Monday, December 31, 2012

This Is Shitty. It's A Shanmful Shame!

You are on my mind . . . in promoting what?

Just what is Deepika Shetty up to?

What is Straits Times up to?

Promoting Singapore as a destination for more foreign talents?

I'm ashamed as a Singaporean that someone is promoting my country as a good place to live when a young lady from India was dying in Singapore after being raped and brutally assaulted by her countrymen in India.

Rape happens everywhere. Shetty (a journalist, I think) should know that there are rapists in Singapore too. Though the degree of senseless cruelty and hurt done to rape victims by rapists in Singapore and India may differ; though the frequency of rape cases may be different, I cannot fathom why Shetty should include Singapore "is a city where girls can walk freely in their spaghetti top and shorts any time of the day and night  . . . For six years. I took a cab at 1.45am to get to work at a television station, never once fearing that the taxi driver would do me harm. Most of my movie watching is done close to midnight, and I love the stillness of the streets as I drive back home in the wee hours of the morning. . . In the country that you and I hail from, and whose passport I still carry, there is so much that needs to improve." in her musing over the tragedy of the poor victim.

To add shame to cruelty, the Law Minister of Singapore, in my perception, is taking advantage of this tragedy to advocate the death penalty. He wrote in his facebook: "Many are sickened by the horrific gang rape and subsequent death of the young Indian student. Happened in broad daylight. A young life cut out brutally. Media reports that 6 men have been charged with murder. The family had pinned its hopes on the young girl - father had sold his plot of land to finance her education. Our thoughts are with the family. It is a heart breaking case. Many will agree that this is a type of case where, if the injuries inflicted were of a nature sufficient to cause death, then the abusers should face the death penalty. In discussions with people who want the death penalty abolished, I would often cite cases like these - ( similar cases have occurred elsewhere) . There was a good letter written in by an Indian journalist Deepika Shetty , published in yesterday's ST. She points out that in Spore young women can go about confidently at any time of the day and night, in spaghetti tops and shorts - a right which they should have, a right which society should protect."

Whether promoting Singapore or advocating death penalty, there is a right time and place. This is not. This is not the way to show respect to the poor victim who was so brutally murdered.

On this eve of a new year, 2013, I mourn not only the tragic and senseless loss of a fellow life traveller from India but more so the loss of moral decency, respectability and conscience of some who take advantage of tragic incidents to make their candles burn brighter.

With people like these, what is Singapore coming to?


Sunday, December 30, 2012

What A Wonderful World

Life is short.

Having survived till now, I am grateful.

Born and bred in Singapore, I have witnessed much bully and callousness of the filthy rich and powerful. They have denigrated their opponents with much contempt and venom. Since "what comes around goes around", it is good to note that they are hopelessly finding a way to come clean after having shitted all over.

They thought they got themselves covered in PalmerGate (which is not by most Singaporeans' standard in a million miles) But man, AIMgate is not going the way of "mother of all cover-ups".

When every mother's child in PAP and their cronies' family member is asking everyone else to 'come clean', it's a fookin' shame that they are walking around with stinkin' shit all over them with AIMGATE and all!

Thanks to Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) who inspires this bloke, man, it's worth your while to give it a listen. The voice is nothing to sing about but the lyrics may lighten up some.

Man, if the National Conversation is not about PAP Town Councils (14 of them then) selling out to AIM (Action Information Management owned by ex-PAP MPs) and "How Not To Throw Stones When You Live In A Glass House?" then what the fook are we talking about? The weather?

