimper, we are doing more harm than good to our country and ourselves.

As long as there are people to remind the rulers that life for the masses is different from the elite, we are doing something right. At the risks of being charged for defamation, sodomy and what have you, I think if we do nothing, we deserve the crap that's dished out.

In fact, ministers should be happy that feedback from some bloggers helps them do their job better. If I'm as audacious as they are, I'd say part of the million $,$$$,$$$ salary (paid to ministers) should go to the bloggers for their contribution (time & effort in writing blogs for free) in building an "inclusive society" that can "stay and move ahead together".

Yes, the feedback and comments worth much!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Graciousness Under Pain

Let's be gracious enough to admit our mistakes.

Let's be gracious enough to forgive.

Let's be gracious enough to "move on".

If a picture paints a thousand words, this picture shows graciousness under pain.

As being 'gracious' was preached by the PM on National Day Rally 2008, what better way to show it than to lead by example.

The press conference to end the self-inflicted crisis was meant to be a finale to the Ping Ping Fiasco. Looking at their sad serious faces and body language, I think it pains them to do what they had to do at the show. For the sake of all in SSC and STTA, I hope there's no reason for an encore to their discomfort.

I'm happy to note that Dr Balakrishnan was gracious enough to mention the contribution of the past president, Mr Choo Wee Kang

I still wonder why the change of STTA president just before the Beijing Olympics?

As premeditated purchase of a silver medal is no cause for celebration for me, I hope that those who celebrate will continue to party to enjoy themselves.

If we can "move on" after Mas Selamat Jalan, "moving on" after PPF (ping pong fiasco)
is a piece of cake!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Gini coefficient: Mdm Ho Ching & Mdm Noorfarizan make the Gini so efficient

After celebrating our silver table tennis medal with so much confusion over the fate of the team manager, chief coach and now the president, we can now celebrate Mrs Prime Minister for being the World's 8th most powerful woman!

With so much power and money in Temasek, but More unable to pay electricity bills can she, her husband or the relevant authorities please help those who have fallen off the cracks?

Since the government has made a mockery of nation building and national service by paying themselves millions, are we going to make a mockery of kindness in helping the poor too? Or is it not the government's responsibility to help?

The loan sharks throw paint, pig's head or even faeces at your doorway to scare you into repaying your debt. The Singapore Power Supplier went one up. They fixed the poor by making them KAYU, I mean, PAYU - Pay As You Use -.

"The pre-paid metering scheme, called Payu, for Pay As You Use, involves replacing conventional power meters with special ones that work only if an account has sufficient credit in it.

Users can top up amounts from $10 to $250 into their accounts. As electricity is used, the sum is drawn down and has to be topped up. Twenty per cent of what they top up goes into settling their outstanding balances with SP Services.

Madam Noorfarizan Abdul Rahim, 30, went on the scheme after failing to pay her bills for three months. Her family owes SP Services over $400, but with four children to feed on a single income of $850 a month, putting food on the table, not paying bills, gets top priority.

Madam Noorfarizan, whose husband is a cleaner and whose children are aged between eight months and 10 years old, said: 'The price of rice has gone up, the price of cooking oil has gone up and everything has gone up.'

To help a little go a long way as far as energy is concerned, she restricts activities like watching TV. Social workers say that other such families also resort to leaving their flats in darkness. Many throw doors and windows open to catch available light from common corridors.

Madam Noorfarizan topped up her Payu account with $10 a few days ago, but just $3 remains. She will head to the Post Office today to top up another $10 - good for 'two to three days of power'."

I wonder how much does it cost to specially fix the meters (replacing conventional power meters with special ones) to fix those too poor to pay their electricity bill on time. If Mr Prime Minister is harping on a gracious society, isn't it time for the Power, including Singapore Power to be kind and gracious enough to help the down and out instead of punishing them?

Or do they just want people like Mdm Noofarizan to 'please, get out of my elite uncaring face'?

Apart from the value of kindness and graciousness, the value of representative democracy went to the dogs when PAP MP's voted against NMP Prof Thio Li-ann's and Dr Loo Choon Yong's motion to make amendments to Parliamentary Elections Act. The must-see speech by NMP Siew Kum Hong on "the 3 P's - Principle, Practicality and People was so sensible and sharp that some sensitive PAP's MPs may wish that they did not listen to it. With the current unhappiness of the people over the inflation, GST and ministers' obscene salary, I guess the chance of having a by election is as good as Mdm Noorfarizan having high tea with the Queen of England. The "Kiasu, Kiasi and PowChiak!" translated from Hokien, "Afraid to Lose, Afraid to Die and Definitely Edible (Sure Win)!" attitude of PAP which is sadly and blindly copied by many Singaporeans has won again!

