Friday, August 31, 2012

'Ethical Limit' on "FaceBook"?

Did you read of the judgement made against Dr Susan Lim for overcharging her patient from Brunei? "Doctors face 'ethical limit' on charges . . . SMC considered striking Dr Susan Lim off medical registry" ST 31 Aug 2012.

This gave me a funny thought.

If doctors must stick to an 'ethical limit' when charging their patients, must ministers do the same when charging taxpayers for ministerial services? I guess they did with the Gerard Ee Ministerial Salary Review with Mercer earning $840,000 from the exercise.

If the services of a doctor help patients get better, should not the services by ministers help citizens get better too? Are Singaporeans getting better? You be the judge.

Maybe, just maybe, Singaporeans aren't getting better because of the neglect from ministerial services. Ministers in Singapore nowadays are so busy playing with their computer that they may not have time to minister. Just look at Facebook! Seems like any PAP minister worth his salt must have a FB account accumulating 'likes', 'fans' and 'followers'.

And what do they write in the FB? Bragging about their achievements like:
  • how fast he builds 'market subsidised' flats to make his predecessor look worse
  • how he paid only $8 for a heart bypass operation
  • how hard they work and how many residents they meet at their 'meet-the-people-session'
  • how happy they are with the support and applause they get in their speeches to the 'dafts'
  • how they help residents not to be 'racists' and 'xenophobic'
  • how happy they are answering questions and comments of their FB followers
  • how thoughtful of them to invite bloggers to tea and being grateful for tau huay? 
Self praise?

With ministers facebooking all the time, who is governing Singapore?

Foreign talents?

If "SMC considered striking Dr Susan Lim off medical registry", is it time for Singaporeans to consider striking ministers off the governing registry?

Or have we to 'repent' for what we did to George Yeo and Lim Hwee Hwa in Aljunied GRC in 2011?

Funny thought could get serious. Or has 'noise' turn into valuable soundbites?


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear PM, You Still Don't Get It, Do You?

Dear PM,

Let's skip the formalities and let me get to the point.

Did you smoke till you got burnt before you did the National Rally thing? I don't know what you smoked but I can't believe that you are the same bloke who said sorry just before the last general election.

"Singaporeans must show a generosity of spirit to one another, including new arrivals," Mr. Lee said in his speech Sunday. [Link] Blimey, you said that?  Geez, this sucks! It's worse than "mee siam mai hum"! It leaves the same bitter taste in my mouth like when your dad told us to repent should we vote in Workers' Party in Aljunied GRC.

Generosity of spirit? How about PAP leaders showing some to its citizens? Can you please stop berating us for the damned mistakes that you and your millionaire colleagues created. No dude, we are not the one-eyed dragons consumed by hatred, anger or unhappiness over xenophobia.

Hello, it is not the immigrants that we are against. It your policies of bringing in the tsunami of immigrants without any care or concern for the well-being of all of us (both local Singaporeans and new immigrants as well) that is infuriating! Why do you keep bringing them in without planning for the welfare and wellbeing of both Singaporeans and new immigrants? Transportation woes! Housing shocks! Lack of hospital beds for the sick! Look at the unhappiness you have created? Before calling Singaporeans small hearted, maybe you should check if you've got a heart in the first place! Why you and your elites keep pretending and 'wayanging' is simply beyond us.

We have been big-hearted in the coffeeshops and blogs letting you know about the crazy tsunami of immigration but you would not listen. We were treated as 'noise'. Hello, you are not listening still!

Dear PM, do you have to stand in a queue in Singapore lately? Have you been shouted at and challenged to a fight by 'someone' who jumped your queue when you politely tell him (and/or her too) to take his place at the back of the line? Until you get this constant bullying by these immigrants (so bloody pampered by you and your elites), don't berate me for not being big-hearted!

Dear PM, do you ever buy food at hawkers centre or foodcourt? I doubt so. Just so you know, I have been screamed at when making an order because I cannot speak PRC Mandarin. It gets worse when he/she rubbed me deeper by saying, "Chinese do not know how to speak Chinese!" Instead of creating a scene, I usually cut the conversation short, stick up my middle finger, say "Up Yours!" and move to eat from another stall. That's my way of preventing myself from further humiliation and getting another heart attack!

Please. It is not that we are small hearted. It is you and your colleagues in your race to achieve your crazy objectives that have created this sad state of affairs in Singapore.

While berating us for our lack of good spirit, you humiliated and downgraded us further by pampering and showing off the good character of new PRC immigrants by pointing out their greatness in their contribution to charities and community work.

What's with you, dude?

Is this how you start a NATionalCONversation?

And please, do not tell us our ancestors were immigrants too. Dude, we know. While you welcome the new immigrants with your legs wide open, I'd like you to know that:
  1. My grandpa took the risks of coming on his own by sea in rickety boat.
  2. The Brits did not go the China to induce him to come to Singapore with free university education (with lodging and jobs guaranteed) or prize money in winning Olympic medals.
  3. The Brits did not welcome him with open legs nor supported him with special funds to help him integrate. He did it on his own by learning to speak Malay, SinEnglish and even Tamil and other dialects!
  4. Unlike you, the Brits did not mollycoddled him and put him on a pedestal by telling the early local Singaporeans how great he and his fellow immigrants were in building communities or doing charities. They did it on their own, quietly, without any song and dance. Of course, without which, Singapore would not be what it is today.
  5. The Brits did not tell the locals off for not being big-hearted in accepting their spitting and swearing and other dirty habits. Truth be told, the swear words I learned from my grandpa was far better than what I learned in NS anytime!
Hello, wake up! The angst, the discomfort is not felt by the locals alone. The immigrants feel it too! The small-heartedness is caused by the fact that this little dot of an island is too small to accommodate so many so soon. Geddit?

We need breathing space.

Oh, we can go to Gardens by the Bay? But we have to squeeze into bus or MRT to smell some armpits before we can get there! Fresh air?

Geddit now? 

Or you still smokin'?

Please lah. Don't scold us for not helping you solve the problems you and your millionaire elites created.

I sincerely hope that you will not be consumed by hatred, anger and unhappiness by my 'O' level heartlander candour. If you need something more sophisticated, less raw, go read Tommy Koh's "Reflections on immigration" in ST of 29 August 2012.

Taken positively, my contribution to SINgaporeCONversation may be worth much more that the "flatter-till-you-die" feedback that you are getting from your 'porlumpars' (testicles carriers in Hokkien) with hive minds and swarm intelligence.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why The Double Standard?