Happy 2013 and may peace and love be with you!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Laura's Theme - 2012 Top Tune Of Singapore


(G) Laura and Michael were (C) lovers                    
(G) She wanted to give him (C) everything
(Em) Honour, (Am) vagina, her (D) whole body
And (D7) Laura sing

(G) Tell Michael I love him
Tell Michael it’s (Am) not a sin
Tell Michael it’s (G) not too cheem
To (Am) Sink PAP (D) and the Lee re(G)gime

(G) They were together in a (C) PA retreat
(G) If sponsored by the public (C) that’s not too neat
(Em) They drank and fooked with (Am) much delight
Till the (D) expose came (D7) to light
(G) Tell Michael I love him
Tell Michael it’s (Am) not a sin
Tell Michael it’s (G) not too cheem
To (Am) sink PAP (D) and the Lee re(G)gime

(G) Now in Punggol East we have (C) no MP
(G) Teo Ser Luck only (C) oversee
But (Em) residents there are (Am) not happy
That they (D) don’t deserve ano(D7)ther MP

(G) Tell Michael I love him
Tell Michael it’s (Am) not a sin
Tell Michael it’s (G) not too cheem
To (Am) Sink PAP (D) and the Lee re(G)gime


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

There Are Singaporeans Who Care

There Are Singaporeans Who Care enough to risk their well-being in writing what's in their heart and soul to show the contempt they have for the PAP government. Apart from risks, their time and effort spent in blogging and/or speaking in coffee shops and elsewhere to enlighten other Singaporeans of the unsavoury actions of the power that is shows the fortitude that is tragically missing among 60% (my estimate but may be less now) of the electorate in Singapore.

I visited the blog of one of my commentators and . . . DING! . . . I'm stoked by the articles that's written in the blog. I would strongly encourage readers to visit this link. [Link] Above pic is from the blog.

PAP can run. But it cannot hide. The trash (skeletons in the cabinet?) is stinking to high heaven and no amount of air freshener (wayang and NATCON) can contain the filth. The LIGHTNING AIM of a political party to preserve its longevity and mess up its opponents is for all to see. As much as PAP's credo of "It is not the job of a ruling party to help opposition win votes", it begs the logic of fairplay, justice and equality of not tripping (pasang kaki) the opponent in a political 'pork barrel' way.

Though we have not progressed much since the days of "being in the voting station is not within the voting station", I believe the times . . .  they are a-changin' . . . for the better.

For the sake and benefit of our young ones and their future, we must continue to pressure the power that is to do right! To stop their arrogance in treating us like idiots but to do right in righting the wrong like what we have seen in AIM and other PAP Cockups!

It is time that PAP realises that they just can't simply "move on" on issues that embarrass and/or disparage them.

If they cannot 'come clean' on AIM, Michael Palmer, Seah Kian Peng and other discomforting issues, the end of PAP may be near.

Meanwhile, let me wish all my readers a Happy Christmas Holiday and may peace be with you!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Do We Have A Fair Weather Prime Minister?

I remember Goh Chok Tong making a hue and cry over "fair weather" Singaporeans who "quit" Singapore to set up homes elsewhere. Sadly, his own daughter turned out to be among the "quitters".

I read today the msm report of Singapore soccer team winning the Suzuki Cup after beating Thailand. The orgasmic reaction and congratulatory messages from the PM Lee and DPM  Teo must be another NATCON not to be wasted by PAP and, of course, the mainstream media.

Has anyone wonder why the PAP establishment, especially the PM is so fast with the trigger, making apperances, when good things happen? When crap hits the ceiling, he's never around to make any statement. Why was/is he so slow to come out with a statement when:
  • Mas Selamat jalan (walked) with his limp to JB?
  • Orchard Road and elsewhere got flooded?
  • SMRT train broke down?
  • PRC bus drivers go on strike?
  • Christopher Balding's claim that Singapore's finances are in deep shit? [Link]
  • His PAP colleague MP Seah Kian Peng's intervention in the duty of traffic warden?
  • His deafening silence on the company, Action Information Management (AIM) of Chandra Das and other ex-PAP MPs [Link] which may be more exciting than the cock-sucking 'corruption case' of Ng Boon Gay and/or the  NUS Professor Tey Tsun Hang sex-for-grades case?
It is the nature of human being to be in the limelight in the middle of success and good news. However, the responsibility of the highest paid politician in the world weighs much more than appearing in good time and not commenting when crisis or bad news occurs. 

