Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another reminder to Proud Arrogant Party MPs!

Proud Arrogant Party MP's are reminded again by their Boss of the do's and dont's. [Link]

Maybe the PM should also remind MPs that being late when invited as guest of honour in community events is disgusting!

I attended a health/fitness event at VivoCity last year. The guest of honour, a Mayor was 45 minutes late to declare the ceremony opened. When he finally arrived, a gentleman beside me said, "Bloody hell, big-shot come so late and the stupid MC still want us to stand up, clap and welcome him. Screw him lah!" I seconded his emotion because the GOH was so "atas" that he did not even offer a reason, or an excuse or an apology for being so late.

Maybe being PAP, proud arrogant people, they know no wrong! And do no wrong! They wait for no one but expect everyone to wait for them. The worst part is they don't give a damn that the scheduled programme went haywire because of their being late. And they never apologise! I love the way MCs play their part when tardy GOHs turn up for community events late, very late.

Apart from being late, it'll be nice if PAP MPs can be less plastic? If you don't have time for me, please don't pretend. Please don't force smile, shake my hand and move on before I can even say hello. If you think my status is too inferior for you to engage, please don't even bother to smile and extend your hand.

Sincerity. Sincerity to serve? The word "serve" has become meaningless in Singapore the day ministers paid themselves millions! I believe each of us has sincere qualities within us. However the application of sincerity is what matters. Ever see the change of a smiling face to one that says, "Boy, I'm glad it's over. Job done!" impatient face? You know what I mean;)

I was hopeful that the Proud Arrogant Party has learned some humility when PM announced the formation of a committee to review ministerial salary. But having thought through, the orgasm some may have over the transparency of political salary may be another sham. If there was sincerity in reducing ministers' pay, why not just bite the bullet, make the decision and just cut it! Why hide behind the skirt of Gerard Ee & Co. Why was there no Salary Review Committee when king's ransom were paid to ministers? Salary Review Committee. Why now, not then?

Happy weekend!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm grateful to all who voted for Singapore!

As much as I have been vocal and resentful of the arrogance of PAP leaders, especially that of Lee Kuan Yew, I have to give credit where credit is due. From the video below, we can see the difference of a man who 'was' and the man who has 'become'.

It's old (as in long, long ago) and it's 52:48 long but you'll be thrilled by the presence of familiar political faces and the hard facts from the man who was! His take on Goh Chok Tong's responsibility in locking up Vincent Cheng and so called 'Marxist Conspirators' and on religion and ISA is worth the time spent watching this video.

Today, we hear from new Education Minister, Heng Swee Keat talking about review of Mintsters' salary. Immediately after, PM Lee announced that a "Salary Review Committee" will be headed by Gerard Ee. If PM Lee is sincere in this project, he should co-op Low Thia Kiang, Chiam See Tong and even Nicole Seah to sit in the committee! Please not a 'wayang committee' filled by a bunch of 'what's-in-it-for-me', ball-less, 'fear-of-MIW' yes-men who are more concerned about their own well-being than that of Singapore!

Times - they are a'changing! As a 60-year-old-born-and-bred Singaporean, I have never been more exhilarated than on the early morning of 8 May 2011. With the 40% of votes going against PAP and the ascension of WP gaining 6 parliamentary seats through GRC in Aljunied and SMC in Hougang, I, my children and my children's children can look forward to a "Singaporeans' Singapore" instead of a repressive "PAP Singapore"!

If not for the brave, 'tak bolen tahan' can't-take- it-anymore 40% who voted for dignity, self respect, democracy and the good of Singapore, those millionaire ministers would still be resting on their laurels and treating us like dafts and kicking spurs on our butts as and when they like.

40% have voted with this message: "All I want to say is that they (PAP) don't really care about us!' [Link] & [Link] As much as we have heard from PAP so far, let's hope there won't be a repeat of 2006's sham of: "Let's Raise GST to help the Poor (Increase Ministers' Salary)".

Is it time for us to see SINCERITY replace ARROGANCE and SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS in PAP? Are we there yet?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and if they don't learn now, they never will.

