Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chui Kong Lumpar Song!

You've got to read this [Link] to understand why talking is cheap and it's unbecoming of one to titillate one's testicles just to have something to say.

I'm a young almost 60-year-old fogey who nobody wants to employ because of my health challenges. I tried to register a company so that I could start a little business at my own pace to earn my keeps but due to my outstanding Medisave in CPF, I was denied the right to register a company. [Link] and [Link].

So I've got no choice but to walk into the sunset, say "Goodbye cruel world", shrivel and die . . . and get fed to the fish?

As much as one has the power to create job for one$elf like SM, MM or whatever M he fancies, it is insensitive, it is cruel to denigrate others who do not aspire to be what he wants them to be. For heaven's sake, one man's meat (like despotic greed for power and riches) may be another man's poison and what is important to one may not be important to another.

Let's not despise regular workers who wish to enjoy the golden years (relax a little without work) before they are fed to the fish. Of course, if one holds a grand MM (money making) position where one's work is decided by one's fancies (like visiting beautiful cities all over the world at one's leisure) without having to report to any higher-up, I'm sure everyone will work until they drop dead in their 80's or even older!

No Sir, I'm not being "bo tua bo sway", I'm just so sick and tired of "Mr Knows All" who keeps running down the "daft" and "complacent" without whose obedience and diligence the MM (mighty mouth) would not be the power that he is today . . . and flooding Sinkapoor would not have the so called 1st World blooming economy that's claimed to be!

You want respect, earn it!
You want respect, behave and talk respectfully!

Is it only the wise one who knows when to call it a day and retire with respect?
Or is it the desperate one who needs to cling on for dear life because there are too many skeletons in the cabinet?

Or is it another wayang like Zorro [Link] to justify one's position and obscene pay?

Who knows.


Chui kong lumpar song = Hokkien for "mouth talk, balls feel good"
Bo tua bo sway = Hokkien for "no big, no small" or disrespectful


At July 30, 2010 at 12:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The MM or money minter's job is so easy and well paid, no way anybody in his position would want to retire. Certainly not him. After all, his son still needs him to hold his hand and keep away the competition.

But I think he should spare a thought for those being paid real peanuts, who obviously does not want to work until they drop. Which means he should not spout nonsense and try to create conditions that will coerce these old folks to continue to work until their last breath.

In his position he certainly can work forever, in cushy air-conditioned comfort, with eunuchs looking after his every need.

That said, I think the intention of this Government is already long geared towards forcing Singaporeans to work as long as possible, through their housing and CPF policies. All that less well-off Singaporeans struggled for, scrimped and saved, is sucked up into these two black holes.

Poorer Singaporeans are left with nothing and working forever is the only way out.

It is a sad, sad ending for the whole lot of us, because we have been too naive and trusting over the last 45 years.

At July 31, 2010 at 7:40 PM , Anonymous remembering lky said...

I know for sure my lumpar song if I get to piss on his grave.
Best way for me to remember him.

In this sense, MM Lee's grave should be accessible to the public like 24 hours kopitiam.

At August 1, 2010 at 1:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

His grave will never be made accessible to the public that's for sure. He knows from the reaction of some people in cyberspace that vengeance on his grave is a certainty.

It is a sad outcome. I think he is pathetic. He wants to hold on to power indefinitely and obviously needs protection even after death. What a sorry state for someone highly respected in his prime, falling to the level of someone intensely hated and cursed towards the end! Really sad

At August 1, 2010 at 9:10 PM , Blogger NIZHEMOSHOU said...

I dont understand the medisave part. Can u elaborate what is meant by outstanding and why that can deprive a person to register a company?

At August 2, 2010 at 1:03 AM , Blogger FeedMeToTheFish said...


From what I know, when you are self-employed, you are required to contribute to Medisave if you earn more that $6,000 per annum.

Due to the fact that I already have more than $30,000 (yes, more than the required amount then) in my Medisave, I stopped contributing and asked CPF why should I continue to pay. I was told that the amount exceeding the Medisave limit will be diverted to my Special or Retirement account which I will never know whenTF they will O$P$ back to me.

To date, I still have an outstanding Medisave amount that they want me to pay. As I have not paid them, I'm not allowed to have a trade license or register a company.

The way CPF has been changing the rules to suck up the funds of the people is atrocious. When I started work in the 60's I was promised I will received my CPF savings in full when I reach 55. Fat hope! The rate that they have shifted the goalpost to hold on to our monies is worse that illegal money lenders. With Ah-longs, we stick to a set of rules where both parties agree to, even the interest to the borrower can be deadly!

With CPF, there is no agreement, no rules. They simply come up with new rules as and when they like that surprise you no end. Examples: Increase in Medisave; Minimum Sum/Retirement Account; and their greatest trick, increasing the pay-out age from 55 to God knows when. Not forgetting the latest Forced Annuity!

It's a shame that because I "owe" myself my Medisave, they have to deny me a license to make myself a decent living.

Yes, they keep telling me that it's LAW! I'm tired of making them understand that it's is STUPID not to allow me to register a business to earn my own keep. If they do, I may make enough to pay them what they want.

It is SICK of them to deny me a chance to do a trade (not even taxi driving or hawking) or business just because I refuse to let them suck me cash dry.

For F's sake, I'm not asking for monthly special assistance of $290 or $360, no, my loved ones will take care of me before that happens.

I'm just asking for the right to make a living!


At August 2, 2010 at 10:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"His grave will never be made accessible to the public that's for sure. He knows from the reaction of some people in cyberspace that vengeance on his grave is a certainty.", unquote.

Haha... living men will be made to guard a rotting and rotten body.

Lol and ridiculous. But, there could be an opulent mausoleum built which no self respecting Singaporeans will ever visit.


At August 2, 2010 at 1:47 PM , Anonymous goodbye kiss for LKY said...

the mausoleum for LKY should be managed like some tourist attraction which generates profits, and of course, providing jobs solely for old folks, with priority to those who have run out of CPF and Medisave.

jobs such as translators, manning ticket booths, toilet cleaners, foodcourt retrievers, etc,etc.
this in itself will be a tribute to LKY i.e never think of retiring.

At August 2, 2010 at 2:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A mausoleum like the one for Mao?
Do people spit on Mao's body over there?

Here, they probably have to install huge wipers like those on car windshields, to wipe away the spittle landing on the glass casing enclosing the body.

Ahhhh, plenty of jobs will be created for those not wanting to retire.

At August 3, 2010 at 4:44 PM , Blogger NIZHEMOSHOU said...


Thanx for your explanation. Can now see why u r so angry and rightly so.

Correct me if I am wrong. All the while , I thot self employed didnt have to contribute to CPF except on a voluntary basis . Was this rule changed so that CPF contribution is also compulsory for self employed as well? If not changed, why should it be compulsory for them to contribute to CPF Medisave?

Whatever the answer, one thing for sure - CPF is not a pure and simple people savings scheme for retirement anymore. Instead it has been thwarted into a hocus pocus hodge podge scheme that creams off chunks of your savings for this and that whether u like it or not and no longer guarantees the return of your entire savings with interest intact anymore.

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