Monday, December 24, 2012

Do We Have A Fair Weather Prime Minister?

I remember Goh Chok Tong making a hue and cry over "fair weather" Singaporeans who "quit" Singapore to set up homes elsewhere. Sadly, his own daughter turned out to be among the "quitters".

I read today the msm report of Singapore soccer team winning the Suzuki Cup after beating Thailand. The orgasmic reaction and congratulatory messages from the PM Lee and DPM  Teo must be another NATCON not to be wasted by PAP and, of course, the mainstream media.

Has anyone wonder why the PAP establishment, especially the PM is so fast with the trigger, making apperances, when good things happen? When crap hits the ceiling, he's never around to make any statement. Why was/is he so slow to come out with a statement when:
  • Mas Selamat jalan (walked) with his limp to JB?
  • Orchard Road and elsewhere got flooded?
  • SMRT train broke down?
  • PRC bus drivers go on strike?
  • Christopher Balding's claim that Singapore's finances are in deep shit? [Link]
  • His PAP colleague MP Seah Kian Peng's intervention in the duty of traffic warden?
  • His deafening silence on the company, Action Information Management (AIM) of Chandra Das and other ex-PAP MPs [Link] which may be more exciting than the cock-sucking 'corruption case' of Ng Boon Gay and/or the  NUS Professor Tey Tsun Hang sex-for-grades case?
It is the nature of human being to be in the limelight in the middle of success and good news. However, the responsibility of the highest paid politician in the world weighs much more than appearing in good time and not commenting when crisis or bad news occurs. 

If the President of USA Barack Obama (who is paid much less the the Prime Minister of Singapore) is able to speak in good times as well as bad, why is our PM not speaking on issues that needs clarification especially with regards to Christopher Balding's claim of our debt exceeding our assets and the fantastic AIM that makes Singaporeans wonder just where we actually are when our ministers are paid millions to prevent corruption!

Do you hear the people sing?

With the itchyprickitis of Michael Palmer, Singaporeans may have another chance to another by-election to show their regards to the arrogant, callous and contemptible performance of a power that has been in the ivory tower for far too long.



At December 24, 2012 at 6:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear hear! Totally agree with you.

At December 24, 2012 at 8:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

More PAP-MIW Jokes

Q: Why is Michael Palmer a queer PAPig?
A: He like likes girls more than money.

Q: What does a PAPig wife make for lunch?
A: Reservations.

Q: How does a PAPig say "fuck you" in Singapore?
A: "It's for the greater good."

At December 24, 2012 at 9:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another living proof that karma is real. It strikes you straight in the face when you least expect it. Don't believe ? Ask KBW.

At December 24, 2012 at 9:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice how people struck by karma behave ? They suddenly become too embarrassed to respond. "Chui Tak Lan" they say

At December 24, 2012 at 9:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, truly, we have a fair weather Prime Minister, you have my testimony,it is my attestation. Head over to the PAP official propaganda site, XinMSN,to verify the authenticity of my assertion.
And witness a totalitarian regime before yr eyes that perpetuate itself with a schizophrenic system of thought, lies, propaganda and distortion.
Discard the trash that calls itself the PAP.

(The Banning of Escape from Paradise)

(The Escape from Paradise Body Count)

search google, The Straits Times of Singapore threat to sue the authors, John and May...

(Veritas Singapore asset inflation 1 PAP the wizards of bubbleland)

(Veritas Inverse Robin Hood 1 How Singapore's rich pay 0% tax and poor pay 40%)

George Orwell The Prevention of Literature

Joshua Chiang

At December 24, 2012 at 10:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Leaders want the people to face challenges.
they dare not face problems when they happened and seemed missing like cowards.

At December 24, 2012 at 10:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kee chiu! Very astute observation. Always MIA when shit flys around. Wonder if it is SAF doctrine for Generals to lead from behind. Notice how the Lt Gen was also conspicuously absent when there was an illegal strike at SMRT?

At December 24, 2012 at 11:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the missing step in the 1,000 steps to tai chi.

Siemtology 101

At December 24, 2012 at 11:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singaporeans got to be mindful of the quality of military man.
Check through history and the result will be alarming. Almost all military regimes were tyrant, dictator, authoritarian and cronyism and nepotism were their normal characters. Fortunately, most did not last long and invariably end fast with the culprits given their deserved conclusion.

At December 24, 2012 at 2:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the cable car accident years ago, when all the credit goes to him. He was probably just standing arcound with all the bootlickers, while rescue workers were risking their lives to save people. And he was credited with directing the operation. My toes still laugh when I think of it.

By the way I have still not hear any unholy comments from 'holy cow' and 'holy ghost' about the Michael Palmer affair. Where are these two cartoon characters hiding now?

At December 24, 2012 at 4:48 PM , Blogger Kojakbt said...

Hey bro, have published this on TRE with s slight amendment. Let me know if you are ok. Thx!

At December 24, 2012 at 4:49 PM , Blogger Kojakbt said...

good one, btw... yes, you have noticed also, huh? When things turned bad, our PM always seemed to be not in Singapore... LOL!

At December 24, 2012 at 7:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair weather PM? Probably one who is planning for his son to take over his place and he can be promoted to some ridiculous named ministers.

At December 24, 2012 at 10:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope S'poreans no need to wait too long for a simple answer regarding the PungolEast by-election.

One word Yes or No.

The people is still waiting eagerly for the by-election.

At December 25, 2012 at 12:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many questions left unanswered that Fish has listed. The answers to those questions are tricky, and answering them may led to 'exposing the horse's leg' and leading to more questions, so their silence could be just a purposeful ploy and hoping that the problems will just go away in time.

Further, it becomes more difficult to answer if there are sensitive or unpalatable or even misdeeds that needed to be kept under wraps.

The irony today is that bad news will not just go away unlike the old days, when bad news is swept under the carpet and forgotten in time if the MSM just selectively ignored them.

But we shall see the implications of their purposeful silence if there is a by-election in Punggol or further down the road in 2016.

At December 30, 2012 at 10:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The massive influx of foreigners into this small island State happened rapidly right after the 2016 general election till now unabated !

That decision changed Singapore demograhics landscape totally.

The old and familiar Singapore we used to know and is forever gone.

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