Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reserve, Sinking Fund, Profiteering?

It is fun to know that Town Councils' Sinking Fund is doing a Titanic. It's sinking!

It's so Singking Singapore!

My Town Council has lost a few million dollars which is small change to Dr Teo Ho Pin. Minister Mah Bow Tan and Ms Grace Fu advised that we should go for the jagular of the town counsellors for their clever investment.

I'm not bothered by the Town Councils' loss with their "eyes wide opened".

I'm just so sad, mad and disappointed that they lied to me.

For so many years, every time Town Council raised the conservancy and other charges, they said it was due to insufficient funds in their kitty to maintain and upkeep our HDB town. I did not know that they are so bloody billion $$$,$$$,$$$ dollars rich!

The poor were knuckle-dustered and forced to appear in court to pay fines when they were in arrears in paying. Now I feel so cheated to know that they have been profiteering from us. We were paying much much more than was needed to maintain our pigeon-hole town. In comparison with charges paid in some condos, considering the units involved, we are conned ... big time!

Profiteering? The same goes for the price we are paying for our pigeon-hole HDB flat.

Our CPF is no longer our money. They keep shifting the goalposts to come up with ways to prevent us from getting what's rightfully ours when we need it most. It's another 'reserve' building scheme to let GIC and Temasek to do their thing. Their 'thing' is sinking big time too!

Singapore Power with its mighty power can up tariff by 22% without batting an eyelid. Of course, with the power behind them, they can justify the increase with reasons that nobody understands. The source of our electricity is gas but we are paying oil prices. To them, oil and gas is the same thing?

Transport? Service providers for bus and MRT are profiteering too. Just look at their annual and quarterly reports. ERP's? That's a given. They just hit you when they feel like it! The bloody road are still jammed.

Self glorifying ministers' salary? Service to nation or self interest profiteering?

GST increased to 7%? Simply Shylock at work.

Why are they so callous in sucking people bone-dry to have so much profit, singking fund, reserve or whatyoumaycallit?

To them, enough is never enough? Sky is the limit!

Far as I know, saving is good.

Hoarding at the expense of innocent poor is sick! Real sick!

Will the day come when the powerful stops scalping their fellow citizens with reserve, sinking funds and profiteering?

I'm hopeful.



At November 24, 2008 at 1:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every kind of games and every kind of goalpost have been shifted.

Your vote is about to be redundant if what they are trying to sell you about the advantage of a one party political system is successful. Of course they have already neutralised voters through the implementation of GRC and destruction of opposition candidates. The only thing still on their minds is the niggling fear of losing a GRC, and changing to a one party systems will take care of that.

On CPF, they have more or less done all that is neccessary to ensure their hands are on the money, not you.

And Singaporeans have taken the bait on HDB upgrading. Covered walkways and gardens are nice, but paying for their repair is not going to be fun when they start to leak or crumple, soon. Then they will tell residents that since they asked for those things, so they have to fork out more conservancy charges for their upkeep. Where will it end, or how will it end? I guess it will be just keep paying more and more.

At November 25, 2008 at 12:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

and price of petrol has gone down ... so tariff coming down too ??

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