Thursday, January 5, 2012


I felt a sense of loss when Jack Lalanne died. A fitness Guru who inspired me so much till today since black & white TV in the 60's. [Link]

I miss Sister Theresa Hsu when she passed on recently at 113-year-old. This selfless lady did not even want to have a funeral so as not to inconvenience those who love and respect her. The simplicity and humility of this angel knows no bounds! [Link]

The death of Christopher Hitchens shook me some. His use of the English language, his elephant memory and his integrity to stick to his guns (though I may not totally agree with him on some subjects) without fear or favour makes me think of him while I write this blog. [Link]

The death of these personalities (icons?) brings to mind service, discipline, kindness, integrity and even love!

And what have they to do with the Ministerial Salary Review?

  • Service doesn't mean squat when leaders need to be kept upright instead of being upright
  • Discipline doesn't mean much when suka suka pay was increased when prior salary was already astronomical
  • Kindness to rulers at the expense of commoners is deplorable
  • Integrity is fooked when one increases one's pay at his own pleasure but gets a committee to justify it (albeit a reduction) to prevent loss of future votes (fat hope?)
  • With love in one's heart, would one condone racist remarks, detention without trial, and mandatory death sentence?
Yes, I've mentioned that poor Gerard is between the devil and the deep blue sea when he accepted the job in the Ministerial Pay Review Committee.

It's been said that if one cannot dazzle you with brilliance, he'll baffle you with bullshit. Not unlike the current taxi fare with all kinds of surcharges that confuses you but you must finally pay, the new mintsters' pay with all the confusing bonuses (without telling you the exact figures that was paid, being paid or going to be paid), we the commoners in Singapore are still treated as 'dafts' to 'regret and repent' for being peaceful and obedient subjects of the Party Against People.

With all the talk of transparency and all the accolades showered upon Gerard for his hard work, what I wish to know is: Is Gerard and his team paid for the work done? If they are paid, how much each? If they are not paid, I 'salute' them for being good servants of you know who.

It's delightful to note if after the PAPpy apologies, regrets and near tears, will the Wayang and Humbug continue?

Well, we don't know till we know.

To the highest political leeder in the world, I humbly ask these questions:
  1. Just how much is enough? Enough for what? Enough to go against the grain of the people you lord over? After Gerard and his team's work, does it make you sleep better with your new pay?
  2. Is it orgasmic to be the highest paid politician in the world?
  3. With the power vested in you, why did you not cut the salary without making a song and dance about it?
We don't know but you must know.




At January 5, 2012 at 11:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I said before and I am going to say it another time.
Singapore is a country that rewards failures.National looting is the name of the game.It is a game if you on the side of the rich and powerful,and not a game if you poor and jobless

At January 5, 2012 at 12:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog post. Eloquent, acerbic, pointed. Brilliant!! Your point about the three people who have passed away gave me pause. Thank goodness for bloggers with a good mind.

At January 5, 2012 at 1:20 PM , Blogger gong said...

Well written and thought out.
After reaching 50 in the midst of a new destination in life I pause to wonder what differs between the
crooked bankers in Lehman and the politicians. The all do it the
leegal way fook the common people
and running loops of wayang explanations and justification around them.
Alas with all the greed mustered in their face all these lowly feeble minded jokers who can only feed off the common people would leave empty handed and joing Gaddafi, Stalin, Saddam Hussein huddled in one warm corner to ponder over their deeds

At January 5, 2012 at 6:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is sad for me is to see Singaporeans suffer through one fiasco after another.
And not realize the cause.

The Party Against People is bankrupt of ideas, ideals and values. And they still think money is an adequate substitute.

If George Yeo and his GRC team were motivated by ideas, ideals and values, would they have retired from politics after just one defeat?

What are examples of leaders driven by ideas, ideals & values?

a)George Washington & The American Revolution
b)China's Mao Zedong's Long March

Did they give up after just one defeat? No.
Were they paid million dollar salaries? No.

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