K Shanmugum woke me up with his sense of righteousness after I read the article from CNA [Link] below:

SINGAPORE: Singapore Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has explained why he made public the case involving a resident who made racial slurs against a neighbour.

Many netizens had questioned Mr Shanmugam's motive, including what the incident said about Singapore and if Indians are being targeted.

On August 21, Mr Shanmugam had written about a resident who was upset that he had to tolerate his Indian neighbours, their smell and unwashed bodies. Mr Shanmugam described the complaints as being quite disturbing as it appears the man sees his neighbour's race as being the problem.

In his latest Facebook update, Mr Shamugam, who is also MP for Nee Soon GRC, said he made the post to point out that these sentiments exist, and how they sometimes get expressed. He added the resulting and overwhelming support for multi-racialism, and against prejudice, has been helpful.

That is because it reiterates Singapore's common value - that such prejudicial views are not acceptable.

"That helps strengthen norms, values, and makes us an even stronger multi-racial society. Others who want to say such things will be a little bit more constrained," said Mr Shanmugam.

And for those who think the comments are directed at only Indians or that Indians are themselves free of prejudice, Mr Shanmugam invited netizens to read the prejudicial comments about non-Indians left on his Facebook page by some who appear to be Indians.

Mr Shanmugam said such comments should never have been made. He added that he believes there is a small number of people within all racial groups, who hold prejudiced views about people of other races.

"These sentiments are not restricted to any one racial group nor are they exclusively directed at only at any one racial group. But I also believe that an increasing majority of our society believe in racial harmony and will object to prejudice," he said.


If "such prejudicial views are not acceptable", why did Shanmugum kept his mouth shut when Lee Kuan Yew went ballistic with comments on the Malays/Muslim, "Will your Malay neighbour give you the last few gains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Muslim? He also told that Singapore could "integrate all religions and races except Islam". [Link]

I'll be damned! My friends and those who care for me are worried that what I have been writing in my blog is embarrassing a lot of powerful people in Singapore. They fear that I may be fixed or even be run over by a vehicle (or die from another heart attack caused externally) if I continue to write unpleasant truths about paid-by-Singaporean-taxpayers political millionaires. I'm grateful for their concern but . . .

I believe
To everything, turn, turn, turn
There is a season, turn, turn, turn
There is a time to live
There is a time to die

Yes, Mr Law Minister, apart from believing in racial harmony, I know most Singaporeans practice it to the best of their ability. What appears prejudicial and hypocritical to me is the double standard in judging the racist bias. Are racial/religious slurs on Malay/Muslim more tolerable than comments on Indians or even Chinese? Or are racial/religious slurs made by "ONE" more acceptable than those made by lowly 'daft' non-elite heartlander Singaporeans?

If the Minister of Law had commented as strongly as he does now when Lee Kuan Yew spoke of the Malays and Islam above, then I take back what I write here as it does not mean squat!

"National Conversation"? Let the NATCON begin!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Freedom Is Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Nothing ain't worth nothing but it's free!

I'll trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday. [Willie Nelson] [Janis Joplin]

  • A single yesterday of decent politicians who cared and worked for the people of Singapore instead of paying themselves millions and always wayanging!
  • A single yesterday of richness of soul and spirit instead of callous materialism so promoted by PAP.
  • A single yesterday of neighbours who were neighbours and not strangers from other lands who despise us because of the disrespect our own government continuously dished upon us.
  • A single day of respect and love for one and all instead of only those who butter our bread.
  • A single day where we are bold enough to say, "Enough is enough! Go fook yourself instead of creating more misery for us with your con and bullshit!"

After watching the above, who in his right mind would call Chee Soon Juan a "near-psychopath'?

After watching Foster Gamble's THRIVE, [please fast forward to the second half of this long video to relate to below}
  • Are most of us "debt slaves" to the PAP government through HDB?
  • Do we get a clearer picture of what Temasek Holdings and GIC are doing?
  • Is CPF our hard-earned savings or mere casino chips for the elites in GIC and Temasek Holdings to gamble with?
  • Is the coming NATIONAL CONversation nothing but another wayang to pull wool over our eyes as PAP did to us in 2002 with the "Remaking of Singapore"? 
With my neighbourhood going to the Indians (yes, my Chinese and Malay neighbours living in the same floor as I do are selling (or sold) their flats to Indians (PR or new citizen, I do not know which), I feel I'm living in India instead of Singapore! Fortunately, I love curry and the beautiful drawings (kolam) they do on the floor outside their doors! 

Being an optimist, I hope they are more neighbourly and less crude than PRC's. However, members of one Indian family who moved in recently do have their noses in the air and gave me a cold shoulder when I said hello. Maybe, based on the caste system, I'm way down low!

Property agents have been knocking on my door telling me that I'll make a bundle if I sell my HDB house and move away from Tiny India (my whole floor is totally filled with recently imported Indian except one Malay family and mine). I asked the agent if I can live like Tarzan and camp at Changi Beach after I sell (as buying a similar flat would make me poorer). He told me that VVIP Vivian Balakrishanan may visit me if I did and make my life miserable. I guess he is a little slow in knowing that Balakrishnan's ministerial portfolio has changed. Anyway, I shall stay put until it become intolerable. Maybe, when I can hardly survive, I'll sell and move to a studio apartment and hope that my wife and I die within 30 years after the purchase!

THRIVE! That's the movie you saw above. Will PAP Government with another NATIONAL CON definitely help me to thrive? Will the latest National Day Rally Wayang with 3 additional actors help make our lives better? Or are they still remaking remaking remaking remaking remaking remaking remaking remaking Singapore for newly imported Singaporeans at the expense of born and bred Singaporeans?

Please, I need the air to breathe.

I revived. I survived. With the breath that I breathe, I wish to thrive. Even if they refused to let me have my CPF monies and impose new tricks to con my children of their CPF through annuity like CPF Life that does nothing but add more casino chips to Temasek and GIC to gamble with, I'll never give up to let them know that CPF (and it's continuous devious ways in rulings) is a shameful and sinful means to deprive citizens from getting what's rightfully theirs to own and keep.

THRIVE! What in Singapore will it take? 

Freedom from fear of PAP and not to be conned by another National Con?

My sincere thanks to my readers who inspire me with their contribution with which I learn from and use to improve my writing. One reader in my previous posting reminded me of one of my favourite songs and another led me to the Thrive video. Thank you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Democratically Speaking, The Truth Hurts

He was (still is) put in a bad light or ignored by the local press and TV. After learning of him being sacked by NUS in 1993, I thought Chee Soon Juan was an idiot. Well, I live and I learn.