If the President of USA Barack Obama (who is paid much less the the Prime Minister of Singapore) is able to speak in good times as well as bad, why is our PM not speaking on issues that needs clarification especially with regards to Christopher Balding's claim of our debt exceeding our assets and the fantastic AIM that makes Singaporeans wonder just where we actually are when our ministers are paid millions to prevent corruption!

Do you hear the people sing?

With the itchyprickitis of Michael Palmer, Singaporeans may have another chance to another by-election to show their regards to the arrogant, callous and contemptible performance of a power that has been in the ivory tower for far too long.


Friday, December 21, 2012

A Testimony Of Michael Palmer's Good Standing Or Low Thia Khiang's Graciousness?

In this video, if only the woman moderator could be a little more original.

In the following video, if only this man had more foresight and less arrogance. If only he knew that there's something known as comeuppance within one's lifetime. Not necessary the next birth.

In this video, I'm glad that this man did not ask PAP to come clean or complain that PAP sells rotten fruits.

It warms my damaged heart to know that there are decent Singaporeans (political leader) who do not gloat over the mistakes and misery of political opponents to score cookie points.

Meanwhile, many Singaporeans are anxiously waiting to know:

  1. When is PM Lee calling for a By-election in Punggol East?
  2. When is PM Lee going to take action on a MP who abused his power? 
Parking issues in private estates are common. I have helped mediate these and have conducted various dialogues with my residents in private estates for various streets. They are time consuming and require effort and cooperation by all parties.

Ms Yolanda Chin, who lives near the eateries and wrote “Inconsistent parking enforcement” (Oct 31), had approached me previously about noise and traffic issues. I asked the eateries to cooperate and ensure their patrons observe the rules.

I also asked for enforcement to be stepped up during busy periods, when there was indiscriminate parking in the area. Residents have told me that things have since improved.

The garden party on the day in question, from 4pm to 6pm on a Saturday, was to celebrate the completion of an estate upgrading project in Ms Chin’s estate. All its residents were invited.

As I was driving there, I saw an enforcement officer about to book some cars; I stopped and told him that many residents would be at the party and, unless their cars were obstructing traffic, to apply a light touch and not issue any summons.

This was not the peak period, the cars were parked in an orderly manner and I do not think there were any public safety issues as Ms Chin stated.

I am an advocate that everyone, resident or not, should be reasonable and considerate, with a give and take approach.

All are neighbours there, and when one starts to adopt an uncompromising or unneighbourly approach, such behaviour normally spreads.

It then becomes a lose-lose situation. Most importantly, it destroys the neighbourly spirit in any community.

There will always be some residents who insist that there be constant enforcement, regardless of circumstances. I am against such a “principled” approach for such matters.

I take heart that in two streets in my estate where such disputes used to occur, things have improved following a series of mediation and consensus building among residents.

They have adopted their own ground rules and determination to solve matters internally and to call the enforcement agency only as a last resort.

It has worked well, and the neighbourhood is more peaceful and cordial now.
Back to the garden party: As it was raining heavily from 5.30pm, most residents and cars had already left by then. I hope this letter puts things in the right perspective.

Seah Kian Peng 
Member of Parliament
Marine Parade GRC
[Source]: Letter first appeared in TodayOnline on 2 Nov.

Imagine what the msm hounds would do if an opposition MP were caught for the same abuse of power? 

Or are PAP MPs entitled to take the laws into their own hands? 

Or are PAP MPs messing with town councils' business without a thought for the well-being of their constituents? [Link] A case where Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and Attorney-General’s Chambers should investigate?

Does White mean Clean?


Monday, December 17, 2012

Just What Does A Politician Achieve By Being So Callous?

When Yaw Shin Leong was rumoured to be messing with a woman other than his wife, Khaw Boon Wan asked WP to come clean and proclaimed that WP was selling rotten fruits to Singaporeans. As no one has admitted to Yaw's affair, it remains a rumour. And no one knows for sure who the other woman was/is, if there was indeed one.

However,  ex-PAP MP and ex-Speaker of the House has publicly admitted to having an affair with another woman and through his admission and exposure of "I love you and missed you loads", he has brought much attention, grief and hurt to the woman he so love(d).