I'm surprised that The New Paper did a poll in Bukit Batok and published it. "What People of Bukit Batok say by Arul John. "The majority of Parliamentarians voted one way, and heartlanders the other". Are the parliamentarians so high up in their whiter than white ivory tower that they are so out of touch with their residents?

How far and how long can you continue to mock the people who make Singapore what it is today? Oops, or is it only the PAP leaders not the people who made it?

Meanwhile, please do not blow off Mdm Noofarizan's candle to make yours burn brighter. It doesn't work that way.

Have a heart, don't knock her for being poor or for having too many children. (Don't bring her down like you did during the "Stop at 2" days.)

Give her light.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Deja Vu?

Instead of getting better, it's getting worse. The gracious society that PM Lee tries so hard for received another slap on the face in: Feisty exchange over aid for poorest households.

Clearing trays at hawker centre or food court after one's meal is a dumb example of being gracious after minister can speak like this:
"Mrs Yu-Foo also said: 'Our ministry's concern is . . . how far you want to cover. . . You want to cover up to 30 per cent, 40 per cent or 50 per cent?' " The lonesome voice of Dr Lily Neo speaking for my down and out friends ruffled the feathers of the leaders of MCYS again. And again, she got whacked with such stupid retort.

Well, I guess it's not easy not being a yes man. I mean yes lady. If only more MP's have bollocks enough to help solve people's problems instead of singing praises for their glory-seeking leaders all the time.

"Mrs Yu-Foo then clarified that her question was not directed at Dr Neo in particular, but at Singaporeans in general . . .

I didn't say Dr Lily Neo asks for 30 per cent...My question was generally to Singaporeans, whether we want to cover beyond 20 per cent."

What's she trying to say? Singaporeans asks for 30%, 40%? That shows how much respect she has for you and me. In trying to save herself from her own folly, she blames the Singaporeans in general? Apart from the poor Singaporeans who Dr Neo is trying to help what "Singaporeans in general" is Mrs Yu-Foo talking about?

I remember Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said, "How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?"

With top honchos in MCYS talking like that, how on earth are we going to develop our community?

Community Development? My foot!

Graciousness=Clear trays?

I think

Graciousness=Lead By Example!

Especially leaders and MPs in goverment.


Not too long ago, TOC wrote this:

Parliamentary exchange between Lily Neo and MCYS minister

Wednesday, 25 April 2007, 8:20 pm |

This is an excerpt of the parliamentary debate between PAP MP Dr Lily Neo and Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on the issue of public assistance.

Dr Lily Neo:

Sir, I want to check with the Minister again when he said on the strict criteria on the entitlement for PA recipients. May I ask him what is his definition of “subsistence living”? Am I correct to say that, out of $260 per month for PA recipients, $100 goes to rental, power supply and S&C and leaving them with only $5 a day to live on? Am I correct to say that any basic meal in any hawker centre is already $2.50 to $3.00 per meal? Therefore, is it too much to ask for just three meals a day as an entitlement for the PA recipients?

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan:

How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?

The full transcript of the exchange can be found here.

Can a Person or a Government 'not corrupted' in law be 'corrupted' in fact?

When I read ST's Govt defends A-G's stand on acquittals, I was perplexed that "Law Minister reiterates that 'not guilty in law' does not mean 'innocent'. So 'not guilty' is 'guilty'?

83 year old great-grandma said, "Lung see ee, kui ah see ee!" Hokien roughly translated to English is, "He's human, he's also the devil!"

I was puzzled further when I read, "Attorney-General Walter Woon stated that an acquitted person may be 'not guilty' in law, but 'guilty' if fact." So what are judges for? Who's law is it anyway?

In this 'golden period' of 'golden rule' in Singapore, I guess he who has the gold makes the rules. So 'guilty'; 'not guilty';'corrupted'; 'not corrupted' depends on whether you are judge under law or fact or whatever. Now I'm really confused!

If that's the case, Can a Person or a Government 'not corrupted' in law be 'corrupted' in fact?

Go figure :)


Sunday, August 24, 2008

'Whole Lotta Love' in Beijing but 'Dazed & Confused' in Singapore

While Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page did the all time favourite 'Whole Lotta Love' with pop star Leona Lewis in Beijing, people especially Singaporeans were 'Dazed and Confused' when Straits Times reported: OUT . . . Singapore's table tennis team manager told to leave . . . Fate of head coach also hangs in the balance in shock move by STTA chief.

