Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grandstanding or just sitting on their buttocks?

ST reported, "A panel of ministers was asked if senior officers and leaders in the public sector would lead by example and take pay cuts in difficult times. 'We're not here to grandstand,' Mr Tharman said."

They are not here to grandstand?

They have grandstood themselves as very VIPs for so long that they do not know what cheap gallery seats are? Haha . . . "let's stand up to welcome our guest of honour . . . My Foot". It's not that I do not respect them, it's just their hubris and talking down to us that turns me off. Most of them are such a pain when they try so hypocritically to understand our concerns or taking off their wolf's clothes to be like one of us.

If only they can be less greedy but more human, Singaporeans would have been more forgiving when ministers and town counsellors sleep on their job.

If only they do not come at us with their threats and knuckle dusters all the time, we would have been a more gracious society.

If they instil less fear but more care and human kindness, we would have more happy caring Singaporeans and less kiasi, kiasu & kia chenghu scaredy cats.

If only they were more humble and less arrogant, we would not have become a Disunited State of Singapore of highly paid elites, struggling confused middle class and disenchanted suicidal poor.

If only they knew how to treat us as human and not morons, we would not have taken every opportunity to treat them like clown and irresponsible idiot when they behave like one. Eg: Mee Siam Mai Hum; Mas Selamat; Women in your family ends up as maids in other countries; Golden Period; Town Council’s Lehman Sinking Fund; Go ask Town Councils and not MP's about how your Conservancy Charges are so bloody high and how they are managed; and last but not least, Minister’s Monthly CPF statement.

The guy who counts his CPF every month, Lim Swee Say spoke about win lose or draw “cutting cost to save jobs or cutting jobs to save cost?” I’d say for Singapore and Singaporeans' sake, the cabinet should do both. Cut cost and cut jobs by retrenching some in Parliament. Why MM, SM and so many Ministers in the PM's Office for? To talk about Golden Period, sell CPF Medisave and check CPF statement every month? Why so top heavy?

No, they are not here to grandstand, they are merely here to pay themselves millions and play to the gallery?

Someone contributed to charity after his last humongous pay rise to lend credibility and "moral authority" for obscene self interest.

Such "credibility" and 'moral authority' makes a mockery of nation building and national service.

This mockery becomes a sick joke when such obscenely paid "smarts" threw away good money after bad on Shincorp, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and ABC Learning. Having hyped so much on why they deserve the millions, it's a shame that they don't even know ABCs of their basic job and scored so many own goals! Of course, their integrity (sense of greatness) would not accept any responsibility but blame globalisation, complacent Singaporeans or even the cat for the current crisis.

Staying together moving ahead? They have moved so far ahead that that their feet are no longer touching the ground!

With the way they are smoking us, we should have some of what they smoke. It'll definitely improve our Happiness Index!



At November 23, 2008 at 5:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Obama who's so inspiring and intelligent also earn less than any of our ministers! which means any of our ministers also better than him what! Singapore so short of talent that once we spot them , must pay them high to keep them so that their wisdom can ensure your mother, sisters , wife , daughters etc will not be maids in other countries mah!! Also hor , they are so good that they don't need to grandstand. Singaporeans very understanding one; have total faith in their gahmen so that sorry also no need to exprain.....; in fact no need to say sorry even. Citizens pay go up no good ! Make Singapore less attractive for investment.. but ministers so good ; must pay higher than US president .....

At November 24, 2008 at 7:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, not Grand Stand.

They only dance hip hop and monkey around.

At November 24, 2008 at 1:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'We're not here to grandstand'

Sounds cocky! Well, you just can't blame some people who are now in the clouds and have obviously lost touch with the ground.

At October 24, 2009 at 9:54 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Actually that Minister who cried out that we are not here to Grandstand is in fact Guilt-Ridden that he was de facto Grandstanding ! President Obama of USa has just ordered over 75% to 50% pay-cuts and bonuses to the those top Executives of Corprations that failed in the Recession and took Government Bail-Out Monies,in Singapore where the GOvernment itself is heavily invloved in Sovereign Funds investments for the Singaporean People,the CEO's Ministers should taking huge pay-cuts to set an Example it was the same argument many years ago and millions in their Banks for saying they were private sector Best Brains that deserve Private Sector pay + perks,where is the private sector cut back now ? The Question asked is totally material and what answer did the People get ? a Projection of a Guilt Ridden Minister who was grandstanding on that answer! Its really sad I haven't seen any Old Guards of the PAP behaved that way in the 1960's and 1970's ! Has the PAP become a vermin-infested Tory Party of the extreme Right ? GCW Heng Sr.Quitter Squatting in Greater Boston,MA,USA.

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