Thursday, October 16, 2008

Frightfully Funny!

Below is extracted from Insanepoly's blog on " The Age of Greed" which I hope those who missed will read it.

"The “leaders” of this country have but one goal- that is to increase the national reserves and if we the people have to pay through the nose, with our blood and sweat, so be it. Nobody fucking knows, what the fuck the reserves is for, who is for or even how much we have. Instead, the mythical answer is given- it’s for the day when Singapore needs it.

How bailing out failing foreign banks can be equated to Singapore needing it is never fully or adequately explained. Instead we are suppose to trust in their fucking wisdom.

F.U.C.K. T.H.EM.

Nothing they have done have convinces me they work for the welfare and interest of this country.


The are just greedy fuckers. And in the age of greed, it will be the greediest of the greedy that will rule. And so rule they will- much to the detriment of all."


Spot on! If only I can write like Insanepoly does!

The language used is pretty strong but I think Insanepoly does speak for most of us.

Apart from the financial crisis, things are getting frightfully funny in sunny Singapore.

I have not gotten over the "makes you cringe" video of Lim Swee Say's ”The best part is, yah, I know the CPF money won’t run away. CPF will still be around, ah, hopefully, for a long long time to come, not hopefully lah, for sure lah, for long long time to come, you know.” and now I'm hit by more Abbot and Costello moments, or if you prefer, Seinfeld moments.

Wow! The Public Transport Council has fined SBS Transit S$9,300 and SMRT Buses S$1,000 for lapses in service standards in the six months from December 2007 to May 2008

Wow again! Where SBS and SMRT are concerned, the fine is just fine! The jokes just get better! If only Gerard Ee were Belinda Ang, the damages to the transport providers might have been much more painful. Then again, it may be a blessing in disguise as the money to pay the fine may ultimately come from poor peasants like us through another transport hike!

Talking about money, (even if you do not own mini bonds, high notes, unit trusts or shares but, merely trying to make your pay meet the end of the month) we are all going to lose some. The A-G is going to spend taxpayers' money to charge 3 guys for contempt of court because they wore t-shirts showing kangaroos in judges' gowns. We allow Lim Swee Say to get away with this, we let Mas Selamat 'jalan', but the law cannot lighten up on 3 guys who felt strong enough to wear honesty on their chest. If only the law listened with a fair heart the proceedings that took place!

But who's law is it, anyway?

If that's not enough, the cost of sleeping on a park bench is as expensive a in a 5* hotel! (if you consider the time spent on the bench - 2o minutes vs 1 night stay) Mr Kassim told TNP, 'I think most people don't know this. I'm the unlucky one, so I want to tell people not to sleep in parks, or they may end up like me having to pay $200,' he said with a laugh.

If only the law can lighten up and laugh like Mr Kassim, Singapore may be a better place.

Pardon my weird thoughts on the 'roos joke. Was it because they could not arrest all the people who attended Mr J.B. Jeyaratnam's funeral wake and sang the national anthem at his funeral that they had to get the 3 to prove a point. Are they trying to scare the shit out out of Singaporeans by letting them know that, "Hey, you think you're funny? Don't mess with me! Don't mess with my Boss! Let's see how funny you can be with a contempt of court charge on your head now"

In 'Uniquely Singapore', I won't be surprised if they come up next with a new law to ban singing of national anthem at funeral. The charge could be contempt or defamation of country, treason, treachery or whatever. Not sodomy, I hope.

Power and money don't buy respect. In fact, they usually corrupt. Respect needs to be earned. It comes with courage, integrity, truth, honesty, good deeds and humility! The passing of Mr J.B. Jeyaratnam (who was made so financially poor) is proof of the above.

With the cute picture which appeared on ST of Oct 19 above, the best is yet to come. With so much tender sensitivities (especially A-G on 'roos), will DBS sue ST next for defamation? A repeat like ST vs NKF?

It'll be hilariously, fightfully funneee indeed!

Are you having the time of your life with the 'golden period' yet?



At October 21, 2008 at 10:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To respect Singapore judiciary, Qantas has announced that they have stopped using Kangaroo for their airline advertisement....

At October 24, 2008 at 1:30 AM , Blogger FeedMeToTheFish said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for visiting.

It's getting more funny.

You think Qantas will replace the 'roo with the symbol of lightning and circle?

At November 4, 2008 at 4:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl Marx says:

The National Reserves is for the FATHER and the SON to research on; Cure for Cancer and become Immortal. That's what the money for.

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