Anthony Lee sacked by STTA chief Lee Bee Wah is another interesting 'happening' in Singapore.

Being on the "Stairway to Heaven" after winning the silver medal, it is indeed a sad joke that Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) president Lee Bee Wah and Project 0812 chairman Ng Ser Miang may go into a boxing match over the decision. Ng Ser Miang said he was 'shocked at the timing as well as the manner in which this decision had been made'.

MP's and other news makers have put in their 2 cents worth on the issue. Ultimately, I guess The Man ( Lee Hsien Loong or Vivian Balakrishnan) will tell them, "Whatever the 'Honest Mistake' (whoever made it), Move On!".

Like Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt & Jamaicans, Jimmy Page with 'Whole Lotta Love' made Beijing Olympic extraordinary! Wow!

If only I can say the same for the Singapore silver medal.

ps: To those who are not into Led Zep, Dazed & Confused, Whole Lotta Love and Stairway to Heaven are songs I of my teenage years :) Next to Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page is considered World's best guitarist.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time to celebrate or hang my head in shame?

Congratulations to the 3 immigrants for winning the silver medals. With their hard work and the funds & desperation of leaders (S'pore Govt, S'pore Sports & STTA) to boost their egos, the imported immigrants have achieved much. They deserve to be proud of their medals and enjoy the rewards that is coming top them!

But to the leaders who brought this about, shame on you! This is not the way to try to anchor a nation into unity. With what you have, I'm sad to note that you have not realised that to unite the people, all you need to do is:

1. Be sincere
2. Be honest
3. Be humble
4. Be gracious
5. Be forgiving
6. Be in touch
7. Lead by example
8. Help the down and out
9. Don't buy people
10. Don't fix people
And, last but not least, be Singaporean!

I totally agree with Anthony Yeo who wrote, "I'm not celebrating . . " in TOC, but I do not think he should hang his head in shame.

The people who should be ashamed of themselves are those responsible for this sham and shame. While their orgasm hasn't stop, I'd like them to know that it's a pyrrhic victory. It may bring more harm than good!

Money can keep reluctant ministers in their jobs; money can buy medals; money can fix opposition and buy votes; money can even buy sex; but sorry chums, money cannot buy me love, nor peace, nor truth, nor loyalty nor national pride. Money also doesn't buy fear of arrogant leaders!

I pity those who still insist that since other countries are doing the same, we should follow. As we are really into this slippery slope of casinos and prostitution, I guess it doesn't hurt to be orgasmic about a pyrrhic victory! What next? Instead of imported yellow table tennis players, we may have black athletes representing Singapore in London Olympics in 2012. Last I heard, Singapore scouts are heading to Jamaica to buy some.

Me? I'm simply celebrating life (born again after my heart attack), love and lately grandfatherhood!

Before I'm accused of being a racist, I'd like to state that I'm yellow too :)


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is this for real?

If this middle finger is for real, let's just be kind to The Animal!

Why does one tries like hell, (with statistics?) every year in the month of the hungry ghosts, to glorify oneself, telling how much one and one’s rich elite party has done and will do for Sinkies!

Yes, every 7 moon of the lunar year, we need to feed the hungry ghosts. In the same month, the son of the father also needs to feed his bloody hungry ego and draw himself a 10/10 report card for the whole world to see!

While most are sick and tired of his annual “mee siam mai hum”, he still tries very hard to be a comedian. The one on “I (Govt) Not Stupid” was really stupid! The one on “Stop At 2″ really takes the cake! One up on his dad?

Then again, for $3.1million per annum (or is it $3.7M), he needs to show that that he is working harder and better than Bob Hope, Jerry Seinfeld, The 3 Stooges and George Bush put together.

With the ‘arrogance, greed and fear breeding” of the leaders followed by the veneered “msm knows best’ & “carry boss’s bollocks and looking down on you peasants” reporting, we have created a culture and a “to each is own, dog eat dog, don’t mess with, but support PAP (even if you hate them)” mentality for most. A gracious society in Singapore? Tan Gu Gu (Wait Long Long)!

Look at the smile and finger of PM; the way the ministers talk down to the people (Eg. Bargain Hen’s insult of 55’s not being able to handle their own money with “a fling here and a fling there” and Lim Sway Says “increase pay of workers increases inflation” crap) and you’ll know what I mean.