Huo Dao Lao, Xue Dao Lao 
Living to Old Age and Learning to Old Age 

For many years my impression, through the main stream media, of Mr Chee Soon Juan was that he's a nut case. It was in 2006 when I was invited to a NUS political forum by a graduate friend that I met Chee Soon Juan, Denise Phua, Perry Tong and Catherine Lim amongst others. I saw CSJ in person and come to realised the poison that's been fed to my brain by the msm for so many years. It was then that I realised the reasons why a man with a beautiful wife and 3 young kids would spend time in and out of jail taking on the mightiest of the mighty in Singapore to do what most Singaporeans consider stupid and hopeless. It was then that I realised that he is not the demon that the msm portray him to be.

In fact, he is brilliant in sharing with us his thoughts in his latest book, "Democratically Speaking" which I'm reading now. Far from being "near psychopath" his writing is so lucid that the truth hurts!

On page 34 of "Democratically Speaking", Chee Soon Juan wrote: "Martin Luther King Jr once said, "True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice." And justice can only exists when people are free.

With the latest embarrassment in parliament [Link] and what's written below of Lee Kuan Yew,  what kind of justice do we have in Singapore?

On page 35 and 36 he wrote: The  PAP plays on Singaporeans' fear of being surrounded by Muslim countries and that we need a big defence budget to prevent any hostile takeover by our neighbours. Lee Kuan Yew's constant baiting of the Muslim community seems to be aimed at maintaining this psyche. He inexplicably questioned whether the Malay-Muslim community would help other Singaporeans, say, during a famine: "Will your Malay neighbour give you the last few gains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Muslim? He also told that Singapore could "integrate all religions and races except Islam". When Indonesia and Malaysia react to his racially offensive remarks, it stokes the sense of vulnerability and reinforces the siege mentality of Singaporeans, thus rallying support for the government. . Is positioning ourselves in constant tension with our neighbours to the north and south healthy for the future of our nation? Again, how can we debate this issue and vote for a more enlightened foreign policy? We can't. Not without democracy.

If there were equal justice in Singapore would not Lee Kuan Yew be charged under the Sedition Act [Link] for causing racial and religious disharmony by such anti Malay-Muslim statement?
  • Was Lee Kuan Yew raising discontent or disaffection amongst the citizens of Singapore or the residents in Singapore? 
  • Was he promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore?
As the Police and AG Chambers did take any action, may we infer that justice and equality is nothing more than "Different strokes for different folks" in Singapore?

On this day, 1 Syawal 1433, 19 August 2012, I wish all my friends and readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. I also like my Malay-Muslim friends to know that Lee Kuan Yew speaks for himself when he said:"Will your Malay neighbour give you the last few gains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Muslim? He also told that Singapore could "integrate all religions and races except Islam". I would like to ask Lee Kuan Yew, if he has the last few grains of rice, would he share it with the Malay? Or even Indian or Chinese who are not members of his family?

Unlike Lee Kuan Yew, most peace loving Singaporeans of all races of different spiritual background would not play with such offensive incendiary rhetoric. It can only divide and bring a country down!

As I have recommended everyone to view the speech by Sylvia Lim [Link] to learn the meaning of truth and courage, I would urge all to read "Democratically Speaking" (available at Kinokuniya or call 645 645 32) by Chee Soon Juan. Do not be surprised if you find much more than 'Hard Truths' in this book!

No, I'm neither a SDP member (or any political party) nor do I get a commission in recommending this book. It's just that hard truths from racist or msm may just be nothing more than propaganda and wayang. It is through alternative media and literature that we get to know the truths that powerful elites do not want us to know. It's time to get our heads out of the sand. We are not ostriches!

Meanwhile, happy holidays and Selamat Hari Raya!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

So easy to mock, so difficult to build one's integrity and self-worth

Is our Parliament nothing more than a rubber stamp to pass laws and amendments proposed by PAP? Is it an institution for the betterment of Singapore and Singaporeans or a place for PAP Ministers to politically browbeat their opponents?

In Part 1 and Part 2 of below, you can listen and judge for yourself if this is a criminal court where innocents are browbeaten and insulted into submission. Or is it Singapore's Parliament?
(Please bear with the first 30 seconds of silence as the Law Minister was comfortably arranging his papers while other members of the house wait.)
Part 1
Part 2

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video does much more. Unfortunately, the above video ends up as an audio. On the bright side, it will help readers rest their eyes a little while concentrating more in listening to arrogance, insults and belittlement of one Singaporean against another: The insults on the integrity and competence by a minister against an MP of the same law fraternity but of different political party.

Is Sylvia Lim not a 'fair minded lawyer' because she refused to accept Shanmugum's proposition? If we go along with Shanmugum, I'm afraid there are many Singaporeans who are not fair minded simply because we are disquieted by the action of the prosecution.

At 01:20 of Part 2, the Law Minister said,"Let me move on". When the Speaker of the House interjected to let Sylvia has her say, Shanmugum simply brushed the speaker off by saying, "Miss Lim can answer at the end. Let me move." If my ears are not playing tricks on me, am I to infer that protocol and respect for parliamentary proceedings has become a sham, gone to the dogs? What's the Speaker of the House there for? To be timidly walked over by a PAP minister? With that, how is the Speaker going to call the Parliament to order?

Shanmumgum said at 1:46 of Part 2, " I would say this to Miss Lim. Rather than referring to some unnamed lawyers, who she says know better, she is a lawyer she can look at the facts and she can give us her view based on the facts because I think if we leave aside politics and we want to be honest and fair, then we must look at the facts and we have a duty to the public to say exactly, based on these facts, based on these cases, I agree this is the position.  It has nothing to do with intimidation. Let's not throw words like intimidation around."

I humbly suggest that the Minister not throw words like "I think if we leave aside politics and we want to be honest and fair, then we must look at the facts and we have a duty to the public to say exactly, based on these facts, based on these cases, I agree this is the position." Just because Shan said so, we must agree with his position? It's bloody condescending! It shows the arrogance that makes PAP so detestable!

At 2:51, he said,"Next, Section 182 when Dr Wu committed his offences, an offence under 182 was punishable by a fine not exceeding $1,000 or imprisonment of a term not exceeding 6 months, or both, which is exactly the same punishment, for a charge under section 81.3 of the Road Traffic Act, and I assume, at least, qualified lawyers won't quarrel with that."