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have pricked them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?


"Beat me, hate me
You can never break me
Will me, thrill me
You can never kill me
chew me, sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, kike me
Don't you black or white me

All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us
All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us

Tell me what has become of my life
I have a wife and two children who love me
I am the victim of police brutality, now
I'm tired of bein' the victim of hate
You're rapin' me of my pride
Oh, for God's sake
I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy...
Set me free"

Thanks to Michael Jackson

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paptism No More!!!

So the Millionaire Mentor and the Senior Millionaire figured it's time to go. However, the Prime Millionaire has not decided on their resignations. Well, if Eric Tan has left Workers' Party, I'm not surprised that Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong are leaving the cabinet. Anyway, the cabinet is already broken by the careless handling of the hammer in Aljunied!

The reasons for their quitting will be debated to death but I figure:
  • MM has to go because of his stubborn callousness. His smug reply to Charlie Rose after he said he "stand corrected about the Malay/Muslim community not able to integrate in Singapore society" shows the sincerity of the man. Can a human arrogantly hurt a community, said he "stand corrected" under pressure, then add salt to the wound of the community by asking Charlie Rose, "Go ask the average person if I'm right?". He doesn't need spurs but if he's not harnessed, he is capable of causing a race/religious riot in Singapore!

    "Regret and repent"? I think most are "rejoicing" at a broken cabinet without MM and SM!

    Another reason he has to leave the cabinet is he has to "kee chiu" to an ex-Army chief.
  • SM has to go because the relationship between the Prime and the Senior is currently as good as that of Low Thia Khiang and Eric Tan. Furthermore, SM has to babysit Kate Spade Salah Peilin for the next 5 years!
Environmentally we are are getting the haze but isn't it great that since 8 May 2011, we are having a breath of fresh political air at last! The self destruction of the redundant (chobolan) and over-priced MM and SM may just be the beginning of the depaptism of Singapore! Since 1965, we have been brainwashed and paptised by those in white.

With the demise of the positions of MM and SM, (yes, its sheer stupidity to carry on with these despotic costly "bo leow" appointments) I would like to see the depaptism of the following in due course:
  1. NTUC
  2. HDB
  3. CPF
  4. PA & Community Clubs
  5. Residents' Committees (RC) and Citizens Consultative Committees (CCC)
  6. PCF and other educational institutions and schools
  7. GIC and Temasek
  8. All Statutory Boards
  9. All Sports Organisations
  10. Election Department
  11. ISD and
  12. WhateverTheyHaveTheirHandsOn
Sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi bukit! I'm an optimist! The above will be depaptised and become transparent and independent if we the citizens of Singapore push on with our voice and our votes! Don't keep quiet just because the election is over. Keep reciting our pledge daily and feel in our hearts the injustice and inequality the bullies have imposed upon us! Isn't it sad that they got pension while still on the job at 55 while we cannot even encash all our CPF when we are 55!

Question: Apart from the $3mil salary plus 8 months bonus, does the Prime Millionaire also currently receive:
1) Pension of a Prime Minister or a Finance Minister
2) Pension of a Brigadier General?

Actually, with all the explanation given by Teo Chee Hean and the PMO Office by the msm today, would it not be simpler if they just call a spade a spade and let us know the exact millions that PM Lee gets every year!

Or am I being too optimistic?


Friday, May 13, 2011

From whence I came? Here I am, Grateful!

