Monday, June 27, 2011

Kee Chiu For Wife and Kids!

The following is written for those who can read Hokkien in English. It is tongue-in-cheek and I hope the translation lives up to the standard. If not, "I don't know what to say" stomp . . . stomp . . . stomp . . . [Link]

“Singaporeans should not wait till ‘all the stars are aligned’, such as owning an HDB flat or a car, before they get married. This is because it is impossible to have the perfect conditions for getting married or having a child.” [Link]

But is it possible to have the perfect condition to be an MP through the back door and have instant promotion to the position of an Acting Minister?

Is this the way to highlight one's bragging rights as a new acting minister? For one who claimed to be from a humble background, such insensitivity leaves much to be desired.

It impels me to kee chiu and ask,

"Sir, lu kong simi lancheow?
Bo lui, how to chua bor?
Bo chu, how to siopu?
Bo siopu, how to see kiah?
Kong mien lui.
Chui kong, lu lumpar song, sibo?"

Hokkien Peng (soldier) Translation to English:
"Sir, what cock you talking?
No money how to marry wife?
No house, how to have sex?
No sex, how to have child?
Talk is cheap.
Mouth talk, your balls feel good, izzit?"

Maybe time has changed. Can we have cheap tents put up at Changi Beach and Sembawang Park and allow married campers to live and procreate at such romantic "all the stars are aligned" surroundings [Link] instead of boring yet expensive HDB flats?

So, kee chiu! Go forth and multiply . . . [Link]


Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Uncool to Act Cool on Cooling Off Day!

I'm referring to the Kate Spade Special! The Salah Peilin's warming up on Cooling Off Day! The [Link] here shows Nicole Seah's interview with reporters after her complaint to the Election Dept and the [Link] here tells about the police report lodged by Kimberly Chan and the response from SPF so far.

Some bright spark came out with the idea of Cooling Off Day so that everyone can chill on the eve of Polling Day. So that they can vote wisely for 1st World Parliament? With the majority that they have they, suka suka, make that Law. Now we are awaiting to see if they are making a joke of that chilling Law. So far, it has been rather amusing! It is ridiculously funny when:
  • The Election Dept is not interested in dealing with Nicole's complaint unless an official police report is lodged. This "Bo Chap" attitude speaks volumes of the "Can makan, makan lah" attitude of supposedly responsible guardians of law, justice, integrity and election foreplay. Can we expect fairplay when the Dept reports to a PAP PM?

  • It gets hilarious when there is still 'no picture, no sound' from the Singapore Police Force.
As mentioned by Nicole in the video, would it be handled differently if the alleged law-breaker was an opposition member? When complaint was made against James Gomes in 2006, the whole machinery - the PAP, the police, election dept, the main stream media - went into a frenzy, behaving like a lynching mob! Read this insightful 2006 Rockson's post It'll tickle you pink!

Well, I guess they have different strokes for different folks! Some are treated with indifference while others (the well connected) are treated with deference!

Well, with the new media, the good old strategy of just "STFU and hope they forget" will not work anymore. Singaporeans with 'free spirit' without 'groupthink' will continue to do what is right to seek 'justice, equality and progress for our nation'.

So you can . . .
Count on me Singapore
Count on me Singapore
Count on me to give my best and more
Together Singapore Singapore . . .

Must watch this nationalistic song [Link]
Lagi must watch this Sylvia Lim Interview [Link]

Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

$$$$, DBSS or DUMBASS?

I'm dazed. So when is public housing public housing?

Is there a difference between public and private housing? I would have thought public housing means selling or renting of houses (flats) by the government and/or their agencies to the average guy and his family at a reasonable/affordable price. So is $880.000.00 for a 99-lease 5-room 110sqm HDB flat reasonable/affordable?

Or is it plain profiteering? It's daylight robbery if we compare this to the $200,000.00 (same 110sqm 5-room) Sembawang/Sengkang/Punggol flats offered 7 years ago!

So the guy who recommended us to get sick and die in JB is asking Singaporeans not to buy those DumBaSS flats if it is beyond their means. In so doing, he has pressured the DumBaSS developer to reduce the selling price [Link]. Bravo! But at $685,000.00 (the cheapest of the 5-room offered), is it what Public Housing is about?

Well, it's all about money, money and money! The material and money culture in Singapore is turning into a monster! Or is it becoming an earthquake or a tsunami? Will it kill many as in a disastrous nuclear leak? Have we reached a stage where we "Kwa tio sen, chiu pai. Kwa tio ter, chiu tai!" (translate: See gods (any god), pray. See pigs, slaughter!" Have we become a people where making money (GDP?) is the sole reason of our being? Well, with the horrendous example set by the PAP ministers obscenely enriching themselves with millions of dollars in their salary, how can we blame the DumBaSS developer for not lining their pockets with as much as they can? Monkey see, monkey do! Looks like everyone who can should make excessive profits from the 'ikan bilis'. If they complain, just reduce the price or get Gerard Ee in another newfangled Committee to bravely adjust and justify!