Again, a detrimental insinuation against Sylvia on her quality as a lawyer.

4:10: " Several people have rushed in to allege bad faith on the part of the prosecution. The prosecution is an important institution in our legal framework. I think Miss Lim as well as other members agree that we have to be responsible when making comments about it. It is easy to pull down and mock, less easy to build and in the context of these facts, I trust members will acknowledge it is quite untenable to allege that prosecution had exercise discretion in bad faith given the facts I have set out."

"And I was really hoping for an obvious answer that having looked at these cases, Miss Lim would be fair enough to say: "Yes, I agree the judgement in Dr Wu's case comes within the framework here." I gave her 3 opportunities, she did not (sic). It is not a question of questioning the motive but rather hoping because of these statements that I have made in many palces about the Attorney-General and our Judicial System that between 2 lawyers, Miss Lim and myself, we can put to rest these allegations in a fair, transparent, open way. But it is not to be."

After insulting and intimidating Sylvia, Shanmugum ended by being disappointed by Sylvia not agreeing with him as one lawyer to another that the prosecution did not screw up.

As commoner to a successful ex-lawyer-now-law-minister, I humbly say it is easy to pull down and mock a alternative politician but it is less easy to build your reputation and impossible to have your integrity intact after such an act!

My previous blog on this issue was featured at TR Emeritus [Link] and here are some cogent comments that may be worth reading:

Richard Lu:
August 15, 2012 at 4:59 pm  (Quote)
Shanmugam is a Minister and no less The Minister of Law.
In Parliament he behaves like a two-bit lawyer defending a hoodlum – bullying, bulldozing and always looking for the upper hand. Does he believe that he is Lee Kuan Yew or LKY incarnate? There can be only one ‘hatchet man’ and we don’t want another one in Parliament.
The Minister of Law must remember that Parliament is the place to explain and dispense good advice if he has any. As a Minister he must never talk down. He must be humble and speak with humility. He must explain things simply and if possible with wit and humor. Instead we have a belligerent and confrontational cock waiting to strike down anyone who opposes him.
Netizens are waiting to flay him and that I am sure they will do. Shamugam’s methods in Parliament will not win him friends. Mind you he is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is far distant in abilities and experience compared to ex-Minister George Yeo who unfortunately had to be removed from Government. Ex-Minister Yeo makes a a fairly good minister and is mostly polite and non-confrontational. What a difference in the two.

August 15, 2012 at 11:00 pm  (Quote)
In case you are not aware……5 of the 6 cases mentioned by Shanmugam were penalised with disqualification from driving, ranging from 12 months to 24 months.
They were also fined between $1,500 to $4,000.
So a repeat offender like Woffles Wu…..did he get an equivalent
Interesting to compare apples with apples since all these cases were prosecuted under the same law.
Any comments please?

District Magistrate:
August 16, 2012 at 11:13 pm  (Quote)
After watching the short debate between Miss Slyvia Lim of the WP party and the PAP Law Minister Mr Shamemugam in Parliament, I am all praise for Miss Lim for standing up to speak on matters that the people of Singapore really want to know. However I cannot said the same for Mr Shamemugam, who I find that he had used ‘threatening and intimitating’ words at Miss Lim.
As I see it Miss Lim was asking a legitimate question in Parliament and it is the concerned Ministry or Minister to give a explanation or a answer to the question asked. However the Minister chosed to avoid giving a direct answer and instead used threatening and intimitating words in the reply. He had turned this Parliament session into a criminal interrogation session.
Poor Miss Lim must have been nervous but not afraid although she could have been taken aback at the sudden outburst of the Minister. It is very clear before the many eyes of the people who watched this episode that the Law Minister was trying to twist around the situation. He was clearly unable to give a legitimate answer to Miss Lim’s question.
I am really ashamed to see a man who had learned Law and is now using his Law knowledge to bully a lady. He is acting like a criminal lawyer and not a respectable Minister. It is indeed a SHAME to the Govt and especially to the Prime Minister who had employed such person like Mr Shamemugam


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hurray for Sylvia!

When common Singaporeans ask questions of the state of affairs in Singapore, ministers tell us to just shut up and join a political party before we speak.

When Workers' Party MP Sylvia Lim questioned the Minister of Law how he viewed the disquiet over the non-custodial sentence for plastic surgeon, Shanmugum turned the table on her and asked  three times if she is insinuating that the AG Chamber is favouring Woffles Wu with non-custodial charges. [Link]. She was accused of being political.

What now? Commoners cannot, politicians also cannot. Nobody can ask questions, meh?

If only Sylvia Lim were Reuben Wang, she may have used expletives to answer the Law Minister. Who can forget what young Reuben did when the annoying Deputy Minister answered one question after another with "What do you think?What do you think?What do you think?"

The same overused PAP trick of replying a question with a question is not working anymore. The bullying 'lawyer burok' trick of intimidation to belittle an opponent is no longer working the way the 'hatchet-man' did. It now has backfired because Singaporeans are not as 'daft" as he thought!

My heartfelt respect for Sylvia Lim began when I watched this 9.42 minutes video years ago.

Her ability to tell the hard truth to make self-serving PAP ministers cringe is history making! , Her telling us of ministers making a mockery of national service by paying themselves millions at the expense of taxpayers money is brutally raw. The value in bold honesty is worthy of making this video compulsory viewing for students attending civic classes in all schools in Singapore. It'll teach them courage and help them fight for their rights and not be intimidated by self-serving overpaid bullies! 

Apart for the benefit of MOE, it is also useful material for Ministry of Defence to teach our soldiers the meaning of true grit!

I'm so proud of Sylvia Lim for her latest gift to us all in questioning the Law Minister on an issue of fairness and equality that many citizens are confused by. 

Her ability to stand tall and not be intimidated by the power that is bodes well for the future of Singapore. Hopefully, it is the beginning of a cultural change where we can witness the decline of  Kiasi (fear death), Kiasu (fear loss) and Kia Chenghu (fear government) in Singapore.

How on earth Woffle Wu, the owner of the speeding cars, did not respond to the police demand for the details of the drivers is beyond us. For the police to accept the answer from Wu's employee to the questions by the police shows the quality of the investigation and the case of the prosecution. 

Again we move on . . . with no allegation but much disquiet till the next General Election where we can exercise our discretion properly.


Monday, August 13, 2012

It's His Fault!

"Mr Lee Kuan Yew said Saturday that Singaporeans will need to marry and have children if they do not want their country to fold up." [Link]

From which orifice did these words come from? His mouth or his anus?