We could have more opposition members in parliament but we have only 6. As far as I'm concerned I am grateful. Grateful for the following reasons:
  1. The way the various oppositions spread themselves out in the various constituencies to fight at every GRC (except Tanjong Pagar) and SMC shows they got their acts right.
  2. The hustings of the opposition parties put the miws on the defensive all the time and the many times PAP (especially MM & SM) shot themselves on the feet show that they have truly lost the ground.
  3. The gay trick by Vivian Balakrishnan shows the kind of a man he is - a flaw in character.
  4. The "regret and repent" will prove to be "jubilant and rejoice" if miw in PAP plays fair.
  5. Young Nicole Seah asking PM Lee: "Who pays your salary, Who pays for upgrading? Who pays for 'Grow and Share?'" Ouch! Too bad PM could not do a "Chee Soon Juan" on Nicole like what Goh Chok Tong did when CSJ asked GCT of the money lent to Suharto. With Singaporeans no longer fearing PAP like dear Nicole Seah, the use of judges to intimidate with charges like defamation and the likes is coming to an end.
  6. The loss of George Yeo and the ascent of "Kate Spade" Salah PeiLing and "Kee Chiu" ex-army Chief as MPs shows the stupidity of GRCs.
  7. The racially blind erection of Michael Palmer as duly elected MP of Punggol East goes to prove that GRCs were created to protect PAP's turf and not to protect the minority.
  8. I'm grateful to see if PAP through Lee Hsien Loong will say what they mean and do what they say. I will have the chance to see if saying "Sorry" was just another trick to buy votes.
Even as we will miss our "Son of Singapore" Mr Chiam See Tong in this coming parliament, I'm grateful to know that he is more loved by Singaporeans for his gentlemanly demeanour, his fortitude, for his love of Singapore and Singaporeans. Without doubt, Mr Chiam has put a political thug, a ruffian leader of Singapore to shame.

Of course, I am grateful, I'm most grateful that I live to see 6 opposition members in Parliament in 2011.

Give me blue
Give me red
Give me orange
Give me yellow
Give me any colour
But tricky white that sucks!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trinity No More?

It looks like the Father , the Son and the Holey Goh is not working like a Trinity any more.

When SM suggested that ministers serve only 2 terms, PM dismissed it. [Link]

When MM commented that if PAP were to lose Aljunied GRC, it would not be a major setback, PM made it clear that as PAP secretary-general and chief of its election campaign, he held a different view. He said, "Well, I'm running the election, MM is expressing his views. My view is this is an important fight, that's why I put a strong team here, that's why I came to support Ong Ye Kung." ST May 3, 2011.

To have a cranky father throwing spanners at your work is tough. To pay him $3 million (or more?) plus 8 months bonus a year to mess his son's plan is crazy! Or is the old man so full of himself that he must ensure that his son does not outshine him? Who knows? May God has finally answered Singaporeans' prayers?

After the perfidious "Hard Truths" outburst of "Malay/Muslims not integrating", he said later that he "stand corrected". It is so sad that he did not seem to mean it when he spoke to Charlie Rose on March 28, 2011 at the Istana. In that interview, he laughed off saying though his PM son is right in disagreeing with him, he still believes that average person will agree with him that Malays/Muslims cannot integrate. He even challenged Rose to ask the average person. [Link] & [Watch video Link 26:10 onwards]. How incorrigible can one get? Does he wish to stand corrected again?

Meanwhile, Project2011 [Link] has done an awesome series of videos regarding GE2011. Please visit and share.

Thank you.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Corruption At it's Best! (Worst!)?

If you are allergic the the 'f" word, please do not read further.

In my previous blog, I wrote to the Prime Minister addressing him as Prime Millionaire. In it, I shared with him why PAP sucks and for him to take care of his health. On hindsight, I may have wasted my time sharing my thoughts with him. If he read it, he would most likely treat this writer as a daft, complacent, maladjusted old ingrate who do not know how lucky he is to be a Singaporean under PAP! He, like his father, like any rich tricky dick in PAP would simply say, "Look At Our Track Records"!

I saw the Straits Times( 2 May 2011) this morning. It read: "Job creation is what matters most: PM" on the front page with this picture.

I just went PHUI! PHUI!! PHUI!!! I had to get the vomit off my system. Just what heavenly rights does Lee Hsien Loong has to use Singapore's Labour Day Rally to serve his fucking political career!

He and his previous prime ministers came up with tricks like GRCs. They change electoral boundaries and kill electoral constituencies (Cheng San, etc). Lately, Prime Millionaire Lee makes use of our money in "Grow and Share Package" to buy votes for PAP! As peaceful forgiving Singaporeans, we have rolled with all their below-the-belt punches so far.