If it were me, I'd rather be the "other woman" of Yaw Shin Leong than be the Michael Palmer's "other woman". Though both (if the rumour on Yaw is true) suffered from itchyprickitis, the man from WP knew how to protect his woman. Disgracefully, the man from PAP simply fed the woman to the dogs and the wolves! It is sad that the hounds are now painting her as a real slut, claiming that she was simultaneously messing with another man while healing the itchyprickitis of the man-in-white! (Straits Times, Saturday 15 Dec 2012, Page D2)

Now another sordid sod . . . .

In Page A3 of Straits Times today (Dec 17),  headlined "PM Lee Sends Condolences" to United States President Barack Obama for the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I was shocked and saddened to read, and I quote: "Foreign Minister K Shanmugum, in his facebook post, highlighted a report which indicated that since 2005, a multiple-victim shooting takes place every 5.9 days in US. He added that reports from the Washington Post, among others, put the number of mass shooting this year alone at between 13 and 20. He wrote, "In no other developed country does this happen so regularly." 

So just what the fook is Shanmugum trying to tell us? By trying to be clever by half, his insensitivity has tarnished the condolence letter sent by PM Lee to be mere rhetoric - pretentious, insincere and vacuous. It is most disgusting and contemptible for someone to come up with smartass remarks at the expense of people's tragic pain and misery, especially to enhance one's political career or self-image!

I can never understand why would one extinguish the light of others to make one's burn brighter? Why be so mean, hurting others so much, just to earn another cookie point? Is it good for the soul?

Is it Shame or Shanm?


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Selective Kindness

When my buddy texted me that Michael Palmer has resigned as Speaker of Parliament and MP of Punggol East SMC, I took it with a pinch of salt.

When I saw this [Link], I was shocked! No, not because he messed around with a woman other than his wife but I was taken aback by the comment made by Teo Chee Hean. I quote from Today Online, "Added the Deputy Prime Minister: "Those involved are suffering much hurt from this episode. They need time and space for the healing to take place."

Such kindness from DPM Teo Chee Hean. "What Do You Think?"

To add to the kindness brigade, in Yahoo! News, PM Lee Hsien Loong "added that he hoped Singaporeans would give Palmer and his family peace and privacy to rebuild their lives." [Link]

Geez, where were they when ex-Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong needed such kind words? I still remember PAP ministers especially Khaw Boon Wan, riding the high horse, baying for blood, tearing him to pieces. Yaw Shin Leong and his poor wife were hounded day and night by msm paparazzis and forced to "choa lor"="run road"="move away from Singapore". Will Michael Palmer be accorded the same demeaning treatment from the media? I guess not. Not with the kind comments (or is it subtle warning) from the two highest ranked ministers in Singapore. I doubt the msm will dare treat Palmer the way they treated Yaw Shin Leong.

Like the American Express advertisement, members have their privileges. We are asked by none other than PM Lee to "give Palmer and his family peace and privacy to rebuild their lives." Am I to deduce that Yaw and his family did not (and still do not deserve) peace and privacy to rebuild their lives?

What do you think?

Well, is it time to celebrate another by-election?

Or are we to suffer the unfettered power of the 'Fixer and Buyer'?


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Like Its PAP Ministers, Singapore Has The World's Best Paid Bus Drivers?

DPM Teo Chee Hean was reported in Straits Times of 10 December 2012 below:

Weighing on the issue (of the 171 SMRT bus drivers from China who went on strike on Nov 26 for the first time), Mr Teo said, "With regard to essential services, we would like to encourage as many Singaporeans as possible to join. That is one of the reasons why the bus services, for example, want to increase the pay, improve the conditions of bus drivers, so that more Singaporeans will want to come into the industry to drive buses." But doing so would have an impact on the overall cost of running a system, he pointed out.

Pardon my French (or Hokkien), "Hu Chong Li,  lu kong simi lancheow?" = "DPM, what cock you talk?"