This is the same bloke who called us to "Stop At Two".

"We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two... We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellectually and culturally anaemic." (1967)
Lee Kuan Yew,
Minister Mentor
[Link for more Hors D'oeuvre from PAP leaders]

I remember through force of fear and/or favour, Singaporean were punished for having more than two children and, fertile women were subjected to sterilization in the 70's.

We reap what Lee Kuan Yew sow. With his highfalutin' ideas and policies on eugenics, we now have Lee Kuan Yew to thank for a "physically, intellectually and culturally anaemic" population imported recently, mostly from mainland China and some from India and elsewhere!

Is it time for him to repent? [Link]

Stop at Two 

In the late 1960s, Singapore was a developing nation and had not yet undergone the demographic transition; though birth rates fell from 1957 to 1970, in 1970, birth rates rose as women who were themselves the product of the postwar baby boom reached maturity. Fearing that Singapore's growing population might overburden the developing economy, Lee started a vigorous Stop at Two family planning campaign.Abortion and sterilisation were legalised in 1970, and women were urged to get sterilised after their second child. Women without a O-level degree, deemed low-income and lowly-educated, were offered by the government seven days' paid sick leave and $10,000 SGD in cash incentives to voluntarily undergo the procedure.[5][9][13]

A historical poster from the widespread "Stop at Two" campaign, which created many posters across different languages that were displayed in schools, hospitals and public workplaces.
The government also added a gradually increasing array of disincentives penalising parents for having more than two children between 1969 and 1972, raising the per-child costs of each additional child:[5][14]
  • Workers in the public sector would not receive maternity leave for their third child or any subsequent children
  • Hospitals were required to charge incrementally higher fees for each additional child.
  • Income tax deductions would only be given for the first two children
  • Large families were penalised in housing assignments.
  • Third or fourth children were given lower priorities in education;
  • Top priority in top-tier primary schools would be given only to children whose parents had been sterilised before the age of forty.


The great grandma of my grandkids always remind us that it is disrespectful to talk bad about the dead, especially the new dead.  I'm telling it like it is now before it is too late. I respect the dead.

Then again, with his riches, security forces and coterie of medical specialists to ensure his longevity, we may just kick the bucket before he does.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Looks like the NATIONAL CONversation Is Not Going Anywhere

I'll be damned!

The conciliatory feeling I had for PAP lasted less than 24 hours. I am sorry. The comments I received from my readers woke me up to the fact that I erred. I made a stupid mistake when I wrote that the PAP scumbags did not take advantage of our 47th NDP to advertise their brand, Horror of horrors, they did it with a contingent of indescribables carrying flags showing their 'circled lightnings'. What a shame!

The beauty of blogging about the sins of PAP is that I learn much from my readers who take the effort to comment on my writing. Good or bad, I gratefully and humbly accept. For as old as I live, I shall continue to learn

Now seeing this video,

I've no choice but to borrow from Kate Spade Tin Pei Lin's famous words, "I don't know what to say."

Fook! Now we celebrate shopping? The  Olympic bronze medals were bought from China way back in 2006, I think, and Feng Tianwei was converted to a Singaporean just before the 2008 Olympics. Now we celebrate Singapore's success? "WhatDoYouThink" Teo Chee Hean may have an orgasm over the 2 bronzes won but I, like most decent Singaporeans who believe in true sportsmanship will not conspire to cheat. He hogwashed, "If you have the ability, the commitment, the dedication . . . . can go out there and  win those medal. It is the fighting spirit . . .". Yes, it is good to inspire the young but no . . . the truth is we bought those medals!

"To come in late in the day with imported talent and claim they are British success stories isn't about being open to migrants. It's just cheating. Nobody watching will be fooled. If they get medals, we'll feel a little embarrassed. Whether it's swimming or anything else, let's have a sporting culture strong enough for us to know, when we win, that it's a real, homegrown achievement, not a fiddle. Otherwise, frankly, I'd rather we lost."

I second the emotion of Jackie Ashley and that's why I'm embarrassed by the above video and the purchase of the Olympic medals. I feel like he has just successfully smuggled contraband cigarettes into Singapore and having a high, celebrating the fact that dumb Singaporeans are euphorically sucking it up like ganja.

Oh please, do not charter an open-top bus to parade these bought paddlers as God's gifts to Singapore's pride and joy. The embarrassment may kill me this time with another heart attack!

It is not a Singapore Success Story. It will never be.
It is a Singapore Shame Story!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Listen to this 'National Conversation"

On 8 Aug, eve of National Day, I was having so much fun doing the Singapore Cheer with my 4-year-old granddaughter "S.I.N...G.A.P.O.R.E   . . . . oooooh  . . . Singapore!" She just learned it in her nursery school.

It was spontaneous and I sensed the rest of my family members were a little uncomfortable (embarrassed) because this 61-year-old geezer, behaving like his 4-year-old granddaughter was attracting weird stares at, of all places, T3 Changi Airport!  But heck, my dear granddaughter and I were having such fun!

She did the Cheer after seeing the display of "SINGAPORE" with certain letters replaced by durian and pineapple at T3. We we taking a stroll after our dinner. I do not know what it means to my granddaughter to be so happy shouting the Singapore Cheer. Me? I was momentarily struck by a sense of joy, pride, love, nationalism? I'm not too sure. All I know is my granddaughter and I had the "happy together moment" with our country Singapore and it felt good!

Which leads to another happy story.

"Red is the New White"

For the first time is decades, I managed to watch the National Day Parade on TV without hurting my eyes. In past NDPs, when the TV camera panned or focused on the area where the MIW sat, I got a bloody headache. Yes, I'm allergic to white! This 2012, it was such a wonderful sight to have them dressed in shades of red!

Now seriously, because of my perception of PAP's arrogance, greed, self-interest and callousness like
  1. Declaring "Buying and fixing" citizens who disagree
  2. Asking if poorest of the poor have "3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant"
  3. Making a song and dance of "$8 Heart Bypass"
  4. Ignoring the latest hippo-ducky-mah-bow-tan tender contract which concerned citizens are dying to know,
I keep myself sane (and loyal to Singapore?) by writing what mainstream media refuse and neglect to do.

Isn't it a shame that paparazzi and newshounds were camping outside the house of Prof Tey (day and night without a thought for his wife and daughter) on the sex-for-grades corruption case but none of our professional journalist/reporter bothers to investigate and write about the latest hippo-ducky-mah-bow-tan tender affair. How discriminatory (sucking up?) can journalists be?