However, it is wrong; it is unforgivable; it is corrupt to use May Day Rally as a PAP Election Rally. It is just too much!!!!

I'm voicing as a Singapore citizen and I bet all the alternative parties will be asking the Prime Millionaire to explain what he has shamefully done!

MP Lee and his father have proven what Lord Acton (1834-19020) wrote to be true.
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men"

Like father, like son, shame on both of you!

People of Singapore. If you are reading this, I beg of you to vote for the opposition. With such corrupted misuse of power, we need another voice to represent us, to speak for us. We need real caring MPs to prevent abuses and bullying tactics of the PAP. I'm a 60-year-old fogey but I have children and grandchildren whom I care about and love. If those self-serving pricks in PAP continue down this slippery slope, I fear for their future. You should too.

I do not know whether it is legal for PAP and NTUC to degrade Singapore workers and usurp their Big Day for the benefit of PAP. I just feel it is damn wrong to sell their party to buy votes in a Labour Day Rally. The all white uniform with the lightning badges in the May Day Rally tells us what fucking cheap sleazeballs they are!

PM, Fucking shame on you for degrading the Biggest Day of the workers of Singapore!


ps: Please visit here [Link] to compare this kind gentleman to those pricks in power
pps: Please, please visit here [Link] to vote against the PAP with confidence

ppps: "Look At Our Track Records"!
PAP takes care of us Singaporeans by:
  • Making our lives more miserable today than 5 years ago. Everything from food to transport to housing has become more and more expensive!
  • Taking away our money through CPF and put it in their pockets to play at their whims and fancies. Eg. Delaying withdrawal age with Minimum Sum Scheme and other scamming schemes so that there's no money to collect at 55.
  • Keeping the reserves worth billions (actually nobody knows how much) away from us and tell us we are to stupid (God bless Ong Teng Cheong) to understand what our "reserve " is about
  • Fix the HDB prices until the Millionaire of National Development is now at a loss as to what the real cost of HDB flat is
  • Telling you that GST was raised to 7% to help the poor when Ministers actually wanted to raise their own pay
  • Bringing in foreigners to compete with Singaporeans for jobs, housing, space in buses, in trains. Making average Singaporeans' lives more difficult.
  • Giving Mas Selamat Kasturi a JB holiday through the toilet
  • Taking $400 million from Singaporeans' collective pockets to have a ball with YOG condoms
  • Ensuring that the poorest of the poor had an increase of $1 a day (through Public Assistance) so that they can have 3 meals a day in "a hawker centre, food court or restaurant"
  • Saying that "Flooding happens only once in 50 years" in Singapore
  • Telling us we are "daft, complacent and not having spurs stuck in our backs"
  • Creating racial tension by belittling our Malay/Muslim citizens that they do not know how to integrate in our "Hard Truths"society
  • Continuing to invite trouble by harping that Singapore is a "prized trophy" for "terrorists"
  • Allowing vice like huge gambling dens to mushroom in Singapore and camouflage them as "integrated resorts" leading to more social problems
  • Changing "May Day" to "PAP Day"
Honestly, PAP's track records show that we have been abused, bullied and fixed up real good. Sorry PAP dudes, don't tell me about the pride of the red passports or the safe environment or the nice parks and other stuffs you wish to gloat about. Dudes, if you are paid the best, you fucking well deliver the best. Anything less than perfect, you are fucked! That's the price you pay for being fucking greedy. That's the price you pay for making a mockery of national service. That's the fucking price you pay for making a joke of all the NSMen who sacrifice their time and lives for Singapore.