Now please pardon my logic: If Singapore can have the world's highest paid ministers, why can't we have the highest paid bus drivers? Please do not stupidify Singaporeans as to who is going to pay. It always has been and . . .  always will be: SingaSuckers always pay. They Pay and Pay and Pay and Pay. . . . Who is paying the $$$$$$$millions salary you and your bloodsucking ministerial colleagues earn now? SingaSuckers, that's who?

As much as the Transport Minister and the DPM tries to control the damage (also not to lose more votes in 2016) created by the PRC bus drivers, I'm afraid it is too late. The damage is done! The discontent of SMRT drivers (local and PRCs alike) shows a jarring truth. I do not know if others agree with me but the truth that I see is: The TRIPARTISM of Government, Union (Leaders) and Employers is and was never meant for benefit of the employees/workers. The TRIPARTISM exists to benefit only the Government, Union (Leaders) and Employers! The shame gets worse when NTUC honchos cheaply advertise NTUC and themselves that if drivers of SMRT joined Union like those in SBS, then the SMRT strike would not have happened!

As far as I know, TRIPARTISM is this: PAP electoral candidate worked in NTUC as Assistant Secretary General and Chairman of a branch also sat in the Board of Directors of a transport company. One man wears three hats! The glaring conflict of interests is beyond the imagination of many!

The crap that is coming out of the pit is only beginning! At the rate that they "gia lancheow kah tow" = "use prick to knock head", even kid like Dr Jiajia is having a ball laughing at the stupidity of of it all!

Go ahead and laugh with Jiajia . . . before this youtube gets taken down because of "hold hands" remark. Hopefully not . . . if we learn to lighten up!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beginning Of An End?

I read of "Olam, Temasek and Singapore" [Link] and I went, "Wow, Balding got balls!" Muddy Water took Olam on but Balding is taking on the FamiLEE! Go figure who the head honchos of GIC and Temasek are . . .

If not sued, poor Balding may have to wait longer than 56-man years to get an answer to his query. Optimistically, maybe after the next General Election of 2016 . . .  if we get a government other than PAP!

With the recent strike of PRC bus drivers and now construction workers [Link] and the damaging article by Christopher Balding, are we seeing the beginning of an end?

The last strike I witnessed was at Shenton Way, led by then NTUC Chief Ong Teng Cheong who later became our President. According to this interview with Asiaweek [Link], he said he sanctioned the strike without the prior knowledge of the cabinet ministers because they would have stopped him. He was the only President who had the 'balls' to ask PAP government for numbers on our reserve but was told he had to wait 56-man years for the answer. He was also a President not given a state funeral because "Persons who have made truly exceptional contributions will receive a state funeral. The decision to hold one is made by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet."[Link]

With the strikes and this damaging article, are we seeing the beginning of an end to:
  1. the silent suffering of the workers who are badly treated by careless and callous self-serving bosses?
  2. the suing and demand for damages by rich powerful politicians to silence frivolous and slanderous remarks and articles that are injurious to the persons' reputation?
Why aren't they going after Balding the way they went after J B Jeyaratnam  and Chee Soon Juan? Because Balding is not a member of an opposition party? Or do they expect Balding's article to die a quiet death and forgotten, not unlike the disquiet generated by PAP MP Seah Kian Peng on his intervention of a traffic warden's job. [Link] As so often practiced, they ignore, reply not and hope that daft Singaporeans will forget the incident and we end up being "buy and fix" [Link] again.

Or has the reputation and integrity of Singapore politicians gone down the gutters into the sewage that it is not worth defending anymore? 

Or is what written by Balding the truth? If it is the truth, then it is not the reputation of rich and famous politicians but the future of Singapore and Singaporeans that's gone to the pit!

It does not take a brilliant economist or financial wizard to know that the intent of the government in shifting of goalposts of CPF, namely,
  1. The delay of withdrawal age from 55 to 62 to God-knows-when
  2. The continuing increase of Minimum Sum Scheme
  3. The continuing increase of Medisave
  4. The launch of CPF Annuity (CPF Life Plan)  and
  5. The ever-increasing price of HDB flats (price doubled within a decade!)
is to hold on to our money as long as possible . . . to the detriment of the CPF members. 