However, a kate is a kate and spade is a spade and I must give credit where credit is due. I am grateful for the following:
  1. I'm delighted to note that finally, NDP is no longer tainted by white. Whether by choice or by pressure (what with the continuing loss of electoral votes), I believe PAP has wised up not to advertise white PAP on NDP.
  2. PM Lee Hsien Loong has called on Education Minister, Heng Swee Keat to set up a committee to study how to have a country that "must offer hope for the future, it must have an inclusive society and it must be a home that everyone loves" 
  3. 'No sacred cows' in review of policies: THERE should be no sacred cows as Singapore reviews its policies and principles in the national conversation being started by the Prime Minister, said several MPs and government leaders yesterday. ST 10 Aug 2012.
Action speaks lounder than words. Having seen them stripping off their whites for NDP, can we see more of PAP doing right? Sincerely do more to heal Singapore with kindness of heart for the those less endowed especially the old, the poor and the sick?  
  • Can PAP leaders change to become true leaders of the people instead of puppets of leeders? 
  • Can PAP leaders tighten the immigration rules to help Singaporeans breathe and live easier?
  • Can PAP leaders loosen the taxpayers' purse strings to help the Singapore's needy without making the them beholden to PAP?
  • Can PAP leaders and their supporters, especially leeders in RC's and CCC's who somehow win "pingats" (medals) at every National Day and those working in CDC's not take away the dignity of Singaporeans in dire straits by insulting them when they ask for help?
  • Can PAP leaders step up the block and stop kidding us that HDB flats are subsidised?
  • Can PAP leaders be transparent about CPF and use it for the benefit of common Singaporeans and not the fat cats in Temasek and GIC? (The unbelievable ruling of having to pay an admin fee of $3plus to use one's Medisave in Polyclinic is a joke that must die. Truly, have a heart for the old and poor before coming up with atrocious policies like this. Not unless, it's meant to help decimate the helpless poor, giving them another reason to kill themselves by jumping MRT track or skydiving HDB highrise!) Or does PAP finds financially unproductive citizens of Singapore so undesirable that they prefer them better off dead?
  • Can PAP leaders come clean instead of talking clean when committees are set by Heng Swee Keat to  'offering hope for the future, building an inclusive society and building a home that everyone loves'?
For once, I'm hopeful that this may be the real thing. At the rate that Singapore is going, though arrogant, PAP leaders are not daft not to know that current social fracture can and will lead to dire consequences even before 2016! When push turns to shove, hell may break loose!

Let's see Swee Keat and his committee can come up with mindful policies that will heal and reunite Singaporeans. Let's listen and see how he and his team "reviews its policies and principles in the national conversation being started by the Prime Minister" for a more decent Singapore where leaders lead by example in building a democratic society based on justice and equality regardless of race, language, religion, gender, age and/or political affiliation!

My sincere hope on the 47th year of Singapore is that this ministerial committee that 'offering hope for the future, building an inclusive society and building a home that everyone loves' will not come to pass as another of the many pappycocks we've heard and seen so often performed by Lee Hsien Loong and his rich merry men and women  to divert attention from problems at hand . . . ending up as naught!

PAP, you hear me. You hear the people sing. Unless you do right and do fair to the people, you know your 60% support will turn to less than 50% in 2016.

Meanwhile, stop playing "masak". Stop treating common Singaporeans like duds. It's hard but you have to respect your citizens without whom your current riches and luxurious playground would not been nothing but a pipe dream!

If you can stop your silly pappcocks; If you can start being humble; If you can be transparent with kindness and care like a real human instead of 'wayanging' all the time, there may be hope yet for my little granddaughter and her kid brother to continue living in Singapore!

And hopefully when I'm finally fedtothefish, my grandchildren can continue to cheer "S.I.N...G.A.P.O.R.E   . . . . oooooh  . . . Singapore!" 

So PM Lee and Education Minister Swee Keat, this is my contribution to the "national conversation being started by the Prime Minister" which your coming committee may or may not like to hear. I'm not charging you $860,000 as Mercers did in the Ministers' Salary Review.

You are getting this free of charge from a true blue Singaporean!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Day 2012 - Thoughts Of A Singaporean

Rumours abound about Lee Kuan Yew being dead. I don't give a damn if he's dead or alive. Hey, we may just die before he does. We live we die. Just so we do not need our child to defend our frugality [Joke Link1] and [Joke Link2], we are doing great!

Live, die, who cares? I'm just perturbed by the fact that he's getting "gaji buta" ("blind salary"  in Malay). Getting paid for not doing his job as a MP  like doing "Meet The People Sessions" in Tanjong Pagar constituency.

On this National Day, I wish to note:
  • Hougangites (residents of Hougang) showed courage and integrity teaching Singaporeans that there is hope yet for equality, freedom and democracy in Singapore
  • The courage of Singaporeans who wrote "That We May Dream Again" telling us the cruel atrocities inflicted upon them by a desperate despot who is currently rumoured to be dead. [Link] and [Link]
  • Persons accused of corruption and sleaze having the courage to fight for their rights in court. Ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay; former chief of SCDF Peter Lim Sin Pang and NUS law professor Tey Tsun Hang will have their days in court to spill the beans showing us what filth is all about in our current regime.
  • The 'cleanliness' of PAP minister awarding tender to his predecessor [Link]
  • No more banners of gigantic pictures of MIW at every street corner in August showboating themselves to be more visible to electorate. If not for their loss to WP at Aljunied GRC and Hougang, their shameful contemptible advertising would have continued
  • Singapore Table Tennis Team not winning the silver again
“To come in late in the day with imported talent and claim they are British success stories isn’t about being open to migrants. It’s just cheating. Nobody watching will be fooled. If they get medals, we’ll feel a little embarrassed. Whether it’s swimming or anything else, let’s have a sporting culture strong enough for us to know, when we win, that it’s a real, homegrown achievement, not a fiddle. Otherwise, frankly, I’d rather we lost.” – Jackie Ashley, The Guardian.

It's just cheating as in fixing and buying [Link] votes. Yes, I'd rather we lost. The 2 bronze medals won by imported talents brings not glory but shame to Singapore. In their desperate chase to be popular, the PAP minsters have shown us how vainglorious they are. They are nothing but pimps where the Singapore Olympic table tennis team is concerned. What prize the Olympic 2012 bronze medals won by Singapore? Though imported PRCs can get $250,000 for the bronze medal, the medal ain't worth the ST newspaper used for picking up the droppings of dogs.The bronze medals won by the imports means nothing to 80% of Singaporeans! [Link]

For the less informed, Dollah Kassim, Mat Nor, Rajagopal, Quah Kim Song and their teammates - these are the true sportsmen who made and still make Singaporeans proud. The did not need the prize money to spur them to do their best for Singapore! They did it because they were not tainted by the greed for money perpetrated by PAP!