Shame on you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Prime Millionaire (Pt 2)


Have you and your A-Team lost the plot in this GE?
  1. Your SM (Senior Millionaire) said that Millionaire (Minister) should not serve more than two terms. You responded by disagreeing with him. [Link]
  2. Millionaire Lim Swee Say said he may want to quit after another term in office. You replied by saying that you're "The Man" to decide, not him [Link] and [Link]
  3. You guys got too hung up and hot and bothered by Worker's Party's "1st World Parliament" and "Co-Driver"
  4. Your Trade and Industry Millionaire did not sit too well with SDP's Tan Jee Say's economic proposal and of course, candidates like NSP's Nicole Seah and SPP's Benjamin Pwee were well beyond PAP's expectation.
  5. Your YOG Millionaire's tricky insinuation on damned subject like "gay agenda" and "paedophile" is a sore point with decent SIngaporeans
  6. PAP's suicide mission of putting Michael Palmer on SMC at Punggol East
  7. Knocking off Steve Tan and replacing him with 'TioBehPio' Chia Shi-Lu

  8. Getting caught ferrying aunties and uncles to make your PAP rallies look good
    and, last but not least
  9. Letting the old man out to mess up the chances of your candidates may be the death knell of PAP! Unless you leash him up, he'll make you lose more votes than the 2006 James Gomez booboo. By insulting the electorate, especially the young, he's not doing you and your party any good.
The Sunday Times has nothing but the Millionaire Mentor on its front page today. If the PAP newsletter ST and your election strategist knew better, they should not flog this old horse to death!

Statements (below) uttered ad nauseam by the old horse and appeared again in Sunday Times today are alienating the electorate so much that whatever respect he gained in the 60's and 70's is attracting the middle finger now!
  • "Where is Low Thia Khiang Shadow Cabinet?"
  • "The trouble is young Singaporeans don't know the past"
  • "It is a footloose generation that has not experienced the past . . ."
  • "Let's have no hypocrisy about this: Every political party sets out to win, and win a majority - and they are setting out from a single seat constituency to a GRC, and to expand to more GRCs and to take over."
Bro, if a political party like WP is not campaigning to win then, what on earth is it all about? For heaven's sake, where was the Mentor's shadow cabinet in 1959?

For your dad to think of Singaporeans as "daft" and stupid is his prerogative but to talk stupid like he does is detrimental to your career, your party and worst of all, your health! Stress, bro, stress. It's a pity that your mum is not here to hold him back.

Though rumour has it that you slapped Dhanabalan [Link] and [link] which led to the resignation of Richard Hu, Tony Tan and Dhana, I do not think you are as mean as the old man. As far as we know, you have yet to lock up your political opponents through ISD.

I'm writing not because I want PAP to win more votes. In fact, I wish for PAP to lose so that
  1. Singapore can be a better place to live with decency and democracy
  2. Singaporean can stop being "digits" but be human again
  3. Singaporeans can have a 'life' instead of working 12 to 16 hours day to make a 'living'
  4. Singaporeans will not be Kiasi, Kiasu and KiaChengHu
  5. PAP Millionaires and their cronies will be humbled and learn that they can't win and have their ways all the time
  6. Singaporeans can have affordable housing
  7. Singaporeans can have decent jobs with decent wages and decent spaces
  8. Our National Pledge is a pledge that we truly live not a masak masak aspiration
  9. That pork barrel goodies like Grow and Share are not used in votes buying
  10. We get nearer to our CPF, GIC and Temasek money and understand our reserves better.
I'm writing also because it's embarrassing to see a frail old man making a fool of himself calling young Singaporeans 'footloose'. For your dad's information, majority of the younger generation in Singapore are committed and responsible sons and daughters who cares about their country and their loved ones. Unlike your son who moves from one university/country as and when he feels like it and still not decided on what career to take up, other young adults have to slog to take care of themselves and their families. So please, have some respect for the less endowed! Unlike your super duper wealthy family background, most young adults are too poor to be footloose and fancy free!

The way MM went on the "Hard Truths" about the Malays was most dangerous. Like me, I'm sure you are aware that irresponsible utterances like, "Malays do not integrate" could lead to riots that we experienced in the 60's.

So please, jaga diri, jaga bapak kau!

Take care of your self, take care of your dad.
No point in winning a political battle and losing your health.
Sharing and learning to let go is not a sin.