I know because I'm a member of CPF who has lost my rights to the money that belongs to me through my hard work via blood, sweat and tears through all the years.

The retiring rich who treats CPF savings as loose change will never understand the plight of those who have less. For the less endowed who lose their job through challenges of cheap foreign labour or diminishing health, it makes no sense to lose one's dignity to borrow from "Ah Long" or bother friends and relatives for money when one has tens of thousands of dollars that one cannot touch in my CPF!

To add insult to injury, I have to fookin' pay a penalty of $3 plus (Admin Fee) to utilise my own Medisave when I opt to pay for my outpatient treatment at Polyclinic. Their contemptible ways to discourage CPF members from using their hard earn savings is indescribably deplorable!

Any wonder why many commoners are fookin' PAP for the heartless policies and celebrating the rise of the opposition?


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why DId The PRC Bus Drivers Go on Strike?

My buddy emailed me this video to help me understand why the PRC bus drivers went on strike.

Maybe SMRT and MOM can learn some from this video.

Well, maybe not. See [Link]


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are we proud of what happened to the PRC drivers?

We pledge, "To build a democratic society based on justice and equality!' but we repatriated 29 Chinese nationals who came to work as bus drivers in SMRT. Why?  Because they have the ballsiness  to fight for their rights to fair wages and bettet living condition. We also jailed Bao Feng Shan for 6 weeks for being vocal "threatening comments" while talking to his bosses!

Many may sing praises for SMRT and Ministry of Manpower (and other ministries involved) for their damaging retort to the bus drivers. But I'm ashamed. By such drastic and righteous (legal?) actions against the bus drivers, is the government trying to show that we Singaporeans are saved from mayhem and hell-fire of the PRC drivers? Or is the message to Singaporeans: "Yo! SingaSuckers, don't mess with me! You hear! It's my way or the highway!" 


Have a heart, man. I remember when Tan Chuan-Jin, rambling in Parliament about the sacrifice he has to make as a Minister. Choking over his words, he said (yes, it is in the Hansard): "I'm pained by the knowledge that I'll miss the many moments when my children are growing up and time with my family. My parents are not getting any younger. Those moments missed do not return. Ever... In time I will look back and there will be gaps. But that's life. I'm not sure how one considers it a privilege to miss these precious moments. It trivialises all of us who do cherish these."  when an Opposition member stated that it is a privilege to serve Singaporeans as a MP and/or minister. Ooops . . . and his privilege comes with $$$$million$$$ in salary as minister!

Is this the same guy responsible for the loss of jobs of 29 plus the imprisonment of 1 (with possibly 4 more)? Geez, Mr Minister maybe, just may be, the 34 PRC drivers have parents and children too . . .

There is so much rumble on the msm denouncing the PRC drivers for their-law-breaking strike. However, there is not a whimper on the plight of the drivers. I'm glad that Vincent Wijeysinhga has written a piece on the "strike" and the impropriety of the powerful in this sad state of affair.
See Link below:

'Minister Tan Chuan Jin, pretended to a great deal of ignorance when he said at his press conference on Saturday,

"SMRT must take steps to ensure that such severe breakdowns in labour relations should not happen again. We all know that there are statutory requirements that companies need to fulfil and these are expected of all companies but there are also many non-statutory practices which frankly any good company should fulfil as well and this includes how you manage your staff, employees, how you engage them and how you look after them, looking after their welfare and this includes both local and foreign employees and frankly it is common sense, companies are expected to do that.

"The issue is really why did this happen? Why was it allowed to fester? We do understand that the channels of communication are there. So the question is, did it filter upwards? Did it not filter upwards? And why not? And those are things we have to examine."

I am afraid I have to tell him his protestations are mealy-mouthed. The nation, through the good offices of The Online Citizen, has known about this matter since September. Mr Tan cannot claim ignorance now: he comes across as either incompetent or not telling the whole truth. I invite him to clarify.'