I just want to celebrate another day of living
I just want to celebrate another day of life

Happy National Day!

♡ feedmetothefish
ps: Any idea what's the betting ratio of Lee Kuan Yew appearing at the NDP 2012?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


If the 50-year loan for a HDB flat is a "gimmick" [Link], can the current selling price of HDB flats be more than a gimmick?

For the love of money, our mintsters are selling HDB flats at 'market subsidy' (just wtf is that?) price.

Like the "churning" done in the insurance industry where policyholders are asked to buy and sell their unit trusts to profit their agents, HDB has been en-bloc'ing blocks after blocks of flats, rebuilding from 10-storeys high to more than 30-storeys high. I must admit that they do great in building more homes for the people but, to profiteer by selling them at astronomical 'market subsidy' price is more than a "gimmick" - defined as: A device employed to cheat, deceive, or trick, especially a mechanism for the secret and dishonest control of gambling apparatus.

When I see the demolition and rebuilding of flats at Commonwealth Drive and other estates, I'm amazed how the so many flats built in the sky are enriching the elites and the well-connected. When so many flats are being built due to the inflated population perpetrated by PAP's fook-the-citizens immigration policy, where does the profit of these sales go to? Can they be used to buy more Olympic medals by Stinkaporising PRCs sports talents? We've bought some in table tennis. How about buying some gymnasts, no? Maybe we can buy Americans too. Gabrielle Douglas, anyone?  What about 9.63sec Jamaican Usain Bolt?

Much has been said and compared between Ms Feng Tianwei's Olympic bronze medal effort with Mr Tan Howe Liang's silver [Link]. I'm shocked that writer Phan Yoke Fei wrote, "conclude that our society is losing its sense of neighbourliness and fast losing any ability to forgive, much less support, our less capable colleagues and friends' (now where did that come from?). Maybe Phan should know that most Singaporeans aren't against foreign talents. Most Singaporeans are just disgusted by PAP's blind and shameful ambition for vainglory. To allow foreign talents into Singapore is positive. However, to spend taxpayers money, to pick and choose and import foreigners for the single purpose of showboating is deplorable. It hurts the Semangat (Spirit) of Singaporeans because they feel that their sense of pride and integrity has been raped by leeders whose sense of glory and vanity has robbed the leeders of their humanity.

As to why Ms Feng Tianwei is getting vitriol and not Tan Howe Liang, I can only hazard:

  • Most Singaporeans are still fearful of the PAP government and has this crazy notion that it is easier and less 'sinful' to bitch a PRC and 'police and ISD will catch' if we badmouth PAP. 
  • Tan Howe Liang was not imported for the sole purpose of winning medals to shine for PAP!

Parents can be proud of their kid when the kid say "thank you" to the cleaning lady when the lady cleans and make the eating place more appetising. Parents can be proud of their kid who is born without legs but still try to walk. Parents can be proud of their kid if the kid is not of A* calibre but still does her/his best in whatever the kid does with pride and joy.

When you are cajoled and/or threatened by RC to display the national flag, are you doing out of national pride or fear?  Are you proud of that?

When you are lucky enough to win the tickets to the NDP, are you there because of national pride, goodie bag or just suck in the atmosphere of sound and fireworks while getting bored waiting for the presidential ceremony to be over so that fun begins?

Is National Day Parade a gimmick to showboat the 'Singaporean Unity'? Or worse, a partisan political advertising gimmick in white?

Do Singaporeans really celebrate National Day with the pride of being a Singaporean?

For all I know, this video shows Singaporeans truly and spontaneously celebrating from the heart as Singaporeans! Celebrating and taking pride in not wanting to be bullied, cheated and blinded by political scums who use upgrading of lifts and flats (amongst other tricks) as threats to win votes.

Money can buy medals, sometime silver, sometime bronze, even sex
Money can buy votes, sometime enough for a majority, sometime not
Money can buy ministers, some capable, some nothing but actors
Money cannot buy loyalty, love, courage and true pride

"What do you think?"


Come Clean

I remember Khaw Boon Wan  appearing on TV asking WP to "come clean" on Yaw Shin Leong's personal life.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. 

I now ask Khaw to "come clean" on the Hippo-Duck-Mah-Bow-Tan water taxi tender. Compared to the Hippo-Ducky affair, Bromptongate flipflop may be just the tip of a gigantic titanic iceberg in MND!

Mr Khaw can continue with his song and dance of the number of expensive flats he is building. However, he may like to take a break from blowing his horn and come clean on this ducky affair.

What's written here is a serious allegation and it is not something that can be swept under the carpet or locked as skeletons in a cupboard. As the minister of MND was concerned that Singaporeans may be misled by WP, I'd like him to know that we do not want to be misled by the People's Action Party too. Especially where the integrity of a government ministry is concerned.


Monday, August 6, 2012

How the Feck Did Singaporeans Get Fooked? It Is Human Nature?

Sunday Times provided an interesting read on 5 August 2012, "System in place to reduce corruption" by Goh Chin Lian.

I also read "Corruption is kept in check in S'pore: Shanmugam" by asiaone here

Letter writer to ST Forum page Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh was accused of showing "absurdity" in his argument that meritocracy "may inflate the egos of those who succeed such that their sense of entitlement and privilege can supersede their better judgement". The rebuke came from Law Minister, K Shanmugum.

"Absurd" as it may be, I have to agree with Sudhir when the inflated ego of a certain MLM (multi-level-minister) had the audacity to ask Singaporeans to 'repent' if they voted WP into Aljunied GRC. 'Repent' they did with residents of Hougang in the by election this year [Link]

In answering junior college students and undergraduates who asked Shanmugum repeatedly why Singapore had so many graft cases if it is supposed to be a clean country with high pay for public officers, the Law Minister's answer: "It is human nature".

Duh, so if it's 'human nature', why the crap are we paying him and his colleagues the millions$ salary? Many of the PAP mintsters are getting more than what Barack Obama gets as President of USA? Is it due to the corruptibility threshold (human nature?) of Singaporean politicians that is so different [banyak atas = way up high] from politicians elsewhere? Do PAP ministers have to be paid more because it is in their 'human nature' to be bought off; to switch off; to sleep off; to fook off if their basic greed instinct is not cashtified*?