Where money talks all the time with this greedy bunch, we need to ‘Tan Gu Gu’ for a Gracious and Polite S’porean Singapore.

The rally speech was nothing more than ”Chui kong, lumpar song!”. For the benefit of those not into Hokien dialect, it means ” Mouth speaks, testicles (bollocks) feel good!”

Another buying and fixing scheme?

And as admitted from the horse's mouth, it's his job!



Monday, August 18, 2008

No World Cup, Olympic Silver Will Do!

Good as Gold and When Silver Means Gold by Chia Han Keong

Silver, but they're our Golden Girls by Marc Lim

When sport rallies a nation by Chua Mui Hoong

Medal dreams come true by Chua Chin Hon

All that glitters need not be gold by Rohit Brijnath

Why don't I get the sort of top of the world feeling that they do?

The greatest sporting thrill I had with national pride was when we won the Malaysia Cup in 1977. True blue Singaporeans like Dollah Kassim, S Rajagopal, Quah Kim Song, Mohammad Noh and Samad Allapitchay with local coach Choo Seng Quee and manager S Ganesan were the Dream Team of Singapore! We were so proud of our team and our Kallang Roar!

Table tennis of Olympics 2008 and Our Dream Team? The shiok just doesn't kick in.

Chua Mui Hoong of ST wrote, "Some cavilling Singaporeans may sneer that Team Singapore was 'bought' foreign talent - but they may want to look back into their not-too-distant ancestry to recall that they themselves are probably children or grand-children of immigrants." Hello, our ancestors were not "bought and fixed" by rich glory-seeking schemers. My grandpa was not tempted by a certain Mr Choo Wee Khiang to come to Singapore to be a sportsman. Unlike the China B Team who came by airplanes, well taken care of by the buyers, my grandpa came on a boat without life jacket not knowing what his future would be. He came on his own without carrots of $$$ attached to Olympic medals of different shades. He was not part of a 'Buy & Fix" glory scheme. So please don't insult the dead, especially during the 7th moon festival!

I'm not petty and and I'm not sneering. Neither am I a killjoy sourpuss or "blackhearted spoilsports". I'm just a little put off by the song and dance and the artificial nationalistic jig that's being put up. I'm also not against the China B Team. I wish them well and hope they enjoy the rich rewards coming to them.

I'm just uncomfortable with the sham of getting Olympic medals through the back door. As 83-year-old great-grandma says, "Bway heow kian seow. Gia lung eh kar chng beh cho bin beh." Hokien translated to English means, "No shame. Use the skin of someone else's buttock to implant on your face." And please don't tell me it's fine just because the other countries are doing it.

There are some who would even sell their own mother for a profit. Shall we follow too?

In the chase for glory during their watch, some leader wants to do World Cup, others want Olympic medals to add a feather to their cap. Does it really help people stay together and move ahead?

Will this expensive cheap thrill stops or shall we go Jamaica to shop for some sprinters? Usain Bolt and the 3 Jamaican ladies who finished 1-2-2 in the Women 100m are the hottest in the world today. Shall we send Mr Choo Wee Khiang there?


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ping Pong Orgasm - Does money buy everything?

"The Man Behind the Medal" said in ST, 'I also identified Zhang Yining, But the Chinese said 'no, no, no, this one you can't take. She is our future world champion'. She was only 12 and they already knew.'
Choo Wee Khiang, on spotting the women's world No 1 during one of his first scouting trips to China"

Woah .... reminds me of slave trading!

I remember there used to be Ping Pong Diplomacy between USA and China in early 70's, I think, where real Americans played with real Chinese.

Today it's Ping Pong Orgasm in Singapore! Look out for more song and dance in msm so that our attention can be taken away from the real (no medal, no bronze, no silver, no gold) trying-to-make-ends-meet state that we are in.

Even PM's National Day Rally Speech telecast (meant to be this evening) has to be postponed to tomorrow instead. Wonder why the real speech is still on tonight. Maybe those folks attending the life speech tonight are matured enough to know that it's no big deal whether the China/Singaporean Team or the China/Chinese Team gets gold or silver.

After reading ST's "The Man Behind the Medal", I'm amazed that money and shopping can be so much fun! Shopping for things is one thing, shopping for people? Shopping for citizens? And the Beatles tell me "Money can't buy me love"!

I know EPL soccer managers buy footballers for their clubs. Orgasmic as it may be, but country buying sports talents for momentary national pride and making such a show about it is a little hard to swallow.

Well, if we can buy sex, we can buy medals too!