Do we have to take advantage of the less endowed, the less fortunate and milk them dry to enrich and empower ourselves? Can we be a little better than being the "big fish that eats the small fish that eats the ikan bilis"?

It may be universally accepted that it sucks to be poor! However, it gets worse when you are trampled, manipulated and treated like pigs by the the ones (the gahmen) who are supposed to take care of you! The CPF and the HDB has been trumpeted since time immemorial as PAP's greatest gifts to Singaporeans in housing and retirement. But the truth is: We are screwed! Prices of HDB flats are sky rocketing and CPF is simply 'untouchable'! Any which way but lose. . . That's how PAP plays it. Damned, we are the losers! Can you imagine the audacity they have to call us 'daft' when we question the immorality of their obscene pay? And asked us to 'repent' when we voted for a 1st world parliament?

Lest I be accused of being a negative crybaby and always bitching about PAP, I wish you to know that I'm on top of the world celebrating the 12th anniversary of (only 3 out of 100 survived a cardiac arrest on the road) my revival ;)

Having been there and done that (knocked on Heaven's door with heart attack & ventricular fibrillation), I'm just so pleased to know that a Beggar can be happier than a Prince. There are those who forgot to die (thanks Sister Theresa Tsu) [Youtube Link 1 of 5 ] and those who refuse to.

I'm grateful to Sister Theresa who taught me that being poor doesn't necessarily sucks if you're in the 'flow'! It's all in the mind! Below is a happy picture Theresa Tsu, a "beggar who forgot to die".

The size of the pictures below does not denote how great they are. It is the facial expressions that say it all! The 'cunningly calculative', the 'truly happy' and the 'arrogantly atas'


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is 'Sorry' The New PAP Buzzword?

"Love means never having to say you are sorry." That's just a story, a "Love Story". [Link]

To really repent and say "sorry" to a nation for past sins [Link] takes courage and sincerity. But it would stink to high heavens if it was just a ploy to buy votes and fix opposition. [Link]

Now we have the Health Minister, Gan Kim Yong "apologise to the family who have seen their mother subjected to the treatment at Nightingale Nursing Home" [Link]

The whole incident takes a new twist when "Mr Toh also described the slap as a "gesture of affection between friends" after having stayed at the home for four years, reported the Straits Times." [Link].

This incident aside, is 'sorry' the new mantra of PAP? Whatever the hype, 'sorry' or any other buzzword doesn't mean squat if it doesn't come from the heart, if it is not sincere. Or are some powerful elites demeaning the word, 'sorry'? It'll be a sad day when "sorry means never having to say you are sorry but say sorry because your boss said so"!

Straits Times was aware of this incident way before the Polling Day of May 7 but it was never reported. In the same vein, will the result of Commercial Affairs Department's (CAD) investigation of Kong Hee of City Harvest Church come to light after election too?

Till we know, we'll never know.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Does 40% Count?

I cringed when the PM said sorry. I felt I was in Twilight Zone when he put the blame on his MPs instead of PAP grassroots leaders for their arrogance and ignorance [Link]. I had vertigo when he announced a committee to review ministers' salary!

I was amazed that Transport Mintster Lui took bus and MRT to prove that he deserve his millions. I was shocked that Vivian was at the flood drowning site [Link] and Tanglin Mall when it flooded yesterday [Link].

Are these for real? Or is this another way to "fix and buy"? [Link]

While they are at it, I strongly suggest that they pay attention to CPF. Many Singaporeans are pissed with CPF's management riding roughshod over its members. I trusted them but when I celebrated my 55th birthday, I realized that I've been screwed big time. Until then, I did not know that CPF have shifted the goalposts so many times to prevent me from getting my hard earned savings. In fact, they have made the "goalposts smaller that the ball"!

I know "You Can't Touch This" but brudder, it's time to "Set Me Free Why Don't You Babe? Get Out Of My Life Why Don't You Babe?
  1. Who give them the right to delay our CPF withdrawal?
  2. Who give them the right to increase the minimum sum?
  3. Who give them the right to increase Medisave?
  4. Who give them the right to charge an admin fee for use of Medisave?
  5. Who give them the right to start the CPF Life Annuity?
  6. When a Singaporean dies, will the nominee get the balance of the deceased's CPF balance in cash or will it be credited to nominee/s CPF?
Just who give them the right to come up with all those weird (I have lost count) schemes (Medisave, Minimum Sum, Annuity, etc.) to leech on to our money, to mess with our old age, our dignity?

I have been told by friends and relatives to lay off. To take a break from 'agitating' and 'antagonizing' the power that is. They say it would do me no good to be picked up by ISD as "there is no broadband in prison" and better not to "kowpeh" [Link].

Then again, if we just keep quiet and not have the courage to speak , write or blog, what's going to happen to our future? Who is going to help build a democratic society based on justice and equality? Who is going to make the millionaire mintsters work for their money? To wade through floods on Sunday morning and smell some sweaty armpits in MRT and buses during peak hours.

Does 40% votes that went against the PAP (Proud Arrogant Party) wake up their bloody ideas and not take us for granted?

I hope so.