Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is Singapore Justice Really in the Dock?

Did Alan Shadrake scandalize the judiciary in Singapore with "Once A Jolly Hangman - Singapore Justice In The Dock"? Having read the book, I don't think so.

I would have thought that previous political cases involving JB Jeyaratnam, Tang Liang Hong and Chee Soon Juan affect the credibility of the system more than the book written by Alan Shadrake? In fact, the case of the Kangaroo Trio who were jailed for appearing in court wearing Roo's T-Shirts makes a greater mockery of the judiciary. [Link]

With the British Foreign Minister being dismayed by the sentencing [Link] , and Shadrake's latest appeal [Link], we now learn that another funny thing happened in the Zoo, court house. The Attorney-General Office has offered not to contest if Alan Shadrake seek leave of jurisdiction. What is "seek leave of jurisdiction"? Does it mean:
  1. Shadrake can leave Singapore without serving the jail term or paying the fine?
  2. Shadrake must secure bond (equivalent to the jail term and fine) before he leaves?
Those who know, please teach me some.

Meanwhile, more update is available here. [Link]

With the latest goings-on in the court and parliament [Link], is Singapore really in the dock or are we going to the dogs?


Monday, November 15, 2010

". . . but can you vote for me?"

Before I mislead anyone, I'd like to declare that "I'm not an elite but can you vote for me?" [Link] and my previous 3 blogs were written in jest to highlight the great divide between average Singaporeans and the elites in whites. I have learnt much from the comments here and here. I truly appreciate the responses and I must admit that I do not have what it takes to be a politician.

Funny as it may seem, this is said by someone who cares. "Be an opposition candidate as MP? You crazy or what! You may not get threatened like Denise Phua or get barbecued like Seng Harn Tong but, being who you are and what you stand for, they can certainly do a Tang Liang Hong Special on you! Unlike Tang, you don't even have the money for the sampan fare or connection to 'run road' to Batam, let alone Australia. Why bring misery to your family and friends? Do you know the suffering that Tang Liang Hong and his family went through?"

Though this helps, I still do not understand what sins Tang Liang Hong committed to deserve the calamity that's forced upon him.

It's 14 years since the 1996 Election when Tang Liang Hong and J B Jeyaratnam paid a high price for the powerful leegal justice that's so unique in Singapore.

In this coming election, are we going to see more of the Kiasu, Kiasi and Kiachenghu voters voting for more *wayangs*, *foreign talents* and *subsidized* HDB flats?

Or are we going to see more enlightened voters


ME as in
  • INTEGRITY and, last but not least
For more than 40 years, each of us, of different age at various stages of our lives, have contributed in making Singapore a decent place to live. For the sake of peace and progress for our nation, most of us (with humble jobs) work quietly to take care of ourselves, our family. Without any dissent, we obediently follow the ruling party for the good of the nation.

Due to our decency to maintain peace and our carelessness in not realizing that almost 3 generations have been brainwashed by schools' and mass media's propaganda controlled by the rulers, we are now so conveniently dumbed down by the PAP government that anything that goes wrong in Singapore IS NEVER THE FAULT OF THE GOVERNMENT BUT the complacency of us "lesser mortals".

The announcement of the previous GST increase to 7% to help the poor which ended up as salary increase for million $$$ ministers left too bitter a taste in the mouths of many Singaporeans. The escape of Mas Selamat and the recent flooding was bad enough but the lame excuses and shifting of blame as in "taichi" shows the quality and competence of our leaders.

Instead of being walked all over and despised as "daft and complacent lesser mortals needing spurs on our hides", I believe it is time that Singaporeans regain our self respect and let the elitists know that enough is enough! We are patient, we are peaceful, we are co-operative, but we resent being treated like idiots!

- From the Oxford dictionary, *subsidized* is defined as:

(also subsidise)


[with object]
  • support (an organization or activity) financially:the mining industry continues to be subsidized
  • pay part of the cost of producing (something) to keep the selling price low:(as adjective subsidized)subsidized food
So who is paying "part of the cost of producing (a HDB flat) to keep the selling price low?

Anyone who claims that a 99-year-lease 4 room flat costing more than $300k (selling price low?) is *subsidized* must be a math wizard or a murderer of English vocabulary.

Or is this the Singlish version of *subsidized* ?


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I do not tempt fate but can you vote for me?

Making a song and dance of Singapore's press freedom in an American university must be embarrassing [Link] but to advertise Singapore as "prized trophy target for terrorists" is downright irresponsible.

On Prime Page 3 of Sunday Times of October 31 2010, Chua Hian Hou reported, 'DPM Wong passes on the baton' - His successor, Law Minister and Second Minister for Home Affairs K. Shanmugum paid a glowing tribute to him.

Mr Wong, he said, was a mentor whom he had known for more than 20 years and whom he greatly respect and admired. He "met every challenge with a realistic and workable solution. He never shied away from making tough, at times unpopular, decisions".

Singapore boasts one of the lowest drug abuse rates in the world, and its streets are "now safer than they ever have been", said Mr Shanmugum.

And despite its status as a "prized trophy target for terrorists", Singapore has yet to be hit by such an attack, he added.'

The bragging of some politicians in Singapore knows no bounds. Who gives Singapore the status of "prized trophy target for terrorists"? In praising one's predecessor there is no need to talk so big and loud. No need to invite trouble. No need to tempt fate.

Why highlight Singapore as a "prized trophy target for terrorists"?

Was New York of 9/11 a "prized trophy target"?

Did Bali (12/10/02), London (7/7/05) or Mumbai (26/11/08) enjoy the status of "prized trophy targets" too?

I cannot understand who in his right mind would want to remind those who wish us harm that "Singapore is yet to be hit''. Why antagonize them with such a boast? Such a challenge?

We all know of "staring incidents". Such challenges lead to unnecessary fights, bloodshed and deaths. Why act tough and start a "staring incident" of the "terrorists kind"?

The shock, the awe and the pain of a "terrorists attack" will make the gang attacks in Downtown East and Bukit Panjang look like child's play. Heaven forbids!

Saying that Singapore is a "prized trophy target for terrorists" that has yet to be hit is worse than screaming that we belong to the gang of "396", "Pak Hai Tong" or "Fong Hong San".

If they can lock up people for wearing cute "Kangaroo T-Shirts", should they also haul up the irresponsible bigmouth for attracting, inviting and inciting violence?