With the shit hitting the ceiling now in MND regarding the controversial tender of (URA/ChairmanMahBowTan/HippoDuckTour) river taxi, will we see more human nature at play?

Please read this to hit this

In the NParks (under MND) bicycle tender, the open-to-tender period was shortened over the CNY holidays. In the river taxi tender by URA (again under MND), the open-to-tender period was extended after the closing date benefiting a certain tenderer.

In the words of DPM Teo to college students, "What do you think, Mr Khaw?"

It may be white but . . . it may be dirty.


Hello Tuck Yew, are SIngaporeans being 'tucked' again?

Tharman takes $1.1 billion  Singaporean taxpayer's money [$1.1 billion Bus Services Enhancement Fund] to help your ministry to help ComfortDelgro to buy buses because you and your PAP colleagues have screwed Singapore by importing too many foreigners too soon. Hence, overcrowding everything especially buses!

Now ComfortDelGro Cabcharge, a joint venture between Singapore multinational ComfortDelGro and locally-listed Cabcharge Australia, said yesterday they would acquire Deane's Transit Group, including Transborder Express, for $53 million. [Link]

Are you and Tharman neighbourhood bullies who demand protection money from us citizens and pass it to your boss so that boss's wife can use the ill-gotten money to play jackpot at the gambling den, casino? ComfortDelgo is part of Temasek? No?

The Canberra Times: Foreign firm to pay $53m for Qbn buses
Date: August 3, 2012
By: Christopher Knaus

Deane's Buslines will be bought out by a foreign transport giant, in a deal not expected to drastically change the Queanbeyan-based bus service.

ComfortDelGro Cabcharge, a joint venture between Singapore multinational ComfortDelGro and locally-listed Cabcharge Australia, said yesterday they would acquire Deane's Transit Group, including Transborder Express, for $53 million.

The deal has not raised any short-term fears over job losses, or the erosion of conditions or wages for local workers. The current bus routes, most of which are government-contracted, are also expected to remain the same.

The 25-year-old Deane's Transit Group runs a fleet of 97 buses from two depots, with services spanning across Queanbeyan, Canberra, Yass, Bungendore and other areas of south-eastern NSW.
Transport Workers Union ACT sub branch secretary Klaus Pinkas said the proposed buyout was not unexpected.

He said the union welcomed commitments made on wages and conditions, but said it would wait to see how the acquisition would affect the bus company in the longer term.
In a statement from its Singapore headquarters, ComfortDelGro made note of the huge population growth in Queanbeyan, with increases of 70 per cent in 15 years and projections of 50 per cent growth in the next decade.

''About 70 per cent of Queanbeyan's adult population works in Canberra, translating into strong travel demand for bus services,'' the statement read.
The acquisition still needs to be ticked off by Australian regulators.
The company has been buying up local transport across Australia since 2005, and now owns services in NSW, Victoria, and Western Australia.

It now claims to be the largest private bus operator in Australia, owning more than 1500 buses, and has hinted at further expansion. ''Australia's strong economy and continued population growth has translated into ever-growing demand for transport services,'' ComfortDelGro managing director Kua Hong Pak said. 'We remain excited about prospects - not just in the cities we are in but in new regions as well,'' he said.

ComfortDelGro also has interests in China, Britain, Ireland, Vietnam and Malaysia.  

How do you guys sleep at night?


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Singapore Stink

So much corruption and sleaze in such short interval . . .

  • Church Pastor siphoning off $millions from church funds to fund wifey's rock star career
  • School principal and other prominent men charged for having paid sex with under-age prostitute (under 18)
  • Chief of SCDF charged with corruption for having sex with supplier
  • Chief of CNB charged with corruption for having sex with supplier
  • NUS Law Prof charged with corruption for receiving gifts and sex from lady student
  • NParks Director suspended for 'Bromptom Bicyclegate' 
  • Lady teacher charged for having sex with under-age boy student (under 16)
  • Ex-Minister having to answer to "River Taxigate"

With the above allegations, it looks like squeaky-clean Singapore (pride and joy of a spiteful old man blinded by ego) is smelling like rat . . . a stinking dead rat!

Many concerned citizens (some writing to msm) lament why it is so. I'm afraid it is more than "is so". It "has been so" for ages except that what "was so" was always swept under the carpet and/or locked as skeletons in the cabinet, yes, the "cabinet"!

If not for the courage of some justice-and-truth-seeking Singaporeans, we would still be living in 3MonkeysWorld - hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing! Likewise, if not for the ambition (good or evil) and frustration of others, we will not be wiser to such alleged misconduct!

For all who lament the sinful state we are in, I'd simply say, "Relax!" Let's continue to breathe easy, at the normal pace and not get too excited. Let's just be mindful that we are no longer the frog in the well. Or worse, the one in the pot with the water starting to boil to kill us. Let's be grateful that we are maturing; that we are no longer the malleable "daft" SingkieKids that the power that was and is so badly wants us to be . . . neglecting our rights to democracy, justice and equality so that they can rile (rule) us they way they like by continuously bragging about their mandate of 60% without mentioning about the buying and fixing of the pork barrel election boundaries and HDB upgrading threats.

With more Singaporeans being wiser, supporting the opposition to hopefully build a democratic society based on justice and equality, slowly but surely, the truths will out!

While Minister Khaw is having a 'khaw' (Hokkien equivalent -'bitter') time wondering if he'd jumped the gun, I think he'd opened his big mouth too soon and inadvertently shot his foot!

With the latest fracas on the 'riverboat queen', I'm afraid the taste in his mouth is getting 'bitterer'. With his ministerial predecessor, Mah Bow Tan, named in this alleged foul play, most wonder, what is Singapore coming to?

Unlike someone, until proven guilty, let's not jump the gun in condemning the accused.

In fact, with accused pleading not guilty and fighting for their innocence, more shit will hit the fan and we may actually see the truth.

Then again, with the unique jurisprudence we have in Singapore where interpretation of the law (in English) can only be perceived in the eye of the beholder, what says the beholden?

Do read here (The application by Madam Vellama Marie Muthu) to understand English and here (How one save a President and 2 Prime Ministers) to improve your mastery of the English Language.

Squeaky-clean Singapore?
No, we were all morally tainted the day ministers in Singapore paid themselves millions in salary. Without WP winning Aljunied GRC in 2011, the $860,000 Salary Review would not have happened!