I have nothing against the China/Singaporean ping pong medalists and I wish them well with the huge cash prizes they will receive from Singapore. And hope that they, unlike some other imported athletes who 'ran road', will stay and prove that our money is well spent.

I'm still very proud though. The real true blue Singaporean Olympic Silver Medalist is still Uncle Tan Howe Liang!

I hope that the orgasmic ping pong journey will stop soon after being mentioned by the PM in his rally speech (which I bet on) . After tomorrow, let's get over it and concentrate on the job at hand, that is, Help For The Poor; MM. It's so nice to know that it's now been acknowledged that there are poor in Singapore. Oh, some believe that poverty has been eradicated and there are no beggars in Singapore.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Screwed again!

Further to my previous post "Why are they staring at me during the Ghost Festival" and TOC's National Day or MP Day of Thursday, 7 August 2008, 12:00 pm | 2,988 views
by Gerald Giam / Deputy Editor,

I was surprised to read the following comment:

100)RedContactLens on August 11th, 2008 3.57 pm

The GM of my town council replied to me:


“Thank you for your email of 8 Aug 08.

The banners and billboards featuring residents with our Members of Parliament were put up by our Town Council and Grassroots organisations in celebration of National Day. As these are joint projects in which other community and grassroots organisations are also involved, it will not to appropriate to reveal the cost. For your information, the costs are funded by our Town Council and GROs.
Once again, thank you so much.

xxxxxxxx, General Manager” UNQUOTE

So it is Town Council's money and GRO's money. So who's money is it anyway?

More important is the question of who decided on the use of the money? Was it from
  1. The Top? PM, SM, MM?
  2. The MP's?
  3. The testicles carrying PAP cronies whose career or livelihood depends on MP's?
  4. Or the GM of Town Council?
We pay our conservancy charges, taxes and GST and they use it to glorify and advertise PAP MP's?

With MP's and mintsters' obscene allowance and pay, they should dig into their own pockets to promote themselves instead of using our money.

What right do they have to misuse public money and public space for their self glorification?

Have they no shame?

Whiter than White,
Cleaner than Clean
No hanky panky
No need for corruption
Whatever filthy or self-serving
Can be leegally administered

I do not know much about Anwar and the sodomy thing up north. If the above letter from the GM of a town council is true then HDB dwellers and Singaporeans are unknowingly and forcefully screwed again! Yes, we've been had again in our rear ends!

Painful for Us

Orgasmic for Them?

To PAP MP's: "Your are paid so much for a part-time MP job while holding to your full time paying career. Do you have to be so cheap as to use the money we pay (for the maintenance of housing estate) to fund your political greed? You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Meanwhile, enjoy this youtube production at


Friday, August 8, 2008

Why are they staring at me during the Ghost Festival?

I just read National Day or MP Day? by Gerald Giam of TOC and I can't help but respond with this.

Thank you so much Gerald for awaking the giants and all Singaporeans on this senseless and costly self-promotion.

Subliminal? It's a bloody nightmare to have 82 self-glorifying faces staring at you all over Singapore during the Ghost Festival!

It happens on National Day or is it PAP Day? It happens during Chinese New Year! It happens during Hari Raya Puasa! It happens during Deepavali! It happens during Christmas! Those bloody faces with faked smiles (superimposed with the theme of the day) keep staring at you! Yes, they wish you happy merry whatever the occasion calls for!

Marketing? Propaganda? PAPaganda? It doesn't matter. Singaporeans are "bought and fixed" and brainwashed to the extreme that they have forgotten about Chia Thye Poh and Ong Teng Cheong & our reserves!

Dear PAP MPs, for the prevention of nausea and for the sake of sanity, please get your faces off!

Who's money do you use to glorify yourself?

Who's money do you use to promote yourself?

Unless you are not involved in this despicable act of self-glorification at the expense of others, all 82 of you should be ashame of yourself!

When you wear your whiter than white on 09/08/08 and take your national pledge with your right hand on your heart, ask yourself, "Why am I a PAP MP? Do I serve the people? Do I serve myself? Am I a phoney?"

Talk is cheap and not asking questions in parliament for your constituents is even cheaper! Of course it's beyond you to ask questions like inflation & higher cost of living; our reserves going to the dogs (I mean, Shincorp, Merrill Lynch, UBS, etc.); as many ERPs as PAP MP faces on signboards and banners during Seven Moon Festival; and why we need MM, SM to do the job of PM.

Are you paid just to be poster boys and girls?

How do you sleep at night?