Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Uncool to Act Cool on Cooling Off Day!

I'm referring to the Kate Spade Special! The Salah Peilin's warming up on Cooling Off Day! The [Link] here shows Nicole Seah's interview with reporters after her complaint to the Election Dept and the [Link] here tells about the police report lodged by Kimberly Chan and the response from SPF so far.

Some bright spark came out with the idea of Cooling Off Day so that everyone can chill on the eve of Polling Day. So that they can vote wisely for 1st World Parliament? With the majority that they have they, suka suka, make that Law. Now we are awaiting to see if they are making a joke of that chilling Law. So far, it has been rather amusing! It is ridiculously funny when:
  • The Election Dept is not interested in dealing with Nicole's complaint unless an official police report is lodged. This "Bo Chap" attitude speaks volumes of the "Can makan, makan lah" attitude of supposedly responsible guardians of law, justice, integrity and election foreplay. Can we expect fairplay when the Dept reports to a PAP PM?

  • It gets hilarious when there is still 'no picture, no sound' from the Singapore Police Force.
As mentioned by Nicole in the video, would it be handled differently if the alleged law-breaker was an opposition member? When complaint was made against James Gomes in 2006, the whole machinery - the PAP, the police, election dept, the main stream media - went into a frenzy, behaving like a lynching mob! Read this insightful 2006 Rockson's post It'll tickle you pink!

Well, I guess they have different strokes for different folks! Some are treated with indifference while others (the well connected) are treated with deference!

Well, with the new media, the good old strategy of just "STFU and hope they forget" will not work anymore. Singaporeans with 'free spirit' without 'groupthink' will continue to do what is right to seek 'justice, equality and progress for our nation'.

So you can . . .
Count on me Singapore
Count on me Singapore
Count on me to give my best and more
Together Singapore Singapore . . .

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Have a good weekend!



At June 26, 2011 at 4:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come to think of it. The cooling off day did voters of Aljunied GRC a great deal of good. They woke up.

Next election, I hope they extend the cooling off period to two days. It may work even more wonders.

Sometimes the best laid plans can backfire.

At June 29, 2011 at 8:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is the Police going to take action? Waiting for another Mas Selamat escape?


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