Saturday, July 10, 2010

Has ST and the Law Ministry hammered the final nail into his coffin?

On the printed version of Straits Times of July 10 2010, I read "Law Ministry rebuts lawyer's claim."

"The government is entitled to comment on such policies... Mr Ravi's proposition that the clemency process has been flawed, either by what the minister has said, or by reason of the Attorney-General advising the government, is also incorrect"- The Law Ministry on lawyer M. Ravi's allegations that Minister K. Shanmugum's comments at the community dialogue on May 9 had prejudiced Yong's case.

It went on to point out "that evidence in the court showed that Yong had traffic heroin on other occasions before he was arrested in June 2007."

ST also reported K. Shanmugum's comment at the May 9 dialogue, "Yong Vui Kong is young. But if we say 'We let you go', what is the signal we are sending?" Are we to understand that what the law minister said was not 'sub judice' but an 'entitlement' to comment on a case that was ongoing and yet to be determined by the appeal judges?

I also read a review/highlight of Alan Shadrake's book "Once A Jolly Hangman" by Yawning Bread, "Julia Bohl (Chapter 10) had been closely watched by the Central Narcotics Bureau for several months as a supplier of various party drugs to high society. Piecing together various reports, Shadrake shows that an undercover officer was planted in her company, eventually gaining her confidence. In a raid mounted on a party one night in March 2002, Bohl and several others were arrested, with Bohl charged for having 687 grams of cannabis in her possession, above the 500-gram threshold that mandates the death penalty. The German government applied maximum pressure on Singapore, threatening economic reprisals. The seized drugs (all or part of it?) were then re-analysed by a laboratory which issued a new report that said there were just 281 grams. She was sentenced to five years in jail, serving only three". [Link]

Signals signifying justice? I'm confused.

Is it only in Singapore that "the government is entitled to" lots more than one can imagine?

Someone commented on my previous blog [Link]: "With power you can invoke justice. With money you can pervert justice." After reading this and the review/highlight of Alan Shadrake's book "Once A Jolly Hangman" by Yawning Bread [Link], I totally agree.

The FIFA World Cup will be over by early Monday morning. After this article by ST, will it be 'game over' for Vui Kong?



At July 11, 2010 at 12:25 PM , Blogger Gary said...

Maybe a solution is to have a penal colony/island like Pulau Senang?

Don't see why present day it cannot be better managed than previously. Conditions to 'qualify' for it should be much more stricter and eligibility narrowed for cases like age group.

Finally, it is an issue of which is the more cruel of the two options - to let live or to terminate someone in the prime of his life.
Difficult hard question to philosophize.

At July 11, 2010 at 4:25 PM , Anonymous Alan Wong said...

Incidentally, has the Law Mystery Minister turn the judiciary into a circus ?

A circus where the prosecutor can play the role of God to decide which offender can continue to live (if they pulled the right strings) or which offender will have to hang to death (if they don't have the right connections) ?

Never mind the amount of drugs they found with the 'privileged' offender, they are not important as they can be adjusted to suit the charge.

Why then do we have a law that says 15g and above is mandatory death sentence and yet they go around tampering with the evidence and then say "My Lord, it is actually 14.99g, no need to hang" ?

It seems that the Law Mystery Minister has given the prosecutor wide discretionary powers over the presiding judge whose job is only to do the sentencing accordingly as charged !

Do we look like a corrupted country in the same category as Indonesia or Malaysia, ?

At July 11, 2010 at 4:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julia Boh's case is a classic example of why I think laws are always subject to manipulation, distortion and re-definition, to cater to and suit those who have the power, connections and means.

In a word, I think laws are devised by the elites to deprive the downtrodden from ever getting justice. The powerful and rich always have their justice, through their exploitation of the loopholes of the law, by design or otherwise.

The poor have no such means of recourse. That is the reality.

At July 12, 2010 at 9:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am i right to say Policy Makers are enjoying Parliamentary Immunities and Privileges outside of Parliament Meetings?


At July 12, 2010 at 3:45 PM , Anonymous legally perverted said...

the outcome would be different if Vui Kong's status was something similar to that of our 'white horse'

It makes no sense when Vui Kong's case is compared to Mas Selamat or any so called terrorist whereby the latter gets another chance in life after some rehab program.

ps: perverted justice belongs in the same coffin as one old fart.

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