Sunday, June 3, 2012

Singapore: A Place Where Wealth and Status is Preferred to Kindness and Humanity.

"You degraded the humanity of the people. You hobbled the trade unions. You threw the politicians into jail. You silenced the newspapers. You co-opted the professional bodies and you impoverished the universities, and you bankrupted and exiled so many of our honest and decent Singaporeans, some of our best people in our community. In a sense, you exiled and bankrupted us all".

The above is extracted from the speech by Vincent Wijeysingha at Hong Lim Park on 2 June 2012.
See the unabridged video version here [Link]

A description so apt of a despot who so mercilessly destroyed so many for the greed of status, power, and wealth!
I thought the above 'Breaking News" was for real. I thought ST is playing fair at last. Unfortunately, the above is a look-like-real mock-up done by Andrew Loh! [Link]

"If you are a member of PAP, if you have voted for PAP, if you are an admirer of Lee Kuan Yew or PAP, you are endorsing and indirectly responsible for the following. . . . . . . . The ISD with its network of informers and goons have quietly terrorized and intimidated two generations of Singaporeans to political submission. It has created a nation where its citizens are afraid to participate in politics. It has created a democracy where until the last general election, about half of the electorate have never voted, because the opposition could not find candidates to contest in general election. This has allowed the PAP to rule uninterrupted for 50 years, implementing policies that has increased the income gap  and forced many of our senior citizens to work till their death." extract of Martyn See's speech at Hong Lim Park, 2 June 2012. Full Speech here. [Link]

Only last Saturday, I had the blessings of being among thousands of Hougangites celebrating the victory of Png Eng Huat of Workers' Party [Link]. One week after, I witnessed courageous Singaporeans like Martyn and Vincent doing their part to "build a democratic society based on justice and equality . . ."

For those who missed the opportunity to be at Hong Lim Park on 2 June 2012, I strongly encourage you to watch the speech by Martyn See here [Link] and Vincent Wijeysingha here [Link Pt 1] and [Link Pt 2].

Listening to Vincent Wijeysingha, I found more of Jolovan Wham. It is sad to read the following:

"Two days ago I was informed that a large and influential Multinational Corporation with strong links to the government was unhappy that I might be speaking at Saturday’s commemoration of Operation Spectrum, That We May Dream Again, co-organised by Function 8 and Maruah. I was urged not to participate because I should not be associated with 'Marxists' and our work with migrant workers might suffer.

The knock on the door in the middle of the night that took the 22 into detention is no longer heard. But it has been replaced by veiled threats, warnings and funding cuts. The government appears to have found proxies to do its censorship and its oppression. This is Singapore’s twenty-first century version of the ISA. It is scary. And it makes people who work for social change nervous.

The legacy of 1987 will continue to oppress us if we do not speak out and take action for the change we want to see. I am optimistic that it will come but we can only do it when we are united and work in solidarity with one another." [Link]

Do you hear the people sing?



At June 3, 2012 at 2:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You reap what you sow.

All who gave the order and all who carried out the torture will face judgment.

The release of the British archives really open our eyes.

Hero to Zero with a capital "O".

At June 3, 2012 at 3:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless the one who gave us the internet and allow us to see the truth, which they thought could be covered up just by controlling the local MSM and forbidding the foreign press from telling the truth as it is.

It is a whole new ball game. Hougang and Aljunied GRC is a whole new ball game. Trust them to move the goalpost by the next election when the support gets eroded.

While Myanmar is slowly loosening its grip on the press, we may soon be left behind the rest of ASEAN as the most oppressive regime in this region.

At June 3, 2012 at 3:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The PAP govt reminds me of the Aliens in 'War of the World' where they terrorised and destroyed the people. The very same act ultimately destructed them and this day would come soon as lately, we are witnessing the many 'telling cracks' in the govt.

At June 3, 2012 at 3:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear fish,

you are right to say we are required to work till we die these days. but what seems to be overlooked is - it is Not Possible to do so in singapore, unless you are kuan yew or chok tong, or one of their gang.

it is Not Possible to work whether you Need to or are Willing to do so. even the civil service doesn't want oldies.

pple start scrutinising your age round about the 40s. applications from those who are 60 and more go in the waste basket. no one cares about experience or quality or betterer work. only cheaperer matters.

even cleaners and security guards face an age cap.

it is possible only to run a small business - recycling cans and carboard boxes and such.

that is the bigger tragedy of life and work and surviving in spore, which is not highlighted.

At June 3, 2012 at 4:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That we do not have even the luxury of working till we die is obviously beginning to hit home. Those that have tried will know. Never believe that the new law promising employees that they can work after retirement age will work. Employers are good in exploiting the loopholes.

As Lucky Tan said, only the people of Hougang knew what was coming two decades ago, but the rest of Singaporeans or at least 60% of them were merrily singing on the PAP bandwagon, oblivious of their fate. Well, it is time to look back and regret, but it is too late neverthless.

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